(also known as Stephentown Cemetery)

We now have the complete transcription of the Stephentown Cemetery also known as the Stephentown Baptist Cemetery. The list is in alphabetical order and there are epitaphs when they were available. There are many pictures below the list and then a list of epitaphs as found in "Epitaphs from the Only Stephentown On Earth" by Elizabeth McClave.

Thank you to Bill Zimmerman from the Stephentown Historical Society for getting the information to me for the site.

This cemetery is on Cemetery Hill Road, .2 miles up from Route 22. Driveway goes through the stone wall and there is a space to turn a car at the far side.

As of 1985, there were approximately 683 stones, however the cemetery is still in use. The cemetery has been used since 1782. It was in July of 1985 that the original survey of the cemetery was done, and it is from that survey that the following information came from.

There are some of the grave stones that need resetting, a few are broken. this cemetery has the only "table" tombstone in town, that belonging to Asa Douglas.

At the top of the hill is the old, original cemetery, of the Gardner family. It is approached by climbing or at the far back of the cemetery there is a trace which can be driven with a car. - Written by Elizabeth McClave, who did the survey.

The following comes from the New England Genealogical Society:


"The town of Stephentown, Rensselaer Co., NY, was formed March 29, 1784 from Rensselaerswyck, and was named in honor of Stephen Van Rensselaer. It is situated in the southeastern corner of the county, and is bounded on the east by the town of Hancock, in Berkshire Co., Mass. The settlement of the territory now comprised in Stephentown began about 1765; the early settlers coming from Connecticut and Rhode Island. On the hill back of Stephentown Village is the Baptist cemetery, one of the oldest in the town, which was probably set apart as a burial ground about the time the organization of the Baptist Church, that is, about 1795 or 1796. In this cemetery many of the early inhabitants of the town are buried." (This goes on to list the burials, all of which are listed below)


Sophronia, d. Nov. 15, 1830, age 25
Eliza A., d. Oct. 3, 1830, age 22
James, d. Jan. 5, 1843, age 84
Isaiah, Jr. s/o Isaiah & Amy, d. Nov. 13, 1838, age 3
Nancy, d/o Isaiah & Amy, d. May 19, 1834, age 6m


Alice U. Ellsworth, 1859-1949; m. Wm. H. Alderman
David Michael, 1961-1979
Ernest H., 1891-1940; s/o Wm. H. & Alice Ellsworth Alderman
George E., 1876-1912; s/o Wm. H. & Alice Ellsworth Alderman
Leon C., 1895-1920; s/o Wm. H. & Alice Ellsworth Alderman
Louis C., 1892-1961
Robert Allen , 8/12/1835-2/25/1936
William H., 1861-1942; m. Alice U. Ellsworth
Willis E., 1898-1918; s/o Wm. H. & Alice Ellsworth Alderman


Daniel, d. Jan. 13, 1861, age 68; m. Mary
George Henry, d. 12/6/1846, 1y5m8d; s/o Daniel & Sarah A. Allen
Harriet E. Reynolds, 1854-1942; d/o Nathan Reynolds
Mary, w/o Daniel, d. Dec. 8, 1857, age 65
Willis S., d. 1/12/1852; 2y3d; s/o Daniel & Sarah A. Allen


Elijah, d. Dec. 22, 1876, age 74
Eunice M., w/o Elijah, d. Sept. 11, 1892, age 85


Abram, d. Feb. 8, 1882, age 70
Thankful, w/o Abram, d. Feb. 20, 1862
Franklin P., s/o Abram & Thankful, d. Oct. 19, 1871, age 19
Alansing, d. Mar. 29, 1864, age 20


Horatio, 1/22/1782-8/17/1782; s/o Jonathan & Anna Bardwell of Belchertown. This was removed from Sheldon Cemetery.


Fannie A., d. 1846
Palmer, b. 1805, d. 1866
Maria P. Geer, w/o Palmer, b. 1809, d. 1897


Palmyra, d. 10/27/1865, 59y; m. John O. Bligh


Edwin H., 1909-1966
Florence Alderman, 1905-


Palmyre Sheldon, w/o John O. Bly, d. Oct. 27, 1865, age 59


Sophronia, d. Dec. 16, 1877, age 85


Adah, d. 3/15/1842; age 54


Alice M. Arnold, w/o Benoni Jay Briggs, d. Mar. 23, 1876, age 26
Benoni, d. 2/24/1853, 63y7m24d; s/o Cary Briggs, had 2 wives named Mercy, removed from Briggs Cemetery
Benoni G., d. 2/4/1812, 5y; (“Let not the dead/Forgotten lye/Lest ye living/Forget to Die”)
Benoni J., 1844-1923; m. Elizabeth R. McMahon
Bessie M., d. 5/4/1890, 11d
Caroline E., 1837-1861
Cary, d. 1/12/1837, 84y; a veteran, removed from Briggs Cemetery
Elizabeth F. McMahon, 1863-1950; m. Benoni J. Briggs
Elizabeth, d. 10/12/1838, 81y; d/o Benoni & Elizabeth Gardner Hall. Removed from Briggs Cemetery
Lydia, d. 5/17/1870, 70y4m; removed from Briggs Cemetery
Mercy, d. 10/23/1816, 30y; removed from Briggs Cemetery; 1st wife of Benoni Briggs
Mercy, d. 4/18/1843, 61y; 2nd wife of Benoni Briggs; removed from Briggs Cemetery
Rowland H., 1811-1857; s/o Benoni & Mercy Briggs; m. Mercy


Araminta D. Newton, 1834-1901; m. William H. Brimmer
Malvina E. Kittell, d. 10/3/1859, 25y11m13d; m. William H. Brimmer; d/o Benjamin Kittell (“Be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not the son of man cometh”)
William H., 1829-1896; m. Araminta B. Newton; Co. K 21 Cav. NY


George, b. Apr. 24, 1791, d. Jan. 27, 1846 (Deacon)
John D., 7/4/1844-2/24/1845; s/o John S. & Rachel L. Brockway
John S., d. 10/15/1910, 89y6m; m. Rachel C.
Susannah, wife of Deacon George, b. Feb. 28, 1800, d. Nov. 22, 1874
Samuel J., b. Oct. 16, 1786, d. Mar. 15, 1861
Rachel C., w/o John S., d. Nov. 15, 1871, age 54y4m28d
George E., b. Dec. 5, 1845; d. Dec. 20, 1875


