Major John Wilcox born 9 July

My family records show my 5th Great Grandfather, John Wilcox married to Mary Barbor  31 Jan 1762  in Exeter, Washington, Rhode Isand

and that this Mary Barbor was daughter of  Daniel West Barber and Deliverence Teft.   Your files also list a Mary Barber as daughter of Daniel

West Barber and Deliverence Teft BUT you list a DIFFERENT spouse for her and do not indicate she had a second marriage.  PLEASE ADVISE if you are certain of your information or if it is possible that we both have the same Mary Barbor AND she WAS married to John Wilcox  and they had child:  Thomas James Wilcox born 23 Feb 1768 among other siblings…


Kenneth Roberts



I am submitting Major John Wilcox and Thomas James Wilcox to SAR for supplemental applications IF I can get documentation for above