Stephentown Center Baptist Cemetery

The Stephentown Center Baptist Cemetery was used from 1806 to 1886. It is located 1.2 miles from Route 43 on Calvin Cole Road. On the right 100' along a roadway to the end of a field. This is a seasonal road, closed December 1-April 1. There are 74 known graves. The Stephentown Center Baptist Church (Free Will Baptist at one time) is located about a mile from the cemetery.

My cousin, Joanna Jackson visited this cemetery in 2007 and took many photos, which are on this page. She also included this note: While my husband, Daniel, was in the car the keys were swinging back and forth and the car was off and no one was touching them they started when I got out of the car. My husband showed me them swinging and when I got in the car they stopped like poof. We didn't have any bad feelings it was all good going there. The cemetery is a mess and I feel so bad that it is like it is there is one up the road from where I live on Greenman Hill Rd like that also.

INTERESTING NOTE: In Elizabeth McClave's book, "Epitaphs In The Only Stephentown On Earth", no epitaphs are included for this cemetery. It could well have been that when Mrs. McClave was doing her cemetery work, this cemetery was too overgrown to survey.

This is an overview of part of the cemetery, with graves in view.

Another view, showing overgrowth and general condition of some of the gravestones.

Joanna named this section as the Unknowns, because the stones are down and unreadable.

I can't make out the inscription

This looks like Ursula, daughter of....

Abigail Allen, wife of _____; died Mar. 14, 1860 age 60. "She hath done what she could"

Same stone as above. Can read "wife of Daniel Allen"

In memory of Amos Whiting who died May 26, 1830 aged 22 years

Ann wife of Anson A. Newton daughter of Stephen S. and Eunice Kittel, who died
November 30, 1836 age 23 years

Betsey Alderman

In memory of Capt. Oliver Barrett who died July 2, 1837(?) aged 72(?) years

Same stone as below

Deacon Ephraim Bacon Died May 25 18?6 Age 61

Frederick Swan died August 6, 1848 age 28 years

George Winchell died November 13, 1866 age 82years 6 months

Sacred to the Memory of Hannah wife of Joel Philmore

Jeremiah Casey died October 22, 1858 aged 75 years 28 days

In Memory of Mr. John Allen who departed this life December 31, 1829 76 years

In Memory of JOhn son of Allen and Lucrentin Kondal died May 27, 1825 2 years

Joshua Carr 1776-February 20, 1848 husband of Sarah Whitman

Sarah, wife of Joshua Carr 1784-April 30, 1861 77y

In Memory of Silas Hoxey son of Thomas & Abigail Hoxey who died May 19, 1833 aged 18 years 9 months

Thomas Hoxey (that is all that was legible)

____ Swan died August 6, 1848 age 28 years


Mary, wife of William Bently died May 25, 1834 in the 78th of her age


To the memory of Samuel Coleman who died Nov. 25, 1841 aged 55 years

Bungus D. Hoxie died June 16, 1855