WeRelate Experiment

So, I want to have a family tree of Stephentown ancestors so that I (and you) can see how everyone was interrelated. I had thought about using Second Site and The Master Genealogist to do so, but then I was struck with inspiration to make a secondary tree over at WeRelate.org. So, feel free to search the Stephentown Genealogy family tree at WeRelate. If you are a member of WeRelate (or if you’d like to be), I’m not certain how you can add to that tree, but once I know, I’ll add an explanation here.

BATES in Stephentown

I am looking for the BATES family including Comfort BATES b. in England, lived in Lenox MA and his son Otis BATES b. 1777 Stephentown, NY. Sourced from the American Ancestors by Thomas P. Hughes. I have the image of the page source but I couldn’t upload it. Thanks for your help. Suz

Pardee Family

I am a descendant of the Pardee Family. I understand that Calvin Pardee was a doctor in town in the late 1700s, and lived on Presbyterian Hill. Later, around 1813, Ariovistus (Ario and sometimes misspelled Aria) was the town clerk. Several Pardees are also buried in Stephentown – http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gsr&GSln=Pardee&GSiman=1&GScnty=2019&

I would love to find out exactly where the Pardee house on Presbyterian Hill was located and if it still exists. Or would be interested in any other histories. Thanks for any information! Regards, Ellen

Major John Wilcox born 9 July

My family records show my 5th Great Grandfather, John Wilcox married to Mary Barbor  31 Jan 1762  in Exeter, Washington, Rhode Isand

and that this Mary Barbor was daughter of  Daniel West Barber and Deliverence Teft.   Your files also list a Mary Barber as daughter of Daniel

West Barber and Deliverence Teft BUT you list a DIFFERENT spouse for her and do not indicate she had a second marriage.  PLEASE ADVISE if you are certain of your information or if it is possible that we both have the same Mary Barbor AND she WAS married to John Wilcox  and they had child:  Thomas James Wilcox born 23 Feb 1768 among other siblings…


Kenneth Roberts



I am submitting Major John Wilcox and Thomas James Wilcox to SAR for supplemental applications IF I can get documentation for above

Family Reunion and Celebrations, Commemorating the 250th Anniversary Of The Historic-Colonial “GLEN DOUGLAS FARM” (Osgood/Douglas Reunion)


June 19-24, 2015*

Family Reunion and Celebrations,

Commemorating the:

1765~ 250th ~2015


Of The Historic-Colonial



Our ancestral home in:


HOSTS: Isabel & Neil Krebs

*June 19-21 at Stephentown, NY ~ June 22-24 at Salem, MA

For updates or to include family members please send Email addresses to

Linda Mesinar at: shelbygma@aol.com, or call ~ 702-363-7602

Cuyler T. Bouton (1813-1898)


Cuyler T. Bouton was born in Stephentown, Rensselaer County, New York Jan 18, 1813, was married to Miss Caroline Perkins Sept. 8th 1832. In the autumn of 1855, he came to the State of Wisconsin and settled in Spring Grove, where he resided until the spring of 1861 when he moved to Jordan Prairie. Mrs. Caroline Bouton died Feb 23, 1865; her remains were interred in Mt. Vernon cemetery; the funeral was conducted by Elder Patton. Mr. Bouton was married to Mrs. Margaret Cooper Feb 6, 1866. He moved to the state of Texas, in the year 1872, where he resided until 1880, when he returned to Wisconsin. Deceased was converted to Christianity when about 10 years of age and united with Baptist Church. When he came to Wisconsin, he united with the United Brethren Church, later he united with the Baptist Church of Juda; after moving to Jordan Prairie he was granted a letter of dismission by his church and united with the Gap Church. After his return from Texas, he re-united with the Juda Baptist Church and remained a faithful member until he was called home, March 27th, 1898 at the age of 85 years, 2 months + 9 days.

He had been ill nearly all winter but recovered partially and was down town about three weeks ago.  His funeral sermon was preached by Rev. J. Andereck from the words found in Psalms 39; 4, 5, and 7 this being the portion of Scripture he repeated at the last prayer meeting he attended about three weeks ago.  The song service was rendered by Messrs. S. Summers and D. Patton and Misses Mertie Chryst and Susie Miller.

The deceased leaves a wife and four children all of whom were with him excepting the youngest son, who was unable to be here.

This was published in the Brodhead (Wisconsin) Independent on March 31, 1898.

Cuyler T. Bouton

Abigail Vary – Samuel Vary and Susannah Page

I am trying to find how the connection was made that Abigail Vary, born in 1748, was the daughter of Samuel Vary, born in 1718, and Susannah Page.  Abigail was married to Caleb Carr in Stephentown, New York.

thomas coon

thomas was born 1786 connecticut, he married avis prosser in petersburg. looking for family line. He lived with ichabod prosser for a time avis prosser father. looking for ichabod prosser grave site , he died 1818 in petersburg n.y. Also thomas coon parental line. They are listed in 1810 petersburg census, whould like to know names of all members of the household. Thank you for any help you may have and your time.

Rossman Manton Farm

I moved to the Rossman Manton Farm in ’98.  I have a picture of the old house and the barn.  The barn is referred to in #5 on the Mills and Dams page.  It is a very early mill and was moved to the present site well more than a hundred years ago.  Pretty amazing if you see the size of the timbers in it.

The house was built in a number of sections the earliest of which goes back to the earliest days of Stephentown from what I understand.  the house had no running water or septic.  There was a two-seater off the back of the attached woodshed if you know what i mean.  It has since fallen off.  Rossman lived in it until about ’91. I wouldn’t have lived in it as a ghost!

David Todd

In his will dated 1796, Abraham Todd of S.Salem  left farm bought of Jubez Close, Stephentown (now Somers) to his son David Todd (b. 1776).  Abraham died the next year.

My research shows David  later moved to Peekskill from Cortlandt.

I would like any information pertaining to David and/or the property.

Samuel Jones Tilden

S.J. Tilden

By: Tina Ordone

Though this site is centered on Stephentown, I wanted to include some interesting things from the town that I actually grew up in, New Lebanon, Columbia County, NY. It is “next door” to Stephentown and has a very interesting history of it’s own.

It’s major claim to fame is that of being the birthplace of Samuel J. Tilden, who was governor of New York and one time Democratic presidential candidate, running against Rutherford B. Hayes in 1876. He lost that election by one electoral vote.

As a young girl, I was in the Girl Scouts, and on Memorial Day, we marched in the town parade, always ending up at the Cemetery of the Evergreens. It is there that Samuel Jones Tilden is buried, in the cemetery’s most elaborate gravesite. Nearby are the Tilden family graves, including his brother Moses Y. Tilden, who died in 1876. I have visited that cemetery many times over the years, paying my respects to some family members and some friends, but I never leave without stopping at the gravesite of Samuel J. Tilden. You can’t miss it, as it sits in the middle of the cemetery, but more than that, it is important to remember that, from this small town in upstate New York, came a man who participated in the government of not only his beloved New York, but that of the country. His family ran the country’s first pharmacutical company, which employed many people over its many years of existance. They are all gone now, but the legacy will live on, hopefully unforgotten, for years to come.