Adam, 10/26/1772-7/27/1845, 72y; m. Susannah Morey; b. Stonington, Conn.; s/o Joshua & Joanna Rogers Brown; Civil War Vet.; Captain
Amanda M. Carr, 4/16/1805-8/17/1874; m. Joseph R. Brown; d/o Spencer & Zilpha Goodrich Carr; “Our loving and devoted Mother”
Anna Conklin, 1838-1908; m. Spencer C. Brown; d/o John & Mary Ann Goodrich Brown
Charles H., s/o Randall A. & Margaret, b. Apr. 12, 1834, Apr. 26, 1897
Maj. Daniel, d. October 1837, age 84
Daniel, d. March 15, 1826, age 46
Dwight, s/o Erastus & Angeline, d. Oct. 3, 1825, age 3m
Edith E., 1881-1939; m. Frederick E. Brown; d/o Spencer & Anna Conklin Brown
Erastus, d. April 7, 1880, age 84
Erastus, Jr., s/o Erastus & Angeline Brown, d. Dec. 13, 1826, age 3m
Frederick N., 1879-1936; s/o Frederick & Harriet Derby Brown
Frederick H., 1910-1977; m. Leona M.
George F., 1837-May 9, 1871, 33y; m. Mary E.
Harriet E., 1832-1906; m. George F. Brown
Hosea W., D. Mar. 4, 1851, age 43
John W., 1872-1908; s/o Spencer C. & Anna Conklin Brown
Joseph R., d. May 9, 1851, age 50; m. Amanda
Joshua, d. Nov. 21, 1846, age 84 (“Asleep in Jesus, O how sweet”
Julia A. Gardner, w/o Randall A. Brown, b. 1813, d. 1886
Leona M., 1919-2000; m. Frederick N. Brown
Lewis, s/o Randall A. & Margaret, d. October 26, 1877, age 39
Margaret E., d/o Randall A. & Margaret, d. Mar. 14, 1842, age 14
Margaret A., d/o Randall A. & Margaret, d. Mar. 7, 1846, age 1y
Martha, w/o Maj. Daniel, d. Mar. 29, 1813, age 53
Mary, d/o Spencer & Anna, d. Feb. 25, 1877, age 2y9m
Nancy E., d/o Joseph & Amanda, d. Jan 17, 1877, age 42
Norman C., 1923-1968
Randall A., b. Mar. 31, 1804, d. Mar. 24, 1884
Raymond, d. 11/16/1904 (infant son); s/o Frederick & Edith E. Brown
Margaret Sweet, w/o Randall A. Brown, d. Feb. 2, 1854, age 47
Spencer C., 1833-1907; m. Anna Conklin; d/o Joseph & Amanda Carr
Susan G., d/o Randall A. & Margaret, d. Apr. 1, 1846, age 5
Susannah, w/o Joseph & Amanda Brown, d. Feb. 17, 1837, age 2y10m
Susannah, w/o Capt. Adam, d. May 4, 1852, age 72;
Susannah Morey, d/o Capt. Adam & Susannah Brown
William T., d. Mar. 31, 1854, age 43
William T., d. 2/21/1837, 1y3m; s/o Lewis M. & Nancy Brown


Anna, 1887-1965; m. Edwin A. Burdick
Edwin A., 1890-1945; m. Anna


Benjamin, d. Apr. 20, 1884, age 65y;5m9d
Daniel, d. March 21, 1852, age 29y5m3d
Margaret Deamond (Diamond?), w/o Benjamin, d. May 2, 1862, age 29,3m
Orpha, w/o Samuel , d. June 4, 1881, age 90
Roxie L., w/o Benjamin, d. Sept. 6, 1856, age 34
Samuel B., d. Sept. 15, 1861, age 69y7m
Sarah R., d/o Benj. & Roxie, d. Mar. 27, 1861, age 17y6m


Elbert O., 9/12/1830-11/1/1911; m. Lovira Sheldon “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord”
Lovira Sheldon, 5/16/1836-4/10/1923; m. Elbert O. Campbell
Ruth Goodrich Coleman, (see Ruth Goodrich Campbell Coleman)


Alice H., d. 8/13/1925
Alton J., 7/16/1863-3/27/1930; s/o Jonathan J. & Mary Brown Carpenter; m. Minnie E.
Amelia, 12/2/1850-7/8/1853; d/o Jonathan J. & Mary J. Carpenter
Betsey E., 4/10/1-1809-9/23/1881, 72y; d/o Jonathan & Mehitabel Carpenter
Blanche, d. 4/14/1903
Charles M., 3/4/1904-5/4/1904
Charlesetta Boyd, 12/12/1907-3/8/2001; m. Clarence C. Carpenter 10/22/1929; d/o Charles & Charlotte Schurrager Oathout, foster daughter of Sarah & Albert Boyd
Clarence C., 1905-1982; m. Charlesetta Boyd; s/o Alton & Minnie Palmer Carpenter
Eva Estelle, d/o Diana Howard & George Carpenter, d. Nov. 17, 1858, age 4m
F. Delmar, 10/29/1920-9/9/1930; s/o Fred A. & Blanch Southard Carpenter
Fred A., 4/18/1892-6/14/1932; s/o Alton J. & Minnie Palmer Carpenter
George E., 1897-1973; s/o Alton & Minnie Palmer Carpenter
Gertrude Allen, 1903-____
Jonathan,2/9/1780- 6/12/1864, age 84; m. Mehetable; s/o Thomas Greenman & Experience Carpenter
Jonathan J., b. Jan. 9, 1824; d. Sept. 4, 1896; Jonathan & Mary J. Brown Carpenter
Margaret M., 11/9/1820-12/15/1844, age 24; d/o Jonathan & Mehitabel Carpenter
Mary J. Brown, w/o Jonathan J., b. Jan. 4, 1827; d. Jan. 13, 1897
Mehitable Sweet, w/o Jonathan 2/22/1780-9/30/1844; age 64; m. Jonathan Carpenter; d/o Elnathan & Mehitabel Rogers Sweet
Minnie E., 1/23/1869-5/4/1956; m. Alton J. Carpenter
Virginia G., 3/23/1894-9/12/1948


Addie, 1884-1905; d/o John H. & Mary E. Carr
Britian, d. May 22, 1816, age 35
Dea. Edward, d. Sept. 2, 1845, age 92; s/o Caleb & Sarah Richmond Carr
“This stone is erected by the three eldest daughters of Spencer Carr”
Eleanor, w/o Edward Carr 6/22/1754-3/20/1798 age 44; d/o William & Mary Spencer
Eunice, w/o Henry Carr, d. May 1, 1885, age 76
John H., 1845-1927; m. Mary E.; s/o Lorenzo * Honor Harrington Carr
Margaret, 6/14/1766-8/19/1836, age 71; m. Deacon Edward Carr on Aug. 12, 1832, as widow Margaret Lamphier

Mary, 5/7/1752-1/19/1806, age 54; m. Deacon Edward Carr on Sept. 26, 1798 as widow Mary Brown Green
“Well to meeting she did go
Sung praises with the
Saints below, Rose in
Prayer as we did see, and
God took her home to
Praise Him eternally”

Mary E, 1844-1926; m. John H. Carr
Mereba, 12/9/1785-3/15/1817 age 52; d/o Edward & Eleanor Carr
Orville, s/o Henry & Eunice Carr, d. Oct. 4, 1886, age 24
Peleg, son of Edward & Eleanor, d. June 5, 1787 age 5
Sarah, w/o Edward Carr, d. Dec. 25, 1831, age 82; m. Deacon Edward Carr on May 24, 1750 as widow Sarah Potter
Tece, d/o Edward & Eleanor, d. Sept. 28, 1796, age 10m


Addie May, d/o Wm. & Amanda M, d. Apr. 19, 1873, age 3
Alfred, d. 10/6/1849, 46y2m
Amanda M. Crissey, 1836-1918; m. William T. Chase
Benjamin (Capt.), d. 9/3/1853, 74y6m
Benjamin Jr, d. 8/11/1869, 64y6m19d
Elizabeth, w/o Tolman, d. Aug. 9, 1825, age 26
Ezra B., b. Dec. 26, 1833 (?), d. Apr. 15, 1892
Ida May, d/o Wm. & Amanda, d. Jan. 8, 1868, age 4
Joanna R., Sweet d. 5/30/1847, 38y; m. Alfred Chase; d/o Elnathan & Martha Brown Sweet
Joseph R., d. 5/13/1858, 51y; s/o Benjamin & Margaret Sweet Chase
Margaret, d. 2/17/1864, 80y; m. Benjamin Chase; d/o Elnathan & Mehitabel Rogers Sweet
Mehetabel R. Sweet, d. 12/30/1843, 38y; m. Alfred Chase; d/o Elnathan & Martha Brown Sweet
Mehitabel R., d. 5/29/1836, 19y; d/o Benjamin & Margaret Chase
Orrin D., d. 5/5/1876, 38y; s/o Benjamin, Jr. & Mary Chase
Phebe A., d. 7/31/1883, 54y29d; m. Rufus Chase
Rufus, d. 7/20/1876, 53y1m10d; m. Phebe A.
Tolman, d. Aug. 1, 1817, age 61; s/o Daniel & Hannah Cook Chase
William T., 1836-1902; m. Amanda M. Crissey


