Will Abstracts


Abstracts of Wills in Stephentown
In the Office of the Surrogate at Troy, N.Y.

These abstracts are not complete wills. They list the people mentioned in the wills, as well as the date of the will and the date it was probated. This could be a wonderful resource, as most list entire families, and some even have parents names, and other relatives.

Some abbreviations you will find: w/o = wife of; d/o = daughter of; s/o = son of; Exec = executor; Wit = witness; Gr-dau = granddaughter; Gr-son = grandson; s/i/l = son in law; d/i/l = daughter in law; dec’d = deceased;


ADAMS, James

Wife – Mary
Sons – James; Parks; Nathan
Daughters – Polly; Priscilla; Esther; Sarah
Exec – Son, James
Wit – Cleo, Elizabeth, & Hosea Moffitt
10/19/1802 Prob. 6/3/1807 Vol. 2 Page. 520


Sons – Daniel; John
Daughters – Sarah; Polly; Betsey; Azubel
Exec – Son, Daniel
Wit – Benjamin Kittel; Meshack Strait; Cuyler Tanner
12/11/1829 Prob. 3/4/1830 Vol. 12 Page 13

ARNOLD, George

Son – Gorton – land in Greenwich, Kent Co., RI
Sons – Benjamin; Joseph H.; George Anson; Simon; Elijah
Daughters – Minerva; Selpha Taylor; Freelove Thomas; Mary Whitman; Weighty Briggs; Almay Ford; Elizabeth Reynolds; Phebe Moffitt
Grandson – George A. Taylor
Exec – Sons Simon and Elijah
Wit – Eldred Bentley; John Moon; Elijah Graves
5/12/1826 Prob. 6/5/1829 Vol. 9 Page 273

ARNOLD, Stephen

Wife – Martha
Daughters – Honor Carpenter, wife of Samuel; Martha Douglas, wife of Benajah; Amy Gardner, wife of Robert
Granddaughter – Martha Arnold, d/o Beriah, dec’d.
Exec – Wife & Gr. Son Arnold Carpenter; Wm. Douglas; Needham Northrup; Needham Northrup, Jr.
2/8/1810 Prob. 4/4/1810 Vol. 3 Page 309


BACON, Ephraim

Wife – Hannah
To: Phebe; Eunice; Sally – three daughters of Nathan B. Gardner, dec’d “ He being an adopted child in my family and by me brought up.”
To: Wife’s brothers and sisters and “my half brothers and sisters.” Also to the brothers and sisters of my 1st wife.
Exec – Wife
Wit – John Babcock; Clarinda Gardner; Elisha Poole
5/2/1814 Prob. 7/9/1816 Vol. 5 Page 337


Wife – Elizabeth
Brothers – Robert; Samuel
To: Angeline Andreas, w/o Elam
Trustee – Daniel Beers
Exec – Meshack Strait; my wife
Wit – Henry Mason; Susan McClain
12/5/1845 Prob. 5/6/1850 Vol. 41 Page 78


Sons – Reuben; Eldred; John; Joseph; Joshua
Daugthers – Catury; Bethany
Exec – Sons Reuben and Eldred
Wit – Caleb Bentley; Mary Bentley; William Bentley
3/2/1805 Prob. 10/5/1807 Vol. 3 Page 15

Wife – Susannah
Sons – Samuel; Reuben; Calvin Thomas
Eldest daughter – Susannah Brockway
Second daughter – Mercy Bentley
Third – M—Bentley
Fourth – Mary Bentley
Fifth – Elizabeth Bentley
Exec – Wife
Wit – Gideon Hall; Eldred Bentley; Eldred Bentley, Jr.
1/20/1810 Prob. 4/6/1810 Vol. 3 Page 311

BERRY, Elisha

Wife – Phebe
Note: – Land N. side of the road which leads to George Thomas
Youngest son – Clark
2 Gr-sons – Elisha and Jonathan, sons of Elisha “Land as far as Samuel Berry’s northern lines.”
Note: – Land near Langford Green’s that Samuel Berry sold to said Green.
Son – Samuel “ south part of my farm running east and west of the country road being the sought part of the farm, the north line about 3 roads south of where the log meeting house stood.”
3rd Son – Richard
Daughters – Mary Jones and Bridget Fullsom
Exec – wife, Phebe and Clark Berry
Wit – Samuel Vary, Jr.; Jonathan Saunders; Mezekiack Saunders, Jr.
5/16/1802 Prob. 2/21/1804 Vol. 2 Page 135

BLY, Daniel

Wife – Margaret
Son – Daniel
Daughters – Margaret; Lidy
Exec – Wife
Wit – Rowland Hall; Samuel Shaw; Henry Reynolds
7/1/1802 Prob. 3/5/1817 Vol. 5 P. 423

BRISTOL, Abraham

Sons – Bethel; Joel; Simeon; John; Abraham; Daniel
Daughter – Lydia
Exec – Sons Daniel, Bethel and Joel
Wit – Amos Loveland; Bethuel Holcomb; Nicholas Hoofcoot
6/20/1798 Prob. 10/15/1800 Vol. 1 Page 259


Wife – Susannah
Sons – John S.; Justus; David; Orlando; George
Daughters – Polly; Sally Ann; Susan Maria; Sarah Babcock
Exec – Wife
Wit – Anthony V. Shaw; Elisha A. Shaw; Joshua Lamphier
6/23/1841 Prob. 6/1/1846 Vol. 37 Page 53

