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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

WeRelate Experiment

So, I want to have a family tree of Stephentown ancestors so that I (and you) can see how everyone was interrelated. I had thought about using Second Site and The Master Genealogist to do so, but then I was struck with inspiration to make a secondary tree over at WeRelate.org. So, feel free to search the Stephentown Genealogy family tree at WeRelate. If you are a member of WeRelate (or if you’d like to be), I’m not certain how you can add to that tree, but once I know, I’ll add an explanation here.

One Response “WeRelate Experiment”

  1. goldenoldie
    29 June 2013 at 5:26 am

    I am a member of WeRelate and found your blog through a constant search engine provision on igoogle (soon to meet its demise unfortunately).

    I am replying basically to say that I can barely see the blog because of the colour you have chosen. Cataracts have arrived and while I wait for the operation I am obliged to see through a cloud. I can barely see what I am typing. Please darken the colour you use.

    Secondly, I was interested to find you had provided an 1802 will from Rensselaer County. My ggg grandfather Bowley Arnold stopped in Rensselaer long enough to be on the 1800 census. He was on his way from his parents; home in Piscataway or Perth Amboy, New Jersey, to Upper Canada (Ontario). If you have any information about Arnolds in Rensselaer just prior to 1802, I would be very interested.


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