Diedama A. Daboll, 1826-1903; d/o David Daboll; m. William W. Chittenden
George C., 1852-1929; m. Martha C. Carr
Hannah, d. Feb. 2, 1838, age 25
John C., d. Dec. 6, 1838, age 30
Junia, 4/30/1788-12/5/1863, age 75; s/o Moses & Hannah Ingram Chittenden; m. Mary J. & Susannah Cottrell
Laura S., 1854-____
Martha C. Carr ,1853-1934; m. George C. Chittenden
Mary J., w/o Junia, d. May 24, 1887, age 66
Melvin D., age 11 months
Raymond ,1912-1973
Ruany Chittenden, w/o James E. Clark, d. Dec. 27, 1854, age 36
Sally Chittenden, w/o Rev. Wm. Wilcox, d. Feb. 8, 1840, age 24
Susanna Cottrell, w/o Junia Chittenden, d. May 18, 1840
Susan, w/o John C., d. Oct. 18, 1865, age 53
Wm. H., s/o John C. & Susan, d. May 6, 1860, age 24
William W., 1821-1894; m. Dedama A. Daboll


John E., s/o Clarence Chaloner, b. Sept. 3, 1883, d. March 17, 1885
Clarence W., s/o Clarence E., b. April 10, 1825, d. August 3, 1886


Alfred, d. Oct. 6, 1849, age 46
Joanna, w/o Alfred Chase, d. May 30, 1847, age 38
Mehitabel, w/o Alfred Chase, d. Dec. 30, 1843
Benjamin, d. Sept. 3, 1853, age 74
Margaret Sweet, w/o Benj. Chase, d. Feb. 17, 1864, age 80
Mehitabel E., d/o Benj. & Margaret, d. Mar. 29, 1836, age 19
Benjamin, Jr., d. Aug. 11, 1869, age 64
Mary G., w/o Benj. Jr., d. May 2, 1876, age 63
Orrin D., s/o Benj. Jr., & Mary G., d. May 5, 1876, age 38
Rufus, d. July 20, 1876, age 55
Phebe, w/o Rufus, d. July 31, 1883, age 54
Joseph R., d. May 13, 1858, age 52


Edward Osgood, 11/4/1903-10/30/1983; m. Helen Olga Aubrey; Grandson of Brig. Gen. Osgood; he was b. in Manilla, Phillipines


Addie, 1880-1952; m. Calvin Cole
Calvin, 1895-1950; m. Addie


Ruth Goodrich Campbell, 4/10/1810-2/6/1893; d/o Justus & Lydia Sheldon Goodrich; m. #1 John Campbell; m. #2 Eli Coleman


James H., 1846-1919
James H., 1900-1980
Martha S. Reynolds, w/o James Conklin, d. Aug. 3, 1879, age 30; d/o Nathan Reynolds


Charles E., s/o John L. & Mary, b. Nov. 19, 1869, d. Nov. 16, 1873
Elbina, 5/5/1833-2/24/1889; m. Byron Corey
Hannah, d. 1/16/1909, 94y; “How we miss thee!”
Harvey, d. Apr. 2, 1891, age 49
Luther, b. Aug. 26, 1821, d. Jan. 26, 1898; m. Mary J.
Mary J., w/o Luther, d. Oct. 29, 1881, age 56
Othniel, d. Mar. 30, 1877, age 82; m. Theodocia
Theodocia, w/o Othniel, d. Apr. 1, 1886 age 89
Thomas H., Aug. 11, 1875, age 63; “Gone but not forgotten”

Capt. Benjamin, d. Nov. 5, 1802, age 89; “Unto you, O Men, I call and my voice is to the Sons of Man”


Caroline Carr, 1852-1876; m. John N. Crandall
Charles, 1874-1939; m. Minnie Lamm
Esther Slye, d. 1889; m. John N. Crandall
Ezra J., 1899-1921; s/o Charles & Minnie Crandall
John N., 1838-1899; m. Caroline Carr & Esther Slye
Minnie Lamm, 1875-1909; m. Charles Crandall
Nellie Vincent, 1869-____; m. Charles Crandall


George, 1846-1937; m. Mary A. Davis
Mary A. Davis, 1871-1937; m. George Craver

Lucy M., d. 3/6/1842, 2y8m; d/o Charles & Sally A. Cummings
Sally A., w/o Charles Cummings, d. Feb. 16, 1851, age 31
Sarah, d/o Charles & Sally Cummings, d. Mar. 6, 1842


Abigail, w/o David, d. June 27, 1849, age 50
David, b. Oct. 5, 1790; d. May 8, 1864; m. Abigail; s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth Daboll
Frederick A., s/o Samuel Schuyler & Hannah Margaret Coon Daboll b. Nov. 4, 1870, d. Aug. 21, 1890
Samuel Schuyler, 3/19/1831-3/3/1907; m. Hannah Margaret Coon; s/o Nathan F. & Miranda Berry Daboll
Seneca S., d. Aug. 27, 1848, age 21


Lucretia, w/o Wm. W., d. Oct. 30, 1891, age 77
Lydia, w/o Samuel, d. Aug. 8, 1855, age 71
Rebecca P., d/o Samuel & Lydia, d. May 28, 1835, age 5
Samuel, d. Oct. 16, 1864, age 81
Wm. W., d. Sept. 19, 1872, age 56


Peter, 4/18/1824-4/23/1901; m. Philippene
Philippene, 11/26/1826-5/26/1904; m. Peter Dean


Carl, 1900-1973


Bessie Murray, 1919-1983; m. Elliott C. Diehm
Elliott C., 4/27/1919-3/1/1973; NY Sgt. US Army, WWII
Grace M. ,1886-1977; mother of Elliott


William, 7/17/1774-8/26/1817; s/o Samuel & Mercy Doty; m. Sarah Rosekrans


Almira J. Harris, d. 1/26/1871, 58y; m. Mary M. Brown; d/o Dr. NicholasHarris
Asa, b. 12/11/1715 d. Nov. 12, 1792, age 77, one of the first settlers of the town in 1766 and died Nov. 12, 1792 in the 77th year of his age; and was reinterred in this place June 14, 1809; m. Rebecca Wheeler
“Friends and physicians could not save
Our mortal bodies from the grave
Nor in the grave confine them here
When Jesus calls they must appear.
In honour to my parents dear
This monument I have placed here” William Douglas

Born in Plainfield Conn, s/o William & Sarah Proctor Douglas (This is a table tombstone)