BROWN, Caleb

Wife – Mary
Son – John
Daughters – Massey; Ellinor
Exec – Son, John
Wit – Thomas Frost; Enos Mead; Nathan Frost
3/4/1805 Prob. 2/12/1817 Vol. 5 Page 405



Wife – Sally T.
Daughter – Nancy S.
Sons – Nelson; George; Samuel; infant not named
Exec – Kirby Johnson, Jr.; William Dimond
Wit – Londern Chuncy (?); Mary Ann Green
5/11/1842 Page 10/10/1842 Vol. 33 Page 185


To: John Russell and his children, Jane and Joseph F.
To: Alma Gardner, d/o John Russell; Alma Gardner’s daughter Loretta; Amanda M. Butin, d/o John Russell; Angeline Russell; Harriet Miller, d/o Palmyra Russell – “my muff”; Ira Russell; Martin Russell; Luanna Russell, w/o Calvin and her daughter, Jane; William Russell and wife Polly
Exec – brother, John Russell
Wit – Henry P. Wylie; Jane M. Wylie
4/15/1842 Prob. 2/26/1849 Vol. 37 Prob. 523


Wife – Sarah
Sons – Benjamin; Thomas; Samuel; Sylvanus; Solomon
Daughters – Sally “A decent mourning suit”; Deborah; Mary
Exec – Thomas G. Carpenter
Wit – Joseph Rogers; Samuel Carpenter; Hosea Moffitt
8/29/1796 Prob. 3/21/1797 Vol. 1 page 135


Wife – Lucy
Sons – Philander; Solomon, Jr.; Silvanus
Daughters – Marilla Stillman; Mercia Maria; Lucy Ann; Sarah M.
Exec – Sons Philander and Silvanus; Joshua B. Maxson
Wit – Silvanus and Calvin P. Carpenter
10/3/1834 Prob. 1/2/1835 Vol. 18 page 98

Wife – Jane – Farm leased from Stephen Van Rensselaer
Sons – Jonathan; Solomon; Sylvester; Robert “land in Murray, Orleans Co., NY
Daughters – Deborah Knowles; Susannah Foster; Cornelia Sweet
Gr.Dau – Experience Knowles, d/o Joseph, dec’d & Deborah, his wife
Gr. Son – Thomas G. Carpenter, s/o Jonathan & Mehitable, his wife
Gr.Dau – Ann Louise Harmon, “a daughter of Stephen Main, Jr. and Betsey, his wife
Gr.Son – Philander Main, s/o Stephen and Betsey his wife.
To: Humphrey Broadway, “a boy which now lives with me.”
Exec – Son Sylvester to pay all bequests
Wit – Calvin P.; Jonathan G. and Sarah O. Carpenter
9/18/1833 Prob. 3/10/1834 Vol. 12 Page 408

CARR, Edward

Wife – Bridget – to have the farm and pay the rent to Stephen Van Rensselaer
Gr.Sons – Peleg Slocum Carr, s/o my son Spencer; William S.; Elijah G.; Edward; Caleb; Henry A. and Cornelius B, children of son Spencer, late of New Lebanon, dec’d; Russell; Edward and Joseph I. Worden; Norman Gardner
Daughters – Eleanor Glass; Mercy Vary
Sons – Edward; Peleg
Gr. Dau – Meribah; Abigail; Eleanor; Mersy and Adliza Vary.
Gr.Child – Amanda Brown, w/o James R.; Eleanor A. Goold w/o Newton; Sarah Ann Carpenter, w/o Benjamin T.; Caroline Carpenter, w/o Edwin A.; Lucy A. Eastman w/o E.G.; Lovina Carr
Exec – Edward Carr, grandson
Wit – Silas H. Gardner of Hancock, Mass.; Henry Platt; Theodore D. Platt Stephentown
1/5/1843 Prob. 12/30/1845 Vol. 37 Page 8

CARR, Thurston

Wife – Ann
Sons – Caleb; William; Thurston; Peleg; Spencer
Daughters – Esther; Sarah; Mary; Audry; Elizabeth; and Ann
Exec – Wife and Thurston Carr
Wit – Tallman Chase; Jeremiah Jolls, Jr.; Hosea Moffitt
7/18/1803 Prob. 4/14/1812 Vol. 4 Page 102


Wife – Elizabeth
Son – Ansel
Exec – Caleb Chapman; Jeremiah Green
Wit – David Brainard; William Greenman; Nathaniel Sweet; Daniel Brainard; David Brain, Jr.
1/22/1805 Prob. 2/29/1808 Vol. 3 Page 57

CHASE, Tallman

Wife – Elizabeth
Youngest son – Alfred
Exec – Wife; Benjamin Chase
Wit – Elijah Graves; Benjamin Chase; Clarissa Sheldon
7/6/1817 Prob. 1/30/1818 Vol. 5 Page 58

COOK, Lambert

To: Joseph Cook and Henry Tucker, “My farm leased from Stephen Van Rensselaer.”
Eldest son – Levi
Wife – Mindwell
3rd Son – John
To: Abigail Moore; Hannah Burrows; Charles Burrows; Henry Burrows, childred of Mary, my eldest daughter
To: Hannah Burrows, w/o Isaac
To: Eleanor Vickery, w/o Caleb
To: Abigail Tucker, w/o Henry Tucker
Exec – Joseph Cook and Henry Tucker
Wit – James Hamilton Ball; Liberty Cressy; Stutia Cressey
12/26/1800 Prob. 6/27/1801 Vol. 1 Page 305

