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S.J. Tilden

Samuel Jones Tilden

By: Tina Ordone Though this site is centered on Stephentown, I wanted to include some interesting things from the town that I actually grew up in, New Lebanon, Columbia County,…


WeRelate Experiment

So, I want to have a family tree of Stephentown ancestors so that I (and you) can see how everyone was interrelated. I had thought about using Second Site and…

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Mayflower Families – Philip E. Williams

Here is my line that was accepted by the Mayflower Society

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Mayflower Families – Rebecca Brown

Brown, Rebecca 1757-1813, wife of George Tefft 1754-1813

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Mayflower Families – Doty

Descended from Edward Doty, who arrived at Plymouth on the 1620 Mayflower as a servant to Stephen Hopkins

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Mayflower Families

Many of the families that settled in Stephentown in the early days had roots with the families that came from England on the Mayflower.

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Joll’s Genealogy


Mayflower Families – Stephen Hopkins

Some Stephentown Descendants of Stephen Hopkins Passenger of the Mayflower

Mayflower Famlies – Lucy Doty

6. Lucy b. December 27, 1751 Sharon, CT; d. August 29, 1838 Rome, NY; m. Eleazer Morton

Levi Culver

Levi Culver was born in Connecticut in 1772; he died February 5, 1862 in Stephentown, NY. He was the son of Moses Culver and Molly Hardknight.