Benjamin, 12/4/1765-8/18/1842, 76y; m. Lois; s/o William & Hannah Cole Douglas
Betsey, his wife, d. March 15, 1831; m. Eli Douglas
Betsey Camel, d. 3/12/1823, 29y10m27d; m. Dr. Beriah Douglas
Eli, 9/1/1769-9/4/1840, age 70; m. Betsey & Lucy; s/o William & Hannah Cole Douglas
Elizabeth, d. 3/26/1822, 7y9d; d/o Beriah & Betsey Douglas
Hannah Cole, 9/23/1791-3/17/1808; d/o William & Miriam Douglas
Hannah Cole, 12/9/1808-4/25/1841, 32y; d/o Benjamin & Lois Douglas
Hannah, wife of Wm. Douglas, d. Dec. 24, 1795, age 54
Henry T., 9/28/181310/19/1888; s/o William Benjamin & Mirah Dibble Douglas
Lois McKay, d. 9/13/1823, 58y; m. Benjamin Douglas; d/o Alanson McKay
Lucy, d. April 6, 1806 age 23; m. Eli Douglas
Margaret, 12/16/1766-11/8/1833, 36y; m. William Douglas
Mariam, wife of Wm. Douglas, d. Sept. 8, 1796
Mary M. Brown, 1828-1897; m. Henry T. Douglas
Myra, d. 5/23/1860, 70y; m. William Benjamin Douglas
Nancy, 2/6/1809-12/1/1844; d/o William & Margaret Douglas
Rebecca, 1/3/1741-4/28/1826; d/o Asa & Rebecca Wheeler Douglas
Rebecca, wife of Asa Douglas, d. June 12, 1809, age 91

William, 8/22/1743-12/29/1811 age 69; s/o Asa & Rebecca Wheeler Douglas

“He was one of the first settlers of this town in the year 1766, a firm friend to his country, and held Civil and military offices; an affectionate husband and kind and faithful parent, he died universally esteemed and died equally lamented.”

“He embraced and publicly professed
The hope which is by faith in Jesus Christ
He was an unshaken believer in the doctrines
Of grace; In gospel duties he was
Faithful; In prosperity he was noble,
In adversity patient and in death resigned.

Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord
From hence forth ye saith the spirit
That they may rest from their labours
And their words do follow them”

“O death, where is thy sting, O grave, where is thy victory?”

William Jr., 1/1/1768-12/13/1821; s/o William & Hannah Cole Douglas; Rev. War Vet
“Who died professing his entire belief in the Christian Religion & its Divine Author”

William B., 9/8/1789-11/17/1827; s/o Benjamin & Lois McKay Douglas; vet of War of 1812
“Faith beholds the dying here
Transported to a glorious sphere”

William H., d. 3/22/1852, 13y2m29d; s/o Henry T. & Almira Douglas


Alice C. Bailey, 9/17/1856-2/8/1904; m. Bertram Eldridge; d/o Abram & Thankful Bailey
Bertram, 1854-1926; m. Alice C. Bailey
Ella M., d/o John S. & Melissa, d. July 26, 1876, age 21
John S., d. Jan. 22, 1881, age 52; m. Melissa Whitford
Melissa Whitford, w/o John S., d. Oct. 28, 1883, age 54
Myrtle J., 1886-1975
Nettie C., 1851-1934
Robert C., 1887-1970


Beatrice, 1911-1978
James, 1946-1974


Emily, 1824-1901; m. Rufus Elsworth
Rufus, 1820-1904; m. Emily


Sarah M., w/o Luther Fillmore, d. Apr. 24, 1865, age 24;
“I have lonely gone before you
I will wait your coming too
Dearest loved ones all Adieu”


Caleb, 2/14/1765-5/19/1842, age 75; m. Eunice; s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth Olin Gardner
Caleb Jr., d. Jan. 9, 1861, age 71
Caroline M. Sweet, 1866-1948; m. John C. Gardner
Clara Sweet ,1866-1948; m. John C. Gardner
Edythe, 1873-1937; m. Reno Gardner
Edward W. 1901-1978; m. Laura C.
Elcy C., d. 3/4/1816, 59y; m. Joshua Gardner
Eleanor, d. 8/8/1838, 32y; “Blessed are the dead who dies in the Lord”
Eunice, 5/1766-11/12/1840;
Hannah Briton,d. 12/26/1781, 47y; m. Job Gardner
Henry, d. 12/1/1821, 72y
Ira, 1/25/1794-3/11/1869
Israel N., d. Nov. 28, 1845, age 43
Job, d. 3/9/1806, 76y; m. Hannah Briton; s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth Howland Gardner
John C., 1859-1912; m. Clara Sweet
John H., 1856-1929; m. Caroline M. Sweet
Joshua, d. 10/5/1829, 87y; m. Elcy C. & Mercy; s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth Howland Gardner
“He emigrated to this Town in 1764, was one of the first settlers of the soil where he now lies, married three wives, had twelve children, all of whom died before him”
Laura C., 1897-1944; m. Edward W. Gardner
Lydia Tanner, w/o Caleb, Jr., d. July 17, 1864, age 74
Mercy, d. 12/11/1804, 62y; m. Joshua Gardner on 2/22/1763; d/o Palmer & Mary Hill Tanner
Powell, d. 12/20/1817, 52y;
“Between the hours of five and six
He from his bed arose
And scarcely had himself array’d
When death his eyes did close
O fatal apoplexy then
How sudden was they blow
But cease thy tears and hush thy sighs
Since God did order so”

Reno E., 1862-1925; m. Edythe Briggs
Ruth, d. April 23, 1824, age 76


Alfred E., 1883-1963; m. Limmie M. Lapp
Alta Carpenter, 4/21/1912-11/18/1950; d/o Alton & Minnie Palmer Carpenter; m. Elvin Geerholt
Minnie M. Lapp, 1881-1954; m. Alfred E. Geerholt


Caroline Jones, 4/24/1808-12/6/1901; m. James M. Glass
James M., d. June 10, 1876, age 67 (Deacon); m. Caroline Jones


Alsena, w/o Simeon, d. Jan 12, 1852, age 52
Esther, d. Oct. 21, 1866, age 86; d/o Thurston & Audrey Spencer Carr; m. Justus Hull Goodrich 11/24/1832
Justus, 6/16/1769-Mar. 6, 1842, age 72 (Deacon); s/o Elijah & Margare Gillette Goodrich; m. Lydia
Justus Hull, b. Apr. 9, 1795, d. Dec. 4, 1876; m. Esther
Lucy S., d/o Simeon & Alsena, d. Aug. 1, 1878, age 46
Lydia Sheldon, d. 6/5/1834, 62y1m; m. Deacon Justus Goodrich on 12/12/1792; d/o Joseph & Ruth Burdick Sheldon

“The righteous shall be in
Everlasting Remembrance
God her Redeemer lives
And always from the skies
Looks down and watches all her dust
Till he shall bid it rise

She was born in the Town
A member of the Baptist Church
42 years; beloved & esteemed
For her gifts and graces
Triumphed in faith as death
Approached, smiled & fell
Asleep in Jesus”

Patty Remington, d. July 15, 1823, age 28; m. Simeon G. Goodrich
“Blest are the dead that die in the Lord.
How blest is our sister bereft
Of all that cold burden her mind
How easy the soul that has left
This wearisome body behind.
O Patty, thou hast left like a dream
So vanished pleasure Alass
But has left a regret and esteem
That will not so readily pass.
To me once loveliest of thy race
Beneath thy grassy tomb now sleep
Whose worth my soul delights to trace
Whose very loss tis sweet to weep?

Simeon G., 9/26/1797-10/4/1851; m. Alsena; s/o Justus & Lydia Sheldon Goodrich
Infant s/o Simeon & Patty, d. Feb. 16, 1822 “Sleep on sweet babe till Jesus calls”


Benjamin, s/o Benjamin & Anna Green, d. Jan. 11, 1829
Harriet J., 8/5/1822-3/7/1844, 21y6m; m. Washington Green; d/o William Benjamin & Mira Dibble Douglas


Dr. Joshua, d. Jan. 6, 1812, age 43; m. Nancy
“Life’s busy anxious scenes are past
And here he finds repose
Safe sheltered from the stormy blasts
Of life’s unnumbered woes;
Oh, what avail his healing art
His skill divine to save
Death wing’d his never erring dart
And sunk him to the grave.
If worth departed claims a sorrowing tear
Pause stranger, pause and drop it here.”