CONE, Alexander

Wife – Mary
Mother – Martha Brainard
Daughters – Anne Graves; Martha Wadsworth
Exec – Wife Mary; constant Wadsworth
Wit – Robinson Keech; Harriet Burton; Hosea Moffitt
7/21/1808 Prob. 10/7/1809 Vo. 3 Page 212


Wife – Thankful
Only son – Joel
Daughters – Thankful Bailey; Lydia Bailey; Rachel Griffin; Polly Winstone
GrSon – Rensselaer Bailey
Exec – Grandson Rensselaer Bailey; Claudius Moffitt; Sally and Hosea Moffitt
6/6/1810 Prob. 2/21/1810 Vo. 3 Page 275



Wife – Rhoda
Note – Land on Cherry Plain Hill
Son – George T.
Daughter – Rebecca w/o Emerson Hull
GrChildren – Julia & Alson Hull
Exec – Wife; George T. Dennison; Jeffery W. Thomas; James Jones; James H. Jones
6/21/1825 Prob. 4/7/1826 Vol. 7 Page 374

DENISON, Jonathan (of Berlin)

Sons – James; Daniel; Benjamin G.; Gorham; Jonathan, Jr.; David
Daughter – Polly, w/o Holden Sweet
Exec – sons Jonathan and David
Wit – James Jones; Erastus Brown; Henry T. Douglas
1/23/1833 Prob. 6/23/1834 Vol. 1 Page 28

DOTY, John

Wife – not named
Daughter – Eunice Kittle w/o Stephen B. Kittle
Sons – Calvin; Samuel
Daughter – Lugenia (?)
Exec – Isaac B. Coleman
Wit – Elijah Graves, MD; Polly A. Henckley; Stephen B. Kittle
11/19/1840 Prob. 5/15/1841 Vol. 31 Page 41

DOUGLAS, Benjamin

Wife – Sarah
Daughters – Diadema Babcock; Hannah C; Harriet
Sons – Legrant; John B.
GrChildren – Henry, Mary, Elvira, Harriet Janet, all children of son William B., dec’d
To – Simeon G. Goodrich of Stephentown and John Gardner of Hancock, Mass.; Louisa H. Parsons & Henry Hull, Jr., children of daughter Lois Hull, dec’d; Cynthia Landon, child of my daughter Cynthia Landon, dec’d.
Exec – Simeon G. Goodrich; John Gardner
Wit – Hosea W. Brown; John W. Wylie; Leonard Doty
9/17/1837 Prob. 12/13/1842 Vol. 33 page 261


S/I/L – Erastus Brown of Pittsfield, Ill
GrDau – Lucy Angeline Brown; Virginia Louisa Brown
Sister – Abiah Adams, w/o Amasa
To: Jonathan E. Douglas of Waterford, Saratoga Co., NY
Dau – Elizabeth Pearce – w/o Roswell
Exec – Friend and relative, Jonathan M. Douglas
Wit – Elijah Kimball, of NYC; John d. Moriarity of Saratoga Springs
8/12/1840 Prob. 12/21/1840 Vol. 28 Page 255

DOUGLAS, William

Wife – Thankful
Sons – William; Eli; Benjamin
Daughters – Hannah Knox; Diadema Willis; Abiah Adams
Note –
Land in Waterford, Caledonia Co., VT
Glover, Orleans Co., VT
Goshen, Addison Co., VT of John Douglas
Cabot, Caledonia Co., VT of Alanson Douglas
Wheelock, Caledonia Co., VT of William Douglas
Walden, Caledonia Co., VT of John H. Douglas
Chase, Clinton Co.,NY (Chazy) to Wheeler Douglas
Exec – William Douglas, Jr.; Amos Douglas
Wit – David Harris; Calvin Pardee; Benjamin Carpenter
11/24/1810 Prob. 2/22/1812 Vol. 4 Page 60

DOUGLAS, William

Wife – Margaret
Sons – Asa W.; Albert H.; Edwin A.
Children – Betsey C.; Merriam P. Lewis; Nancy W., Emelina A.; Andrew A.; William H.
Appoints –
Erastus Brown as guardian for son Edward A.;
Beriah Douglas as guardian for daughter Nancy
Moses Hunter as guardian for sons William H. and Andrew A.
Exec – Wife; Andrew Green; John Gardner
Wit – Eli Dougas; Asher Wheeler; Calvin P. Carpenter
12/4/1821 Prob. 12/20/1821 Vol. 6 Page 509

DYMOND, Marcus

Wife – Martha
Sons – Isaac; Peter; Abraham; Jacob; John; Henry; William
Daughter – Mary Carver
Exec – Son William; Enoch Ferris; Joseph S. Gale
Wit – Arnold Clark; Nathaniel Sherwood; Asa Hall
5/4/1803 Prob. 1813 Vol. 5 Page 21



Wife – Thankful
Daughters – Anne; Camille Blake; Nancy Pillow
Son – Ira
Exec – Wife
Wit – Silas Thomas; Thomas W. Roberts; Naomi Stevens
1/30/1828 Prob. 10/1/1828 Vol. 9 Page 207


Wife – Jerusha
Sons – Cyrus; Asa
Daughters – Thankful, w/o Abraham Bailey; Elisa Ann
Exec – Son, Cyrus
Wit – Meshack Strait; Francis Kittle
2/3/1840 Prob. 12/24/1840 Vol. 41 Page 37


