Mabel Doty

Posted by Wendy Stage Howland on June 12, 2007 at 12:22:44:

While searching for info on my family I found this site. My grandmothers Name was Mabel Doty. She married George Doty. I am looking for any info I can get on my family. Any help would be apprciated. Thank you.

Mabel was Born 1898 Died 1976 in Hornell, NY Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery Canisteo, NY


Posted by K.Turner on April 27, 2007 at 14:19:17:

I am the granddaughter of Ernest Lester Turner and Grace Amanda Rose Turner. Ernest was born in stephentown as was Grace. Interested in anyone searching the Turner,Rose, or Whitaker lines in Stephentown

Sweet’s in Stephentown

Posted by william sweet on April 04, 2007 at 13:11:51:

dose anyone have any more info on any of thses sweet’s:
. ALANSON2 SWEET (JONATHAN1) was born March 02, 1788 in Stephentown, NY, and died June 14, 1879 in Troy, NY. He married BETSEY UNDERWOOD May 16, 1814 in Granville, NY, daughter of RUSSEL UNDERWOOD and BETSEY ALLEN. She was born July 30, 1795 in Putney, VT, and died May 17, 1860 in Kendall, NY.

i. JONATHAN3 SWEET, b. June 11, 1815.

Fact 1: June 11, 1815, Born Granville, NY
Fact 2: July 07, 1842, Married to Esther Smith from Sandlake, NY
Fact 3: 1883, Died Detroit Michigan

ii. LAVIND V. SWEET, b. June 27, 1817.

Fact 1: June 27, 1817, Born Fort Ann, NY
Fact 2: February 04, 1847, Died Hampton, NY

iii. CHARLOTTE V. SWEET, b. October 08, 1819.

Fact 1: October 08, 1819, Born Granville, NY
Fact 2: August 07, 1844, Married to W. L. town in Granville, NY
Fact 3: October 30, 1847, Died

iv. AMELIA M. SWEET, b. October 17, 1821.

Fact 1: October 17, 1819, Born Granville, NY
Fact 2: February 17, 1897, Died Troy, NY
Fact 3: Buried in Oakwood cemetery

v. JAMES R. SWEET, b. December 04, 1823.

More About JAMES R. SWEET:
Fact 1: December 04, 1823, Born Granville, NY
Fact 2: March 18, 1824, Died March 24, 1824

vi. WILLIAM H. SWEET, b. December 24, 1824.

No trace since war.
Probably killed in battle or in rebel prison.
Last seen by G. W. Sweet in Philadelphia 1864 or 1865.

Fact 1: December 24, 1823, Born Granville, NY
Fact 2: January 06, 1847, Enlisted in western state Reg.

Moon / Briggs / Rose

Posted by Victoria on March 01, 2007 at 12:20:56:

I am inquiring about John Moon Jr. 1738-1822 buried North Stephentown, New York Roaring Brook Farm Moon Cemetery, the son of John Moon Sr. 1713-1741 that married Renew Briggs 1719-1779 John Moon III 1785-1837 son of John Jr. married Mary Polly Briggs daughter of Capt. Cary Briggs and Elizabeth Jones. Charles Holden Moon 1782-1857 married Lucy M. Briggs daughter of Capt. Cary Briggs. Charles Holden Moon the son of John Moon Jr. John Moon 1685-1723 son of John Moon 1660-1723 & Sarah Sheriff, married Abigail Briggs daughter of Enock Briggs & Hannah Cook.

Thus the Briggs family married often into the Moon family line.

Seeking information on this couple:
John Moon Jr. 1738 died 22 Jan 1822 in Stephentown, Rensselaer County, New York married 28 Apr 1765 Exeter, Washington Co. Rhode Island to Ruth Moone Principle Baptist Church (see Exeter, RI Vital Records, Old Series Book #3, page 167). We do NOT necessarily believe the Ruth’s last name was Moone as church records often do not show the maiden name. Thus we do not know the parents of the Ruth. We have a great amount of information on John and Ruth Moon’s (11) children and their spouses as these are grandparents to several researchers.
We have reason to believe that this Ruth Moone, may have connections to the Rose family or the Sweet family. John and Ruth Moon’s daughter Ruth born in 1780 in New York married John Morris 1778-1852. We do not have information on John Morris parents for sure. John and Ruth Moon Morris 3rd child was Bathsheba Morris 1804-1861 that married Daniel Shew son of Godfrey Shew Jr. of Northampton, NY. Family records state that Bathsheba was raised by her 2 grandmothers Moon and Rose. We do not know if Rose if a 1st or last name. The Rose families were in the same area as Stephentown, there is a Bathsheba Rose that married Jeremiah Rose. Bathsheba Morris and Daniel Shew’s 1st child was named Harriet Allen Shew. The name Allen does no appear in any related family lines, however Allen also appears in the Stephentown area. Charles Holden Morris son of John Morris and Ruth Moon married Sally Sarah Moon daughter of Jonathan Moon son of John Jr. & Ruth Moon.

IF any of this information sounds familier, please let me know.