This is an evergrowing list of genealogical and historical links, to help in your research. They are all worth viewing, and will aid you in your research of STEPHENTOWN GENEALOGY.

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Veritas Prep Genealogy Resources
New England Genealogy - Sam's Genealogy
Stephentown Memorial Library
LDS - search for your family
Rensselaer County
Stephentown Historical Society
Presbyterian Cemetery, Stephentown NY
Birth, Death & Marriages from George Holcomb's Diary
Eastwick Press - Rensselaer County weekly - weekly excerpts from Holcomb's diary
Ancestors of Tina Ordone - Houghtling, Wheeler, Sweener, Moon, Carr and more
Eddy Family Association
Kinship Books - Books & CD's of NY Genealogy & History
Dodge Family Association
Schenectady History
Hotaling (and variations of the spelling) Family Association
Albany & Eastern NY Genealogy
Dibble Genealogy collection of newspapers from the past
Ancestral Archives *** Dave Lehman - Historian
Census Finder--Find Free Census Online
Brown Family History
Brown/Vary Family
Genealogy Resource in England
Denison Genealogies
Snell and Related Families
Jolls Family Information
Jolls History
Sedgwick Family Information
Sheldon Family
Rathbun/Rathbone Family Historian
Dymond/Diamond/Dimond Genealogy