Wife – Abigail
Daughters – Nancy; Abigail; Deborah; Elizabeth, “Loville” and Sarah, under 18
Sons – Elisha; Jesse – land in Stephentown
Exec – Stephen Hall; Arad (?) Knap; Hosea Moffitt
1/23/1804 Prob. 8/7/1804 Vol. 2 Page 187


FELLOWS, William

Sons – William; Joshua; Isaac; Jeremiah; David
Daughters – Susannah Hunt, w/o William; Parmela Cowe, w/o Moses, Jr.; Ruby Wright, w/o Daniel; Polly
GrDau – Elisa Ann
Exec – Son David and Daughter, Polly
Wit – Meshack Strait; John Chapman; Wanton Chapman; Joseph Taylor
10/5/1825 Prob. 8/23/1827 Vol. 9 Page 64

FORSYTH, Timothy

Wife – Ana
Daughter – Nancy
Sons – Russell; George; David; Frederick
Exec – Son, Russell
Wit – Henry Platt; James Adams; Simeon Adams
2/8/1813 Prob. 4/12/1813 Vol. 4 Page 273


FELLOWS, William

Sons – William; Joshua; Isaac; Jeremiah; David
Daughters – Susannah Hunt, w/o William; Parmela Cowe, w/o Moses, Jr.; Ruby Wright, w/o Daniel; Polly
GrDau – Elisa Ann
Exec – Son David and Daughter, Polly
Wit – Meshack Strait; John Chapman; Wanton Chapman; Joseph Taylor
10/5/1825 Prob. 8/23/1827 Vol. 9 Page 64

FORSYTH, Timothy

Wife – Ana
Daughter – Nancy
Sons – Russell; George; David; Frederick
Exec – Son, Russell
Wit – Henry Platt; James Adams; Simeon Adams
2/8/1813 Prob. 4/12/1813 Vol. 4 Page 273


GARDINER (Gardner), Benjamin
Wife – Elizabeth
Sons – Somson (or Simeon); Benjamin; Howland; Nathaniel; Caleb; Olin
Daughters – Else Brockway; Elizabeth Herrington; Sarah Northrup; Margaret Congdell; Ann Herrington; Eunice Williams
GrSon – Uriah Bentley
Exec – Son, Olin
Wit – Eber Moffitt; Claudius and Hosea Moffitt
12/10/1803 Prob. 2/4/1809 Vol. 3 Page 159


Wife – Ruth
Son – William Lamport Gardner
Daughters – Lois Lane; Elizabeth Smith; Nancy Holley
Exec – Son William L.; Henry Platt; Robert H. Babcock; Isreal Platt
2/15/1813 Prob. 2/25/1822 Vol. 7 Page 14


Wife – Anne
Sons – Isaac; Benjamin; Job B.
GrChildren – Isaac’s children living in Rhode Island; Benjamin’s son James; Benjamin’s children Hannah and Abiah
Exec – Wife; Son Job B.
Wit – Cleo; Sally and Hosea Moffitt
9/2/1803 Prob. 3/20/1806 Vol. 2 Page 314


Wife – Abigail
Daughters – Diademya Gardner – note against Samuel Rathbone, of the town of Johnstown
Son – Simeon R.
GrSons – Simeon Gardner; Nelson and Benjamin F. Gardner; John and Edward Gardner
GrDau – Hannah
S/I/L – Benjamin Gardner
To: Lonas Gardner, my Granddaughter; Mary Gardner, my Granddaughter
Nephew – Avery Pool; Simeon H. Gardner
To: Diademy Crandall, d/o Jasper
Exec – brother Caleb of Stephentown; wife, Abigail
Wit – Rowland Hall; Benoni Hall; Charles Hall
8/4/1817 Prob. 9/16/1817 Vol. 6 Page 23


Wife – Mary
Youngest children – Amanda; Malvina
Daughters – Sally Goold; Polly
Sons – Augustus; Joseph; Jeremiah; Stephen
Exec – Wife; Augustus Gardner
Wit – Constant W. Wadsworth; William L. Gardner; Eunice Murray
2/12/1813 Prob. 4/2/1813 Vol. 4 Page 244

GREEN, Benjamin

Wife – Mary
Brothers – James; Langford; John; Joseph; Thomas
Eldest brother – Jonathan
Sisters – Phebe Hull; Barbery Green
2 Nephews – “Javas?” Green; David Green
“Nufew” – (nephew) Peleg Thomas
2 Nieces – Naomi and Russee Thomas
Nephew – David Jackson
4 Nieces – Rhoda Green; Deborah; Susan; Sarah Green, wife of Jonathan Denison
Nephew – Benjamin Carey (Tarey or Terry) Green; Benjamin Denison
To: Mary Brown, d/o Benjamin
To: Nephew Benjamin Green Hull
To: Mary Brown, d/o Benjamin
Exec – Wife
Wit – Joseph Green; Aaron Jackson; Hezekiah Hull
5/4/1797 Prob. 9/25/1797 Vol. 1 Page 140

GREEN, Benjamin

Wife – Dinah
Exec – Wife, Dinah
Wit – John Allen; Ephraim Bacon; William Bentley
4/17/1805 Prob. 9/7/1809 Vol. 3 Page 201

GREENMAN, Benjamin

Daugthers – Lydia Bateman; Abigail Gross; Elizabeth Casey; Submittance Carrier; Amanda Doty, w/o Calvin P. of Galway, NY; Electa Turner, w/o Harvey of Veteran, Chemung Co., NY
Son – Russell D.; Homer B. of Solon, Cortland Co., NY
GrSon – Dow Greenman and his children, Martin and Clarissa
Exec – Sons William and Homer B.
Wit – Merriman Lester; Hiram S. Lester; Merriman J. Lester
3/4/1841 Prob. 11/18/1841 Vol. 31 Page 212