Julia Ann, d. 9/28/1841, 38y; d/o Dr. Joshua & Nancy Griggs
Nancy, d. Jan. 12, 1855, age 82; m. Joshua Griggs


Ellsworth, 1913-1974


Avery G., 1889-1984; m. Genevieve A. Ruditis
Clarence W., 1881-1899
Electa Briggs, 1835-1915
Emerson, s/o Gideon & Electa Hall, d. Mar., 26, 1880, age 19
Genevieve A. Ruditis, 1918-____; m. Avery G. Hall
Gideon S., 1833-1904
Jeanne S., 1856-1960
Ray O., 1891-1951
Rowland E., 1856-1960
Wyatt E., 1856-1923


Eliza E. Gardner, w/o Michael Halpin, b. July 20, 1824, d. Aug. 20, 1896
Michael 1833-1910; m. Eliza E. Gardner; Co. G., 128th Reg. NYS Inf. Vol.”


Elizabeth A., d. 3/18/1880, 11m4d; “Gone Home”
Freddie, s/o Orlando & Pauline, 1891-1892
Hosea, d. Oct. 22, 1858, age 50; m. Sarah Babcock
Libbie, d/o Orlando & Pauline, 1879-1880
Orlando T., b. 1849; d. 1898; m. Pauline
Pauline, 1849-1940; m. Orlando T. Harrington
Phebe, d. 11/15/1842, 63y (MAY BE SPELLED HERRINGTON)
Sarah Babcock, w/o Hosea, d. May 14, 1873, age 64


Elijah E., d. 1/3/1881, 85y8m

“Of the cares of earth the joy of age
Our loved brother no more may get
For God has called him away----
From a world of sin to heaven sent”

William H., d. 6/16/1874, 58y4m
“There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God”


George H., d. May 10, 1872, age 38
George D., s/o George H. & Martha, d. May 3, 1876, age 15
Martha J., d. 5/3/1902, 36y; d/o George H. & Martha E. Hinkley “At Rest”


Burton W., b. 1841, d. 1896; m. Frances Rose
Frances Rose, 1843-1905; m. Burton W. Holmes


Abigail Rose,, d. Dec. 12, 1844, age 87; m. 1st Nathan Howard; 2nd Nathaniel Rose “A member of the Church near 60 years”
Bersheba, w/o Nathan, d. Dec. 15, 1862, age 81
Diana, w/o Elijah Howard, d. Apr. 25, 1844, age 27
Duane, d. Sept. 15, 1843, age 27
Dwight ,d. 12/29/1837, 1y1m; s/o Elijah P. & Diane Howard
Elijah Price, b. March 1, 1812, d. Aug. 14, 1883; m. Diana & Sarah G.
Howard, Sylvester, d. Feb. 25, 1865, age 82
Nathan, d. Aug. 10, 1795, age 39; Rev.; reinterred here 12/15/1844; m. Abigail Rose
“A gospel preacher of the Baptist order”
Nathan, s/o Nathan & Abigail, d. Mar. 10, 1852, age 71; m. Bersheba
Orlo, d. Aug. 25, 1842, age 16
Phebe M. b. Dec. 20, 1833, d. Sept. 24, 1899
Sarah, d. Apr. 25, 1844, age 28; 2nd wife of Elijah Oward
Susannah, w/o Sylvester, d. Mar. 1, 1861, age 75
Sylvester, d. 2/25/1865, 82; m. Susannah


Lois Douglas, 2/9/1796-11/28/1822; d/o Benjamin & Lois McKay Douglas; w/o Henry Hull
“Was a member of the Baptist church
She lived the life of the righteous
She fell asleep in full expectation
Of a Blessed immortality”


Isaac, d. Sept. 3, 1829, age 80; m. Mary
Jane Wylie, 3/25/1779-12/9/1829
Julius Beeman, s/o Isaac & Miranda Humphrey, d. April 23, 1828, age 2y
Josiah, d. April 9, 1836, age 52
Mary, w/o Isaac, d. Feb. 20, 1804, age 80; m. Isaac Humphrey
Mary, w/o Isaac Humphrey, Jr. d. Oct. 15, 1817, age 62; m. Isaac Humphrey, Jr.
Samuel H. d. June 11, 1805, age 18; s/o Isaac & Mary Humphrey


Emma J., 1856-1944


Adeline, d/o Thomas & Rachel, d. May 16, 1856, age 56
Eliza Cowan, w/o George F., d. June 12, 1885, age 42
George F., d. May 3, 1871, age 44; m. Eliza
Rachel, w/o Thomas, d. Oct. 28, 1867, age 79
Samuel, d. April 12, 1863, age 41 (Murdered by Wm. Culver. See his story); m. Eleanor Kittle; s/o Thomas & Rachel
Thomas, d. Dec. 13, 1863, age 76; m. Rachel; s/o George & Lucinda Sayles Jenks
Willie T., 1867-1938; s/o George & Eliza Jenks


Calvin M., 1813-1879; Deacon; m. Mehetable & Mercy & Ida & Helen M. Jones Kittell
Elizabeth, d. 12/26/1859, 77y10m27d; m. Rev. Matthew Jones
Flossie Wheeler, 1876-1959; m. Fred E. Jones
Fred E., 1894-1976; m. Flossie Wheeler
Helen M., b. 1837-____; m. Calvin M. Jones
Ida C., d/o Calvin & Mehetable, 1848-1871
Mary, d. 12/26/1872, 49y10m14d; m. E.O. Jones
Matthew (Rev.),d. 4/18/1855, 75y; m. Elizabeth
Mehetable Reynolds, 1811- 1859; w/o Calvin M. Jones
Mercy Reynolds, w/o Calvin M. 1817-1884
Susan D., 12/5/1822-7/2/1900


Betrice Ellis, 1911-1978; m. Fred Ellis
Carol Ann, “Our Angel”; 3/26/1956-10/17/1967
Earl H., 1903-1938
Fred S., 1899-1973; m. Betrice Ellis
Lillian S., 1875-1964
Myrtle Ruth, 3/28/1940-7/21/1942


Achsah, d. Jan. 1, 1831, age 15
Edmund, d. July 31, 1840, age 30; m. Mehitable
Two infants, ch/o Edmund & Mehitable Freeman, d. June 27, 1840
Willard, s/o Austin & Caroline Kingman, d. Mar. 28, 1845, age 7m


Albert R., s/o Alvinza Washington & Malvinia Kittle, d. Nov. 18, 1867, 21y6m27
“O! I’ll be there
Palms of victory, Crowns of glory
We shall wear
In that beautiful land above”

Allen, d. Feb. 28, 1870, age 32; m. Mary B. ; s/o Benjamin & Electa Tyler Kittel
Anna, d/o Wm. & Susanna, d. Jan. 3, 1817, age 34
Benjamin, d. Nov. 1, 1862, age 62y5m4d; s/o William & Susannah Sheldon Kittel; m. Electa Tyler
“Dearest father thou hast left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel
But tis God that hath bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal”

Electa Tyler ,d. Jan. 8, 1844, age 44y1m2d; m. Benjamin Kittel; d/David Tyler
“Sigh not for me, your tears refrain
What you call loss to me is gain
I’ve pass’d the gulf, the danger’s o’er
My soul has reach’d the Heavenly shore”

