Descendants of John Sheldon

John Sheldon was born 1630, and died 1706 in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. He married Sarah (?).

Child of John Sheldon and Sarah is:
i.John Sheldon, b. 1660, South Kingstown, Rhode Island

John Sheldon was born 1660 in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. He married Susan Claremont.

Child of John Sheldon and Susan Claremont is:
i.Isaac Sheldon, b. 1687, South Kingstown, Rhode Island.

Isaac Sheldon was born 1687 in South Kingstown, Rhode Island and died 1752 in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. He married Susannah Potter.

Children of Isaac Sheldon and Susannah Potter are:
i.Thomas Sheldon, b. 1709, South Kingstown, Rhode Island
ii.Roger Sheldon, b. 15 Dec 1710, South Kingstown, Rhode Island
iii.Elizabeth Sheldon, b. 1713, South Kingstown, Rhode Island
iv.Isaac Sheldon, Jr., b. 1716, South Kingstown, Rhode Island
v.John Sheldon, b. 1718. South Kingstown, Rhode Island
vi.Susannah Sheldon, b., 1720, South Kingstown, Rhode Island
vii.Joseph Sheldon, b. 17 Mar 1721, South Kingstown, Rhode Island
viii.Palmer Sheldon, b. 1724, South Kingstown, Rhode Island
ix.Benjamin Sheldon, b. 1727, South Kingstown, Rhode Island
x.Sarah Sheldon, b. 1735, South Kingstown, Rhode Island

Joseph Sheldon was born 17 Mar 1721 in South Kingstown, Rhode Island and died 10 Mar 1786 in Stephentown, New York. He married Ruth Burdick. She died 09 Dec 1795 in Stephentown, New York.

Children of Joseph Sheldon and Ruth Burdick are:
i.Joseph Sheldon, b. 1762
ii.William Sheldon, b. 1766
iii.Paul Sheldon, b. 1768
iv.Jonathan Sheldon, b. 1770
v.Lydia Sheldon, b. 1772
vi.Ruth Sheldon, b. 1775

Joseph Sheldon, Esquire was born 1762, and died 13 Sep 1813 in Stephentown, New York. He married Jemima Carr 25 Jan 1787 in Stephentown, NY, daughter of Caleb Carr and Abigail Very. She was born 1786 in Stephentown, NY and died 14 Apr 1842 in Stephentown, NY.

Joseph leased his farm from Stephen Van Rensselaer for 5 bushels of wheat a year (59 acres, 139 rods) on 6 Dec 1786.

Joseph’s tombstone was moved to the Stephentown Baptist Cemetery in 1954 as the original site of the Sheldon Cemetery was used as farm land by a later owner.

The epitaph:
Ah what availed the healing art
And tears of friends to save
Till here at last the weary rest
From life’s unnumbered woes
No sorrows come to pain the breast
Nor break this sweet repose

Children of Joseph Sheldon and Jemima Carr (see Carr genealogy) are:
i.Alanson (Lansing) Sheldon, Colonel, b., 1804, Stephentown, NY
ii.Jemima Sheldon
iii.Hannah Sheldon
iv.Abigail Sheldon
v.Joseph Sheldon
vi.Caleb Sheldon
vii.John L. Sheldon
viii.Caleb Sheldon
ix.Diedamia Sheldon
x.Palmyra Sheldon
xi.James M Sheldon
xii.Dewitt C Sheldon

Alanson (Lansing) Sheldon, Colonel was born 17 Feb 1804 in Stephentown, New York, and died 22 Mar 1873 in Stephentown, New York. He married Waity D Smith 07 Mar 1833 in Stephentown, NY, daughter of Daniel Smith and Eunice Gardner. She was born 17 Jul 1805 in Hancock, Massachusetts, and died 18 Apr 1894 in Stephentown, New York.

Lansing was a NYS Assemblyman, the 73rd session – January through April 10, 1850. He was a prosperous farmer.

Children of Alanson (Lansing) Sheldon and Waity Smith are:
i.Amanda Sheldon, b. 03 Apr 1837, Stephentown, NY
ii.William L. Sheldon, b. 06 Jan 1834, Stephentown, NY; d. 22 Dec 1835, Stephentown, NY
iii.Lydia C. Sheldon, b., 27 May 1835, Stephentown, NY; d. 03 Jul 1836, Stephentown, NY
iv.Russell K Sheldon, b. 20 Mar 1839, Stephentown, NY
v.Martin V. B. Sheldon, b. 29 Feb 1840; died McCook, Nebraska.
vi.Alvira P Sheldon, b. 14 Apr 1842, Stephentown, NY; d. 17 Sep 1842, Stephentown, NY
vii.Infant Sheldon, b. 30 Jun 1846, Stephentown, NY; d. 01 Jul 1846, Stephentown, NY
viii.Sarah M. Sheldon, b. 22 Jul 1848, Stephentown, NY; d. 04 Apr 1878, Stephentown, NY

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