GREENMAN, Jonathan

Wife – Polly
Daughter – Lydia Crandall
Sons – Samuel; Gardner; Jonathan, Jr.
Exec – Brother, James; son Gardner
Wit – Henry Platt; Joseph Gardner; Benjamin Carpenter
1/20/1813 Prob. 2/8/1813 Vol. 4 Page 202

GREENMAN, Martha, widow

Brother – Jere Rogers, The Shearman Lot
To: Joshua Kendall, Jr. – $250.00 to pay to the Deacons of the Sabataian Church, now in Berlin
Note: “The Present Deacons of said church now is John Green and Taba Burdick”
Exec – Joshua Kendall, Jr.; Tabor Burdick; John Witford of Stephentown
Wit – Joshua Kendall, Jr.; Edward Carpenter; John Witford (Whitford)
Prob. 10/3/1814 Vol. 5 page 59


Wife – Martha
Mentions – Sabbatarian Church Society in Stephentown; Beloved brother Deacon William Greenman
Wit – Nathan Rogers; Theodaty Bliven; Hosea Moffitt
11/9/1802 Prob. 4/23/1805 Vol. 2 Page 230


Wife – Elizabeth – note against Jonathan Carpenter, also furniture “till she has time to bring her own from Roadisland”
Daughters – Lydia Carpenter; Sally Maxson; Susanna
Sons – William; Benjamin W.; Reynolds;
Sons – Jonathan and James – Land purchased of Ichabod Cone
GrSon – Isreal Lockwood Greenman; William
Great-GrChild – 1st son of William Crandall named William Greenman
Exec – sons Jonathan and James
Wit – Joshua Gardner; John L. Thurston; Hosea Moffitt
8/1/1808 Prob. 3/1/1809


Daughters – Sarah Ward; Penelopy Holcomb
Exec – not named
Wit – Abner Bull, Jr.; Mercy Bull; Statiras Bull
Prob. 3/21/1815 Vol. 5 P. 106

GRIFFIN, Stephen

Wife – Hannah, money due her from William Larkin
S/I/L – Daniel Burr (?)
Exec – Benjamin Culver
Wit – John Babcock; Joseph Larkin; Royal Coleman
Children – not named
6/9/1803 Prob. 10/5/1803 Vol. 2 Page 101


HALL, Rowland

Wife – Martha
Sons – Gideon; Benoni; Charles
Note – Estate be equally divided by Hosea Moffitt and Nocholas Herrington, Esquires of Stephentown and Dr. Jeffrey W. Thomas of Berlin
Daughters – Lucy Perkins; Sarah Perkins; Martha Babcock
GrDau – Sarah and Malinda Babcock; Martha and Artimissia Perkins – Property of Roswell Perkins which I purchased at a Sheriff’s sale
Exec – Sons Gideon and Benoni
Wit – Cary Briggs; Jeffrey W. Thomas; Hosea Moffitt
11/4/1820 Prob. 11/22/1821 Vol. 6 page 374

HARRIS, Edward

Wife – Hannah
Daughter – Mary T., w/o Junia Chittenden
Son – William M.
Exec – Wife
Wit – Alanson Carpenter; Meshack Strait
8/23/1845 Prob. 11/27/1848 Vol. 37 Page 478

HAVENS, William

Eldest son – Patrick “my gun and a yearling heifer and Edwin Sherp, this house”
Sons – Patrick; Abel; Titus
To: John Havens alias Gardenner
Exec – Nathan Gillet – Also trustee for my children
Wit – Henry Williams; John Cole; Eli Vickery
7/12/1793 Prob. 1/6/1794 Vol. 1 Page 33


Wife – Luezetia
Sons – Sylvester; George; William
Daughters – Lucretia Wylie; Meriam Campbell; Eleanor Holcomb
Exec – Sons George and William
Wit – William Bailey; Rowland Danforth; Daniel H. Houlton
3/1/1824 Prob. 4/22/1824 Vol. 7 Page 238


Sons – Josiah; Beriah; Michael
Daughters – Abigail; Deborah
Exec – Son, Michael
Wit – John Russell; Zachariah Moffitt; Hosea Moffitt
5/16/1805 Prob. 9/14/1805 Vol. 2 Page 249


Wife – Esther
Sons – Josiah V; Rensselaer
Daughters – Narcissus Smith; Mary Ann Humphrey
Exec – Wife
Wit – Elijah Graves; Daniel Tyler
4/8/1836 Rob. 6/27/1836 Vol. 22 Page 10



Sons – Amos, Jr.; William of Holley, Oreland Co. NY; Uriah E.; Samuel B. “by his 1st wife and also to one of them namely Mary
Wife – Phebe
Daughters – Lydia, w/o Thomas G. Carpenter; Anna, w/o Benjamin Sheldon; Sally, “Which is the wife of Bowen”
GrSon – Amos Culver James; Senor C.D. James
GrDau – A___ James
To: Mary Ann Chatsey (Chadsey)
Note: Wish “To be buried between my two wives”
Exec – Son, Amos, Jr.
Wit – John Babcock; Minerva Babcock; Harriet T. Chadsey
2/6/1832 Prob. 5/5/1845 Vol. 34 Page 358