Elizabeth Chase, 12/29/1785-5/24/1840; m. William Kittel, Jr.; d/o Tolman Chase
Esther, d. Mar. 8, 1875, age 70; m. Benjamin
Eunice Doty, d. Apr. 22, 1866, age 76; m. Stephen Sheldon; d/o John & Eunice Adams Doty
George W., s/o Benjamin & Electa, d. Aug. 29, 1851 11y6m27d
Lucy, d. May 23, 1869, age 74
Mary B., w/o Allen, d. Oct. 30, 1860, age 21; m. Allen Kittle
Rachel Maria, d/o Benjamin & Electa, d. June 14, 1829, age 1y
Stephen Sheldon, d. Jan. 28, 1878, age 84
Susan, d. Oct. 25, 1874, age 84; m. Eunice Doty; s/o William & Susanna Sheldon Kittel
Susanna Sheldon, d. Aug. 12, 1827, age 68; d/o Benjamin & Anna Allen Sheldon; m. William Kittell;
“Blessed are the dead, which die in the Lord”

William, 1/1/1760-May 16, 1830, age 75; s/o Ephraim & Mary Kittel

“Therefore be ye also ready for in such an
Hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh”

Wm., Jr., d. June 21, 1851, age 67; m. Elizabeth Chase; s/o William Susanna Sheldon Kittel


Eliza Ann, w/o John R. Knappen, d. Aug. 6, 1840, age 19; d/o Rev. Andrew Miller; m. John Knapen 11/24/1838
Sally, 3/4/1781-3/13/1835; m. Asa Knapen
“Blessed are the dead
Which die in the Lord”

Sherebiah, s/o Asa & Sally Knappen, d. Feb. 26, 1827, age 24; s/o Asa & Sally Knapen
“God took him in the bloom of life
And from a world of sin
He trusted in his Holy Name
And did on his grace depend”


W.L., d. July 30, 1874, age 27


Jurt O., 1901-1983


Orra, w/o Stephen, d. April 10, 1842, age 28


Arthur E., 8/28/1853-2/15/1920; m. Julia Crowe
Christina J., Mar. 14, 1816, d. Mar. 13, 1890; m. Herman J. Lamm
Etta M., b. Jan. 23, 1882, d. May 17, 1899
Julia Crowe, 12/23/1858-4/8/1942; m. Arthur E. Lamm


Caleb, 11/13/1750-6/16/1825; m. Hannah & Lydia; s/o Ebenezer & Rebecca Landers
“Blessed are the dead who die
In the Lord from hence forth
You saith the Spirit, shall
(broken straight across this line)
And their works to follow them”

Hannah, w/o Caleb, d. Nov. 7, 1809, age 52

Lydia, w/o Caleb, d. Jan 31, 1853, age 81
“In God I put my trust
His law was my delight”


Cynthia Douglas, w/o George Landon; d/o Benjamin Douglas, d. June 17, 1827, age 27
“Why loving friend that flowing tear
While standing near my dark abode
Tho you with me may moulder here
Yet faith can raise the soul to God”

George, d. August 3, 1843, age 54; m. Cynthia
“An honest man is the
Noblest work of God”


William Ezra, 1854-1923; s/o James & Philina Phillips Lane; m. Clarissa Horton Jan. 1870


Anna M., d/o Conrad & Elizabeth Lapp, d. Sept. 28, 1876, 2y1m19d
Catharine Elizabeth, d. 9/28/1876, 87y2d
Conrad, d. 8/7/1918, 76y8m17d; m. Catharine Elizabeth Schwartz
George Henry, 1869-1945
Hazel Williams, 1887-1953; m. Leslie W. Lapp
Helen Newton, b. 1/30/1903-1/1994; m. Waldron Lapp
Lizzie, d/o Conrad & Elizabeth, d. June 5, 1892, age 6y11m7d
Martha E. Brown, w/o Anton Lapp, d. Oct. 30, 1885, age 85y8m12d
Martha Hill, 1877-1964
Waldron C., 11/23/1903-1/12/1971; m. Helen Newton


Edwin T., 5/24/1893-5/3/1980; m. Ruth Carpenter
Ruth Carpenter, 12/27/1894-1978; m. Edwin T. Lawless; d/o Alton J. & Minnie Palmer Carpenter


Elizabeth Reynolds, 1914-1983


Augustus, d. Mar. 18, 1865, age 65; m. Sabra
Eliza, d. June 10, 1826, age 18
Sabra, w/o Augustus, d. Apr. 27, 1864, age 66


Doris, 1911-; m. Gunther
Gunther, 1905-1986; m. Doris


Anna Sheldon, d. May 1, 1818, age 53; m. Stephen Maine; d/o Ezekiel Sheldon
“Go home my friends
Wipe off your tears
Here I must lie
Till Christ appears”

Ezekiel S., s/o Stephen & Anna, d. Mar. 27, 1818, age 26
“Thy morning sun alas went down at noon
In man’s frail judgment he would say too soon
Dear friends for thee did drop the melting tear
Ah, soon thy mother’s laid to slumber near
Join’d now your kindred souls in worlds above
Sing endless strains of God’s redeeming love”

Van Rensselaer, s/o Stephen & Anna, d. May 22, 1811, age 23
“Thy days, alas, were but few
Parents and friends must bid adieu
Love, peace and virtue were thy ways
When dying spoke thy Saviour’s praise”


John F., d. Nov. 28, 1848, age 36
Lyman B., d. 11/6/1858, 20y6m11d
Wm. L., d. Nov. 6, 1853, age 20y


James A., s/o Ebenezer & Roxanne Mattison, d. Apr. 10, 1835, age 10
Joanna J., d/o Ebenezer & Roxanne, d. Apr. 16, 1830, age 4
Patience, d/o Ebenezer & Roxanne, d. May 14, 1834, age 6


Ernest F., 1912-1982; m. Esther Carpenter
Esther L. Carpenter, 1908-1983; m. Ernest F. Maynard
Stephen E., d. 1933 (infant); s/o Ernest F. & Esther L. Carpenter Maynard


Agnes, d. May 6, 1878, age 22; s/o Levi & Ursula Tifft Moore
Bernice, d/o M.T. & Martha, d. June 2, 1878, age 2
Catharine, d. Apr. 17, 1881, age 58
Deborah, w/o John Moore, d. July 12, 1870, age 70; d/o Joseph b. & Lucinda Germond Hicks

John Bartlett, d. Oct. 6, 1851, age 27
“He was a Christian.
Sleep on dear husband, take thy rest
Ceas’d from trouble & distress
The God of Heaven & or Joy
Has called thy spirit to dwell above”

Levi, 1827-5/20/1894 on “Moore Hill”; m. Ursula Tifft; s/o John & Deborah Moore
Martha, w/o M.T. Moore, d. March 5, 1878, age 33
Ursula Tifft, w/o of Levi Moore; 1831-11/17/1866


Joseph, d. Feb. 4, 1830, age 30


Elizabeth, 1905-1985
William J.,1909-1975 “Rest In Peace”


Lana, 1834-1904


Louisa, w/o Peter, d. Feb. 20, 1850, age 26


Almira Kittell, w/o Isaac Newton, d. June 30, 1885, age 75; “She hath gained the victory”
Duane H., 4/17/1852-6/6/1929; m. Fannie C. Saunders
Fannie C. Saunders, w/o Duane H. Newton, 5/22/1850-6/30/1898
Isaac, d. Apr. 16, 1865, age 59; (Deacon); m. Almira Kittle; s/o Ezra Newton; “He is not here”
Martha Ann, d. 7/3/1852, 12y5m13d; d/o Isaac & Almira Newton
Mary A., d/o Isaac & Elmira, d. July 3, 1852, age 12


