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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Syllinda Jane Kittle

I’ve been helping my grandmother on a genealogy project because she would like to join Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). The patriot in our family is Edmund Kittle (DAR #A065291). DAR has a few of his children documented, but not the one we need: Syllinda Jane Kittle. I have census data and other records all the way back to her son, but she is the missing link. I do have a Family Data Collection resource showing her, but DAR does not consider that hard evidence.

Syllinda was born in Stephentown in 1792 and I’m hoping there is a record of her birth or something else on file that might get us to the finish line. Here’s the vital info. that I do have:

Edmund Kittle- Born 04 Nov 1758 in West Greenwich, Kent, RI / Died 05 Jul 1833 in Colesville, Broome, NY

Syllinda Jane Kittle- Born 12 Jul 1792 in Stephentown, Rensselaer, NY / Died 23 Mar 1863 in Union Co., NY

Unfortunately, there are tons of variations on the spelling of both people. Edmund vs. Edmond is about a 50/50 in usage. Syllinda is how the Family Data Collection records her name, but later census documents have it as Celinda. The last name is the real challenge: Kittle and Kittel appear to be the most common, but Kittell, Kettell, Kattel, Kattell all make appearances as well.

I would really appreciate any help or advice. We have been working on this for quite some time now and appear to be stuck on the last generation.  Unfortunately, we both live on the West Coast so we can’t spend the time we would like in the library. –Ryan

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