JUDD, Ebenezer

Wife – Eleanor
Daughter – Lydia Ann
Exec – Wife; Meshack Strait; Isreal F. Knapen; Samuel Knapen, 2nd; Lyman Bailey
4/4/1829 Prob. 6/30/1829 Vol. 9 Page 275


KITTELL, William
Wife – Mary
Daughters – Mary; Sarah; Lydia; Rebecca
Sons – Samuel; Carr; Simon
Exec – Wife
Wit – Elijah Graves; Caleb Graves, Jr.; Elijah Graves, Jr.
12/28/1824 Prob. 6/13/1826 Vol. 7 Page 395


LARKIN, Timothy

Wife – Rachel
Sons – William; Timothy “Land near Jonathan Emmons”; Libeus “Land near Lemuel Waterman”; Daniel; John
Daughters – Phebe; Sarah; Fanny
Exec – My said sons
Wit – John Babcock; Sylvanus Babcock; Aron Sedgewick
5/14/1804 Prob. 6/27/1804 Vol. 2 Page 170


Wife – Catharine
Sons – James; David
Daughters – Jerusha, w/o George Hoard; Amy, w/o B. Hall; Sarah, w/o Arnold Boltch
Exec – Wife; son James
Wit – Meshack Strait; Jesse Sweet; Hiram Strauk (?)
11/7/1828 Prob. 4/15/1845 Vol. 34 Page 437


“Who have been a journaman Hatter in the county of Washington, State of NY and now of Stephentown”
Brother – Royal
½ Brother – Sheffield Maxson
Cousin – John Babcock, Jr. – “my hat”
“My uncle John…my watch bootees and lt. Colored broadcloth coat.”
“My uncle John Babcock and my aunt Almy Babcock, his wife, “…putting Lanesborough marblestone to my grave.”
Exec – uncle John Babcock; Clark Vary
Wit – Nathan Vary; Varnum Maxson; Clarissa S. Holcomb
4/2/1816 Prob. 5/1/1818 Vol. 6 Page 104



To: Nancy King, w/o Eber Moffitt, my son…. Lives on land now owned by Elisha Stewart
Son – Claudius
To: Buy, Jay and Ralph Moffitt; Chloe Moffitt, w/o Reuben Andrews; Benjamin F. Bull & Myra Moffitt, his wife… the farm in the town of Nassau (formerly owned by Samuel B. Wheeler)
Exec – Elijah Graves; Jay Moffitt
Wit – Avis Parke; Caleb Chapman; Calvin P. Sackett
8/1/1825 Prob. 9/15/1825 Vol. 7 Page 341

MORTON, Eleazer

Wife – Lucy
Sons – Icabod; Eleazer, Jr.; Samuel; Elisha
Daughter – Lucy
GrChildren – Julia Morton, Lucy Morton, children of my late son, Clark
To: Alvin Clark Morton
Exec – Son, Samuel
Wit – Henry Platt; Julius Beaman; Stephen Sheldon
1/5/1813 Prob. 4/12/1813 Vol. 4 Page 278



Wife – Mary
To: Benjamin Nicholas Briggs
Exec – Caleb Gardner
Wit – Rodman Hazard; Snell Babbitt; Henry Cranston
2/28/1823 Prob. 7/2/1823 Vol. 7 Page 156


O’DELL, Benjamin

Wife – Phebe, Land in the town of Selon, Cortland Co., NY
Exec – wife, Phebe
Wit – Amaziah Carrier; Buy Bateman; Abigail Carrier
7/6/1810 Prob. 1/6/1812 Vol. 4 Page 28


PALMER, Deborah

Sons – Joshua – Land in Voluntown, CT. “Furthermore an obligation on the widow Temperance Palmer” and “my grate Bible”; Paul; Jarus; Jaffett
Note – against Eliphalet Niles
Son Jeffett’s son Gideon and his daughter Temperance
Daughter Deborah Palmer, w/o Elihue
Daughter Comfort Kinney, w/o Cyrus
Daughter Hannah, w/o William Brown
Exec – son Joshua
Respected friend Ephraim Brown; Sarah Bacon; Deborah Palmer
12/10/1804 Prob. 7/3/1810 Vol. 3 Page 333

PALMER, Joshua

5 daughters – Lydia Northrup; Temperence Young; Deborah Burton; Hannah Cook; Judith Allen
Heirs of Daughter Anna Shannee (?), dec’d
GrSons – Joshua P. Northrup; Joshua P. Young
Exec – George T. Denison; John Burton; Philemon L. Cook
Wit – Sylvester Gardner; Isreal M. Gardner
8/30/1831 Prob. 2/26/1836 Vol. 18 Page 109

PARDEE, Rachel

Son – Ariovestus
To: Eve, w/o Calvin Reed
Daughters – Julia Ann Bassett; Lavinia Hawley (Rawley); Sarah Sackett, w/o Daniel; Malinia de Grasse Leath
GrSon – Ario, Jr.
Exec – Daniel Sackett; Ebenezer Bassett
Wit – Benjamin R. Goodrich, Hancock, MA; Maria Goodrich
10/14/1842 Prob. 11/1/1847 Vol. 37 Page 263

PLATT, Henry

Wife – Susan
GrSon – Theodore D.
Sons – Henry, Jr. and wife Martha; Alonzo; Isreal; Edwin A.
Daughters – Sophia, w/o Hiram Wright; Henrietta w/o Almon Underwood
Exec – Theodore Platt; Meshack Strait
Wit – Joseph Adams; Ralph Chapman
Prob. 12/19/1842 Vol. 33 page 271