Mary, d. 3/20/1808 m. _____ Niles (marker broken)


Henry Brown, 1843-1909; Brig. Gen. US Army; m. Harriet M. Hubbard
Henry Douglas, 1879-1943; Cpt. US Engr. Res. Corps; m. Susan R.; Span. Amer. War & WWI
Susan R., 1888-1951; m. Henry Douglas Osgood


Mary Ingham, w/o Walter, 1814-1893
Walter, b. Sept. 12, 1805; d. Mar. 24, 1887


Margaret A. Carpenter, d. 2/28/1847; m. Rev. E. Peck; d/o Jonathan J. & Mary J. Carpenter


Dea. Azrikam, d. Jan. 27, 1803, age 80
Azrikam, d. Nov. 19, 1827, age 45
Charlotte, w/o Ephraim, d. June 7, 1810

Ephraim, d. Apr. 20, 1843, age 71; m. Charlotte & Lucy
“His example and instructions are embalmed in the hearts of his children”

Lucy Chamberlain, w/o Ephraim, b. Feb. 7, 1780, d. Feb. 4, 1853
Melinda, w/o Azrikam, d. Sept. 15, 1835, age 45
Melinda, b. May 31, 1822, d. Jan. 7, 1834
Roswell G., d. Mar. 4, 1879, age 65


Ebenezer, d. Jan. 20, 1834, age 63; m. Ruany
Julia Ann, d/o Joshua & Nancy Griggs, d. Sept. 28, 1841, age 38
Lucy Douglas, w/o Edwin A. Platt; d/o of Eli Douglas, d. Dec. 24, 1823, age 18y
Ruany Chittenden, b. 5/11/1777; m. Ebenezer; d/o Moses & Hannah Ingram Chittenden


Margaret J., d/o Wm. J. & Mary, d. Sept. 11, 1853, age 2
Mary, w/o Wm., d. Feb. 1, 1893, age 83
Ruth, w/o Wm., d. Apr. 27, 1836, age 57
William, d. Dec. 1, 1868, age 87
William J., d. Feb. 14, 1888, age 75
William A., d/o Wm. J. & Mary, d. Sept. 11, 1846, age 3m


Rudolph M., d. 1979; Co. D, 16th U.S. Inf. 1 Div; “My country right or wrong. Maryland”


Edward,, d. May 1, 1889, age 49; m. Ellen A.

Edward C., s/o Edward & Ellen, d. Apr. 12, 1886, age 19
“Our home is sad and lonely
A light and joy has bled
But in a world all pure and bright
He lives, he is not dead”

Ellen A., 7/6/1843-10/29/1929; m. Edward Raffity


Alfred B., s/o Robert, d. Aug. 6, 1851, age 13

Henry, d. Oct. 23, 1844, age 59; m. Mercy; s/o Henry & Sarah Hall Reynolds
“Beloved in life lamented in Death”

John H., 1859-____; s/o Nathan Reynolds
Lucinda Sweet, w/o Nathan Reynolds & d/o Rev. Elnathan Sweet, b. May 29, 1829, d. Sept. 15, 1846
Martha Sweet, w/o Robert Reynolds, d. Aug. 15, 1838, age 40
Martha C., d/o Robert & Cynthia, d. Apr. 19, 1842, age 5m
Mercy, w/o Henry, d. Oct. 24, 1872, age 85
Nathan, b. June 17, 1821, d. Feb. 24, 1892; m. Sarah & Priscilla & Lucinda
Priscilla, d. 9/20/1837; m. Nathan Reynolds
Robert, d. April 16, 1842, age 47; m. Martha; s/o Gardner Reynolds
Sally, d/o Henry & Mercy, d. Dec. 13, 1826, age 18
Sarah Collins, w/o Nathan, b. Mar. 20, 1824, d. Apr. 5, 1873; m. Nathan Reynolds


Azariah, 1831-1917; m. Catharine Link; “Born in Athens, NY”
Catharine Link, 1838-1906; m. Azariah Rice; “Born in Nassau, NY”


Henry E., 1827-1897; m. Mary Jane Johnston
Jennie, 1861-1874
Mary Jane Johnston, 1827-1896; m. Henry E. Rider
William Johnston, d. 5/7/1856; “Born in Beaumont, England”


Arthur W., d. 7/5/1927
Kathryn, d. 11/9/1930


Clara Evelyn, d. 1/18/1914, 64y; d/o W.J. & C. E. Rogers
Clarissa Eveline Chapman, d. Sept. 4, 1884, age 70; m. Westerlo,
Horace Adelbert, d. June 2, 1886, age 42
Horace, d. Feb. 19, 1842 age 22
Westerlo J., d. Nov. 20, 1895, age 79; m. Clarissa Eveline Chapman


Addie Jenks, w/o Arthur Rose, d. May 14, 1886, age 21
Almira, w/o Daniel Rose, d. Nov. 14, 1841, age 41
Amanda Cranston, w/o Jonathan Rose, b. 1808, d. 1873; d/o Simon & Elizabeth Tanner Cranston
Amanda M., 1834-1915; d/o Jonathan & Amanda Cranston Rose
Amanda Sheldon, d. 9/3/1923, 86y5m; m. Henry Rose
Arthur H., 1864-1945; m. Esther S. Daboll
Corydon, 7/20/1839-12/21/1881
Dwight T., b. Mar. 2, 1842, d. Nov. 15, 1893; m. Phebe
Elizabeth, d/o Jonathan & Amanda b. 1828; d. 1895
Ernest E., s/o Dwight & Phebe Rose, b. June 12, 1872, d. Apr. 22, 1892
Esther S. Daboll, 1863-1929; m. Arthur H.
Eunice Gardner, w/o Orlando Rose, May 6, 1813-Feb. 22, 1892
Henry, 3/11/1836-3/14/1885; m. Amanda Sheldon
Jonathan, b. 1802, d. 1850; m. Amanda Cranston
L. Sheldon, b. Apr. 28, 1873, d. June 2, 1898; m. Maude E. Strevell
Marion R. Brown, b. 1913-____
Martha R. Brown, 9/23/1808-2/16/1870; m. Ralph Rose; d/o Daniel & Huldah Tanner Brown
Maude E. Strevell, 3/9/1878-1/7/1930; m. L. Sheldon Rose
Orlando, b. May 3, 1818-Feb. 18, 1892; m. Eunice Gardner
Phebe Horton, w/o Dwight Rose, d. Oct. 17, 1875, age 32
Ralph, 2/23/1809-3/18/1880; s/o Thomas & Abigail Rose; m. Martha R.
Ralph, b. 1875-____
Wm. H., s/o Jonathan & Amanda C. Rose, b. 1827; d. 1847
Willie E., d. 2/29/1872 (?); s/o Orasmus S. & Sarah M. Rose


Chester, d. 3/11/1892, 82y
Electa,;d. Mar. 11, 1892, age 82


Alanson, d. 6/16/1819, 27y; Removed from Sheldon Cemetery’
Alvia P.,
Clarissa, w/o Joseph, d. Mar. 12, 1843, age 47
Diadama, d. March 30, 1842, age 41

Elvira P., d/o Lansing & Waity, d. Sept. 14, 1842, age 7 mos.
Ezekiel, d. Sept. 11, 1855, age 75
Ezekiel, d. March 1, 1811, age 69
Howard, 8/9/1869-11/28/1871; “Our Darling”
Jemima, w/o Joseph, d. Apr. 14, 1842, age 74
John L., s/o John L. & Mehitabel, d. Nov. 24, 1846, age 2
John L., d. May 22, 1861, age 63
Joseph R., s/o John L. & Mehitabel, d. Jan. 12, 1856, age 6
Joseph, 3/17/1721-3/10/1786; m. Ruth Burdick; s/o Isaac & Susanna Potter Sheldon. Removed from Sheldon Cemetery

