On this page, you will find many pictures of past residents of Stephentown. I will do the best I can to give information on each person pictured, such as dates and relationships. If you have pictures of your ancestors that you would like to contribute please send them to me by email in JPG format, and I will post them. Include as much information as you can.

Please enjoy looking through our photo album. If you're like me, you will love looking at the old pictures.

Many photos come from the various Stephentown Historical Albums, which are available by visiting the Stephentown Historical Society website, and click "Publications."

Antoinette E.G. Russell
She was a doctor, whose signature appears on many of my ancestors death certificates. Daughter of William F. Russell, 1834-1916 and
Harriet Rogers 1835-1906

Sitting: Henry Hayes 1833-1929?; Louisa James Hayes, daughter of Amos James and Louisa Permelia Culver.
Standing l-r: Flora Houghtling Sweener, d/o Eunice Hayes & Fred Houghtling; w/o Franklin Sweener; ?; Eunice Hayes; d/o Henry & Louisa; Amos Houghtling, s/o Eunice & Fred Houghtling; Virginia Sweener Lacatell, d/o Flora & Franklin; Franklin Sweener and George Sweener, sons of Paschal Sweener and Sarah Carr. Louisa is holding daughter of Flora and Virginia is holding her son.

Frederick Houghtling, son of David and Sophia (Feaster) Houghtling
Eunice (Hayes) Houghtling, daughter of Henry Hayes and Louisa Permilla (James) Hayes.

Dece Vanderbogart, Sr.;
wife Plina (Lane) and
daughter Angie, taken
in 1914.
Dece was son of Henry
and Elizabeth (Kittle)
Vanderbogart. Plina's
mother was Clarsie
Horton, who married
William Ezra Lane. Courtesy of Joyce Stanga

This is Plina Lane with her father, William Ezra Lane.
Joyce Stanga said that according to family lore, this photo won a prize, though what contest and the prize are unknown.

Anna Kittel - "She was a large lady and did not have a lap. When my grandmother was little, she sat on the arm of Anna's rocking chair instead of her lap." Joyce Stanga

Harriet Smith and Arthur Auger - "They got married at the Kittel farm in Stephentown in 1914. don't you like her hat? I wonder if her grandmother, Ellen Beers Houghtaling, the millner, made it for her?" Joyce Stanga

Herb Kittel - "son of William and Esther Ann; 2nd husband of Anna (daughter of Ellen Beers and Hiram Houghtaling & widow of John Richard "Dick" Smith). Anna and Herb lived in Stephentown. My great grandmother by then was living in Pittsfield, but when she went to Stephentown, they rode in a stage coach or wagon and when the going got steep going over the mountain, everyone had to get out and walk!" Joyce Stanga

Elmer, Dece, Jr., Freddy Vanderbogart - 1989
Elmer, Dece, Jr., Frederick Vanderbogart
1989 Courtesy of Lorrie Shaw Dece, Jr. raised bees for years (Larry Gallup)

Frederick Vanderbogart - 1962

Charles Vanderbogart - 1958

Janett Vanderbogart - 1962

Dece Vanderbogart, Jr. holding baby Freddy; Sister Emma holding Gyp the dog - 1927

From Joyce Stanga

Joyce and I wonder what in the world was Lucy doing? She looks like quite a scamp!!

Emma Vanderbogart Stevens and Larry Stevens

This is Laurie Shaw's line:

Edward Stevens dob 6-11-1887 died 12-1963
Laura Holmes dob unknown
They had other children, I just don't know their names:

Son: Lawrence Irving Stevens dob 9-26-1919
His wife: Emma Justine Vanderbogart Stevens dob 8-10-1922

Emma's sister-in-law:
Jeannette Vanderbogart dob 12-5-1895 died 12-1972
She was married to Emma's Brother Howard

Here is Emma and Lawrence's Children:

Lawrence Irving Stevens Jr.
Burton Edward Stevens
Plina Stevens Swartz
Alberta Stevens
Laura Stevens
James Stevens(my father)

Sarah Humphrey Russell (1780-1857) and husband John Russell (1780-1859) Their son Frederick was the father of William (below).

