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Congratulations Tina! I am very pleased to award you two of my genealogy awards.
I found your site very informative and well presented. It's an asset to the online genealogy community. Keep up the wonderful work!

Take care,


"You have a wonderful site!! You can
tell you put alot of time and love
into it! I would love to present you
with my award. Kathy"

"I'm impressed. You have amassed a great amount of information and it's absolutely wonderful you have chosen to share your research with others!
I thoroughly enjoyed your website and only wish I had ancestors from Stephentown.
I'm sending along the award from "Connie's Family History Pages" as a small token of recognition for a 'job well done!'"

"You have a beautiful site with lots of good information. You should be proud! Please accept the "Genealogical Excellence Award." What does this mean? Well, it's a thank you for contributing to online genealogy and family history."

I enjoyed my visit to your site. Please accept my genealogy award.

"Good job. Keep up
the good work.

"You have a great site. I am pleased to
present you with the Bob's Family
Genealogy Award of Excellence. - Bob

"Your site is an asset to online genealogy."

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