POOLE, Elisha

Wife – Esther
Daughters – Zerviah; Elizabeth
Son – Elisha
Note: “My 2 youngest garls (it was spelled this way) Esther and Elizabeth.”
Exec – not named
Wit – Christopher Clark; John Vincent
5/20/1800 Prob. 11/11/1800 Vol. 1 Page 266



Wife – Lydia Greenfield
To: Gardner Reynolds
Son – Henry; Joseph; Gardiner
GrSon – Robert R. Hull; Stephen E. Hull
GrDau – Lydia Hull; “Salla An”
Exec – sons Gardiner and Henry
Wit – Anthony Shaw; Jonathan I. Sweet; Rufus Sweet
2/13/1811 Prob. 9/27/1813 Vol. 4 page 385

ROGERS, Joseph

Son – Joseph
Wife – Anna
GrDau – Electa Stilwell
To: Sarah Rogers Stilwell
Daughters – Thankful Berry; Joanna Brown; Mehitable Sweet
Children of dau. Sarah Stilwell, Margaret Greenfield & Martha Brown
Children of dau. Sarah Stilwell: Martha, Elias, Electa, Alanson Rogers, Sarah Rogers Stilwell (this is how it read)
GrSon – James Rogers
Exec – Joseph Rogers
Wit – John Cook; Archalaus Lynd; Jonathan Niles
3/16/1802 Prob. 12/18/1800 Vol. 1 Page 268 (the dates don’t make sense, but that is how they were written)

ROSE, Jeremiah

Eldest son – Nathaniel
Son – Charles
Eldest daughter – Joanna Allen, w/o William
Daughters – Lydia Greenfield, w/o Bethuel; Mary Vary w/o Simon; Esther
Wife – Barsheba
GrChildren – Jeremiah Rose, s/o dau. Joanna; Lucy Rose, d/o my dau. Esther
Exec – wife and son, Nathaniel
Wit – Joseph Reynolds; John Boss; Nicholas B. Harris
3/9/1798 Prob. 4/9/1801 Vol. 1 Page 283


SHAW, Anthony

Wife – Dinah
Sons – Peter; John; Russell; Justus; Anthony, Jr.; Jesse; George; Reminton; Siesen N.; Benjamin; Phineas
Daughters – Rebekah, single; Susannah; Sarah Solomons; Abigail Thomas; Mercy; Roxanna; Mary
Exec – Arvin Wood; Jonathan J. Sweet
Wit – Harvey Reynolds; Samuel Allen; Jonathan J. Sweet
3/9/1811 Prob. 11/4/1821 Vol. 6 Page 502

SHAW, Comfort

Wife – Bridget
Sons – Elisha C.; Jesse; Elijah; Alvah
Daughter – Constant Swan
Exec – sons Jesse & Elijah
Wit – John S. Brockway; Hosea Herrington; David Brockway
1/14/1848 Prob. 10/19/1848 Vol. 37 Page 381

SHELDON, Benjamin

Wife – Ann
Son – William “The mill which I bought from Mr. Bull”
Sons – Benjamin; Stephen
Daughters – Susannah Kittle; Mary Vary
Exec – Benjamin Sheldon
Wit – Hosea Moffitt; Jacob Green; Dineo Green
1/12/1796 Prob. 9/7/1796 Vol. 1 Page 101

SHELDON, Clarissa

To: Brothers and sisters not named
Mother – Mrs. Sally Doty
Brother – John S. Doty
Exec – Brother John S. Doty
Wit – Philander H. Thomas; Mary P. Howard; Phebe N. Moseley
3/10/1843 Prob. 5/4/1843 Vol. 33 Page 386

SHELDON, Ezekiel

Wife – Thankful
Daughters – Anna Main; Sally Rogers
GrSon – Ezekiel Main
GrDau – Palmira Rogers
Exec – Son, Ezekiel
Wit – Stephen Sheldon; Julius Bateman; William F. Brown
12/24/1810 Prob. 1/6/1812 Vol. 4 Page 32


Wife – Jerusha
Note – Property “excepting a number of Peacus lying in Schodack which I have a Sheriff’s Deed” (copied verbatim)
Brother William’s wife or widow
To – Philipa Sheldon, now Philipa Williams
Exec – Wife; Brother Aaron Wood
Note – “I likewise my 1st mail heir I appoint executor with his mother and Uncle Wood when he becomes of age.”
Wit – Elijah Graves; Simeon Adams; Mercy Bull
8/30/1813; Prob. 9/21/1813 Vol. 4 Page 383

SMITH, Daniel

Land in Hancock, Mass.
Wife – Eunice
Sons – Augustus of Hancock; Gardner of Hancock
GrSon – Hiram and Henry J. Bentley, son of Cyrus J. and Hannah of Veteran, Tioga Co., NY;
Sisters – Laura; Lovina; Miranda; Frances; Agnes; Helen Jane (Irene); Weighty, w/o Lansing Sheldon; Sally, w/o Caleb Eldridge; Amanda, w/o Larius Townsend; Elizabeth, w/o Melancthon Bentley; Rebecca w/o Henry Cranston
Son – William
Exec – sons Augustus; Gardner; William
Wit – Erastus Brown; Elijah Arnold; Ephraim Babcock
12/5/1835 Prob. 2/4/1839 Vol. 26 Page 104