William F. Russell (1834-1916), son of Frederick and Eliza Russell

William F. Russell and Harriet Rogers Russell (1835-1908)

Daughters of William and Harriet Rogers Russell (From Stephentown Historical Album #4)

Stephentown ladies out to celebrate Carrie Sykes' 46th birthday in 1947: l-r: Mrs. Elizabeth Briggs, Minnie Carpenter, Mrs. Hal Dodd, Nellie Bateman, Lizzie Bateman, Emma McFeeley, Lucy Dodd and Helen Lapp (From Stephentown Historical Album #4)

Employees of Sykes Store, 1942
l-r-Walt Sykes, Carl Shaw, George Schmich, Mike Ward, Fred Lucien, Doris Wheeler, Helen Kenyon and Carrie Sykes (from Stephentown Historical Album #1)

On the left is a picture of my mother, Gladys Isabelle Sweener Martinson, at the age of 19. This is the picture that appeared in the newspaper announcing her engagement to my father. On the right is a picture of Gladys' daughter, Tina (the author of this site) at the age of 18. This was my senior picture and it appeared in my yearbook. I lost my Mom in November 1999 at the age of 70, after several years of illness following a massive stroke in 1992. I have been married for many years, and have three children and one grandson, Sebastian and a granddaughter, Victoria. Sebastian was born in January, 1999 and Victoria in May of 2006.

These photos were sent in by Mike Brown. The first one was taken on Labor Day, 1935 at the Brown Family Homestead, Main Street, Stephentown. Taken by Berlin photographer, Lewis Cassel.
Top row: Robert Oliver Brown (1919-2004); Fred N. Brown (1910-1977), Mike's grand-father; Albert Seagroatt (1905-1963)
Middle Row: Fred N. Brown, Sr. (1879-1936); Walter Winn (1908-1987); Harry Spencer Brown (1911-1959); Norman Charles "Charlie" Brown (1923-1968)
Bottom Row: Edith Brown (1881-1939); Marion Anita Brown Winn (1928-1982); Ethel Brown Kinn (1913-2003); Marion Babcock Brown (1912-1990); Helen Mae Brown Seagroatt (1905-1987)

This is a picture of the Fitzgerald brothers on the family farm at Moore Hill and West Road in Stephentown. Taken in 1917, on the day that Mike Brown's great-uncle George B. Fitzgerald left for service in WW I.

Top: Leo W. Fitzgerald (1892-1935), Mike Brown's great-grandfather; Frank Fitzgerald
Bottom: Jim Fitzgerald; George B. Fitzgerald (died in WW I)

Alvia Hunt & Polly Huntington

Frances Hunt, son of Alvia Hunt and Polly Huntington. He married Lina Markham, pictured in middle, daughter of Janet (Ingram) Markham

George Hunt, son of Frances Hunt & Lina Markham, and his bride, Elsie Houghtaling, on their wedding day, March 27, 1902
The photos in this section were sent in by Ray French

Walenta Family Photos

Here are a few pics that I have right now....

"a long time ago" circa 1924 is Hermine, Wenzel, sons Charles, and
(the youngest, my Dad).

"brother-sister" is brother and sister Walter and Minnie.

"cargo-wagon" circa 1924 is son Walter - we are not sure of the crop.

"FamilyDog-Topsy" circa 1924

"Oma-Gus" circa 1922 is Hermine with her visiting brother Gus

Blessings to you,
and your family,

Photos contributed by Su Walenta.

Sue Tarpley sent the following pictures of her ancestors. She can be reached at: susie_qt@juno.com

Love Hunt was Emma Hunt Eddy McFeeley's cousin.

Gerald Lapp (1900-1912) was the brother of Roy Lapp and son of William and Harriet Lapp. He is buried in the Garfield Cemetery with his parents.

Emma Lapp Stearns was the sister of William Lapp, who owned a big house on Grange Road and the carriage shop next door. Emma married Ralph Stearns, who was an engineer at the GE in Pittsfield, Mass. Emma was born March 27, 1878 in Stephentown and is buried in the Stephentown Cemetery. Ralph was born December 12, 1877 and died January, 1922. They had no children.
Another of their siblings was Minnie Lapp who married Fred Geerholt. Minnie was born in Stephentown March 6, 1881 and she died April 29, 1954. She is buried in Stephentown. Fred was born in 1883 and died in 1963 and is also buried in Stephentown. They had three children: 1. Elizabeth b. 1919; 2. Ralph Geerholt, b. 1921, machinist at GE in Pittsfield, married Doris M. Huff, b. 1918 in Hancock, MA; 3. Margaret, b. 1923 in Stephentown.
Another sibling was Henry who married Ruth Vary.