SMITH, Ebenezer

Wife – Martha
Daughters – Martha Fellows, w/o William; Affiah Strait
Sons – Barnes, land formerly Eli Hayes; Sylvester, Holcomb P. Mory Farm; Gideon
GrChildren – William and Reuben Fellows
Exec – David Osgood; Sylvester Smith
Wit – Timothy Benedict; Joseph Gale; Eliphas Spencer
9/12/1809 3/28/1812 Vol. 4 Page 91

SWEET, Elnathan

Sons – Elnathan, Jr.; Jonathan I.; Rufus; David
Daughters – Mehitable Carpenter; Mercy Reynolds; Margaret Chase
GrSon – Roger Sweet
GrDaus – Lovey; Unis; Feby; Juley; Mehitable; Joanna
Exec – David Sweet
Wit – Daniel Brown; Willard Smith; Rowland Hall
3/13/1819 Prob. 10/7/1819 Vol. 6 Page 263

SWEET, Elnathan

Wife – Martha
Sons – Joshua B.; Elnathan, Jr.
Daughters – R. Chase w/o Alfred; Joanna R. Sweet
GrSons – Nathan & Alfred B. Reynolds, children of dau. Martha, dec’d
Exec – son Elnathan, Jr.
Wit – David Sweet; Jonathan J. Sweet; R.A. Brown
4/26/1842 Prob. 7/14/1842 Vol. 33 Page 98

SWEET, Jonathan I.

Wife – Margaret
Daughters – Joanna; Mehitable R.; Caroline A.; Lavinia Louise; Mary Brown, w/o Randall A.
Son – Jonathan I, Jr.
Father – Elnathan
To: Joseph Rogers Chase, s/o Benjamin; Benjamin I. Green; Olive Curtin, now Olive Main
Exec – Wife; Brother Elnathan; Randall A. Brown; Griffin Eldridge; Ezekiel Sheldon; Hosea Moffitt
4/4/1827 Prob. 4/16/1828 Vol. 9 Page 153



Wife – Lydia
Son – Cuyler Tanner
GrSon – Cuyler T. Boughton
Daughters – Hannah Brown; Elizabeth Cranston; Ada Boughton; Lydia Gardner
Exec – wife; son Cuyler
Wit – William N. Bentley; Amy Moffitt; Hosea Moffitt
11/17/1824 Prob. 7/5/1830 Vol. 10 Page 1


Wife – Prudence
Exec – Deacon Edward Carr; Prudence, wife
Wit – William Doty; Nathan Tyler; Calvin Huntington
10/8/1807 Prob. 6/15/1812 Vol. 4 Page 154

THOMAS, Peleg (Berlin)

Wife – Russell
Daughters – Amy Tanner; Esther Vary; Mehitable Vary; Deborah Godfrey
Sons – Archibald; Abiel; Jeffery W.; Peleg; Silas; Rodman
GrSons – Peleg R.; Jarvis and David Green; Rowland s/o Rodman Thomas
Exec – son, Rodman
Wit – Gideon Hull; James Jones; Erastus Brown
8/3/1839 Prob. 5/20/1830 Vol. 12 Page 59

TOMLINSON, Zachariah

Brother – Gideon
Sister – Charity
Nephew – Elisha – to study law
Exec – brother, Gideon
Wit – Mary Tomlinson; Ann Eason; John & Nancy Lovett
2/3/1797 Prob. 3/21/1797 Vol. 1 page 129


VARY, Samuel

Wife – Hannah
Sons – Richard H.; Samuel; Nathan; Simon; Gideon; William; Willett
Daughters – Patious (Patience?); Hannah
Exec – sons Richard; Samuel; Nathan
Wit – Joseph; Stephen Sheldon; Jonathan Howard
7/15/1806 Prob. 2/5/1808 Vol. 3 Page 46


WALL, Susan

Father – Jasper Crandall
Sisters – Mary Spencer; Lucy Green; Diadema Joslin
To: Mercy Aurelia Spencer, d/o Job and Mary; Orlando Joslin, s/o David, Jr., and his wife
Exec – Calvin P. Carpenter
Wit – Joshua B. Mousson; Jairus C. Maxson; Calvin P. Carpenter
7/31/1831 Prob. 12/9/1831 Vol. 12 Page 183


Wife – Mary, farm in Stephentown and land in Hancock, Mass.
Sons – Henry; Daniel; Benjamin; Tanner
Daughters – Lydia Hall (or Hull), w/o Reuben; Mary Arnold, w/o Simon; Sally Ann
Exec – Benjamin T. and Henry Wightman
Wit – Edward Doty; William D.G. Doty; Sally Doty
2/10/1825 Prob. 7/17/1826 Vol. 7 Page 402

WINSTON, Abraham

Wife – Chloe
Son – Henry
Exec – Wife
Wit – Eli Hatch; Joseph H. Hatch
9/31/1848 Prob. 5/1/1848 Vol. 37 Page 305


Wife, Hannah
“Honored Father, Abraham” …use the land…bridge rear James Martin’s”
Daughters – Clara; Parmela; Hannah; Polly; Alma
Exec – Wife; Abraham Winstone, Jr. of Stephentown
Wit – John Gould; Ira Hill; Hosea Moffitt
10/28/1809 Prob. 1/3/1809 Vol. 3 Page 139

WORDON, Joseph

Wife – not named
Sons – Joseph; James; Noah; Russell (youngest)
Daughters – Hannah Tanner and her sons, Joseph & David
Exec – Russell Wordon
Wit – Rowland Hall; Gideon Hall; Martha Hall
5/8/1809 Prob. June 13, 1813 Vol. 4 Page 335