These photos were sent by Lois Spazuzzi. She can be reached at: loisberk@tampabay.rr.com

I think that the lady crouching down might be Cynthia Tyde Pease.

Edward C. O'Donnell & Ruth J. Coons O'Donnell
(Ruth 1/18/1906-7/08/1994)__Edward

Ruth J
Coons (daughter of Clarence and Daisy M Coons; --Troy
Stephentown Road) My Dad and his family (Southards) for many years lived in the old schoolhouse in West Stephentown (Where my mother and Helen Kenyon went to school together) I used to have pictures; but sadly a fire destroyed most of what I had.
My Dads stepbrothers and sisters were Southards--he only had one real sister Margaret O'Donnell LeBarron who lived in Vermont His real Father was James O'Donnell whom Dad said was a seaman; and was lost at sea during a storm when he was just a very small child)
My mother was a Coons; daughter of Clarence and Daisy M.Coons Her Brother was James W Reichard. Clarence Coons was a schoolteacher.

Both of my parents are buried in Garfield Cemetary.
Hall and Higgens Funeral Home was in charge in the summer of 1994.
My parents requested no markers on their plot. Many did not understand this, but it was their strong request; and I their only child; tried to granted their wishes.

Anna Caverly Barkman was my Dad's Mother. She was born in Canada, and is buried also at Garfield Cemetary. His Brothers include James Southard Of Hancock Mass., Walt Southard of Stephentown, Pete Southard of Pittsfield, Mass., Harold Southard of West Stephentown, Steve Southard Of Washington, Mass. Sisters Include Margaret O'Donnell LeBaron VT;, Rosie Southard Boise, Daytona Beach Fla,; Irene Southard LeBaron Of Lanesboro, Mass., Anna Southard Waterman Of Daytona Beach Fla; Francis Southard Of Daytona Beach, Fla.
Some of these listed are deceased.

Sent in by this couple's only child Ruthann O'Donnell Lange. ruthsartpage@yahoo.com For the family website, click here.

Mary Lillian Hamilton Williams, wife of James William Williams, with four children, Reba, Barbara, Cora and Billy, enhoy the autumn sunshine in a field near their home in Rayville.

James William Williams, Wife, Mary Lillian Hamilton Williams, and children, William, Floyd, John and Cora (Dawn Sherman's mother) New Years Eve, 1958

James William Williams and Mary Lillian Hamilton Williams

Elizabeth Williams Houghtling, widow of Spencer Houghtling

Elizabeth Williams Houghtling and James William Williams

l-r: Delbert Williams; "Ham" (Alexander Hamilton Williams); Lottie Williams, first wife of Spencer Houghtling. These children were brothers and sister of James Williams.

Floyd Hughes on the right. He was the husband of Cora Williams Hughes. She was Dawn Sherman's grandfather's sister.

Dawn Sherman's great grandmother Gracia Augusta Hassan Williams holding Dawn's grandfather, James Williams. Lady in the middle is either Gracia's mother or Alexander's mother. Alexander Williams is on far right with hat on. In front left, the little blond is Elizabeth Augusta Williams Houghtling, second wife of Spencer Houghtling. Lottie, Bessie and boys are in the picture as well, but Dawn isn't sure who is who. She thinks that the dark haired girl next to Elizabeth is Bessie Rose Williams Face. The tall girl might be Lottie.

Thanks to Dawn Sherman

Courtesy of Susan Rhenow
Mr. and Mrs. Brown went on the have two more children, Robert and Norman Charles, Susan's father.

These are the sons of Spencer Carr and Zylphia Goodrich. Spencer was the son of Deacon Edward Carr. This photo was sent to me by Fred McCord.
Deacon Edward Carr built his home in Goodrich Hollow, near Kinderhook Creek. He organized the Baptist Church with the help of Joseph Rogers and Jonathan Howard. Another settler in the south part of Stephentown was Caleb Carr, Edward's brother.

Elijah Carr graduated from the University of Michigan as a civil engineer and worked as a surveyor on the Gage Canal water project in Riverside. He also raised peaches. About 1913 the family moved to San Pedro, CA where he was a realtor and owned an insurance business.