Lt. Joseph, d. Oct. 31, 1816, age 22
“His spirit’s wing’d from earth away
To relms of never fading day
To join the joyful Choir above
In praising God’s eternal love”

Joseph, d. Sept. 1813, age 51; m. Jemima; s/o Joseph & Ruth Burdick Sheldon

“Ah, what availed the healing art
And tears of friends to save
Till here at last the weary rest
From life’s unnumbered woes
No sorrows come to pain the breast
Nor break this sweet repose”

Lansing, d. Mar. 22, 1873, age 69; (Col.); m. Waty D.; s/o Joseph, Jr. & Jemima Carr Sheldon
Lucy, 8/17/1793-9/10/1794; d/o Stephen & Lucy Sheldon
“Fare well our lovely babe
We bid a short adieu” (Removed from Sheldon Cemetery)

Lydia, w/o Stephen, d. May 13, 1883, age 76
Lydia C., d/o Lansing & Waity, d. July 3, 1836, age1

Martha Eldridge, w/o Ezekiel, d. Mar. 17, 1857, age 62;
“Them also which sleep in Jesus, will God bring with him”

Mehitabel Sweet, w/o John L., d. Feb. 19, 1899, age 86
Phebe C., d/o John L., & Mehitabel, d. Dec. 21, 1857, age 10
Polly, d. Oct. 19, 1861, age 64; “Our Darling Auntie”
Ruth Burdick, 12/10/1737-12/9/1795; m. Joseph Sheldon; d/o Edward & Sarah Clarke Burdick. Removed from Sheldon Cemetery
Sarah M., d/o Lansing & Waity, d. Apr. 4, 1878, age 29
Stephen, d. Apr. 14, 1852, age 50; m. Lydia

Stephen Uberta, s/o Stephen & Lydia Sheldon, d. May 12, 1847, age 10y18d
“I’m happy now weep not for me
From sin sorrow and pain set free
I now repose on Jesus breast
A home of safety & of rest”

Thankful, w/o Ezekiel, d. Apr. 16, 1836, age 91
“I know that my Redeemer liveth”

Waity D., w/o Lansing Sheldon, d. Apr. 18, 1891, age 88

William, (Deacon)12/3/1756-7/27/1805; m. Anna Udell on 11/18/1779; s/o Benjamin & Anna Udell Sheldon
“Beneath this monumental stone
Lies sleeping in the silent dust;
The mortal dying part of one
Who made this living God his trust”
(Removed from Sheldon Cemetery)

Wm. L., s/o Lansing & Waity, d. Dec. 22, 1835, age 2


Daniel (Rev.), 1845-1908; m. Emma C. Wylie


Margaret A., w/o James Skineel, d. Aug. 31, 1871, age 19


Georgie Rider, w/o Richard Smith, d. Aug. 11, 1879, age 20; m. Richard H. Smith

Clarence A., 1897-1927
Henry W., 1854-1917; m. Mary C.
Henry Jr., 1885-1941
John, 1890-1955
Mary, 1881-1965
Mary C., 1856-1946; m. Henry W. Snell
Stephen C., 1891-1927
Walter A., 1893-1931


Elizabeth, 12/17/1782-7/13/1850; m. Richard Spencer; d/o Nathan Howard
Richard, 9/19/1780-3/26/1851; m. Elizabeth Howard on 11/14/1802; s/o Amos & Mercy Spencer


Emma H. Lapp, 1878-1953; m. Ralph W. Stearns
Ralph W., 1877-1922; m. Emma H. Lapp


Elsie Ruth Ilves, (nothing else)


Austin, d. 1824; m. Apalonia Douglas

Apalonia Douglas, b. 5/20/1892 d. Oct. 16, 1823;m. Austin Stowell; d/o Benjamin & Lois McKay Douglas

“Death mark’d her his prey in the bloom of youth
From his grasp, no kind angel could save
And innocence, meekness, religion & truth
All slumber in Apolonia’s grave”


Alvah L., d. Nov. 23, 1877, age 65; s/o Joseh S. & Susanna Youngs; m. Wealthy Alvira Daboll; “Gone but not forgotten”
Wealthy Alvira Daboll, d. Sept. 23, 1874, age 52; m. Alvah L. Swan; d/o Lathrop & Eliza Whiting Daboll; “She made home happy”


Charlie, d. 7/30/1884, 8m; s/o S.S. & Maggie Sweet
Charles R., 1853-1930
Charles S., d. Dec. 22, 1888, age 73; s/o Scranton & Mary Sweet; m. Rev. Elnathan Sweet
Chloe Cole, w/o Elnathan, b. Jan. 2, 1804, d. Mar. 7, 1872

Cornelia Carpenter, w/o Joshua B., d. May 21, 1842, age 45
“Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord”

David, d. Mar. 23, 1877, age 86y11m18d; s/o Elnathan & Mehitabel Rogers Sweet; m. Esther
David, Jr., d. Oct. 1, 1893, age 70; m. Sylvia E. ; s/o David & Esther Brown Sweet
Edgar, s/o Rufus, Jr. & Eunice, d. June 20, 1863, age 4
Elkanah, s/o Rufus, Jr. & Eunice, d. June 11, 1863, age 4

Elnathan, 1/1/1746-9/25/1819; m. Mehitable; s/o David & Mercy Sweet
Elnathan, d. May 24, 1842, age 72; m. Martha; s/o Elnathan & Mehitible Rogers Sweet
“His dying language was
I want to go and be with my Jesus”

Rev. Elnathan, b. Nov. 22, 1796, d. June 6, 1879; m. Chloe Cole; s/o Elnathan & Martha Brown Sweet
Emma, w/o Nathan, b. 1855, d. 1894; m. Nathan Sweet

Esther Brown, w/o David, d. Dec. 16, 1867, age 79
Eunice M. Bentley, 1836-1918; m. Rufus Sweet; d/o Melancton & Eliza Smith Bentley of Berlin, NY
Frances E. Brown, w/o Rufus, d. Apr. 1894, age 62
George P., s/o Mary & Rufus, d. Aug. 18, 1857, age 13
George W., d. 9/16/1842, 2y
Harry W., 4/10/1929-6/4/1973; m. Mary E. Williams
Ida May, d. 7/16/1864, 2y4m; d/o James & Janett Sweet
Ira Sylvester, d. 2/17/1867, 4m5d; s/o Ira R. & Phebe J. Sweet
Jennie Viola 1883-1904; d/o Stephen S. Sweet

Jonathan James Jr., 1818-1894; m. Martha D. Platt; s/o Jonathan James & Martha Green Sweet

Jonathan James, s/o Elnathan & Martha, d. May 16, 1808, age 5
Jonathan James, d. Feb. 28, 1828, age 51; s/o Elnathan & Mehitabel Rogers Sweet; m. Margaret
Jonathan J. Jr., d. May 19, 1815, age 8m; s/o Jonathan James & Margaret Sweet

Jonathan, s/o Rogers & Phebe, d. Sept. 5, 1817, age 1y8m
“Friends & physicians could not save
My dying body from the grave”

Joshua B., d., Feb. 1, 1860, age 59

Julietta, d/o Jonathan J. & Margaret, d. Sept. 29, 1824, age 16
“She’s gone her gentle spirit’s fled
She’s slumbering with her kindred dead
Thy cold earth presses on her breast
But guardian angels watch her rest”

Laura Ann, d/o Rev. Elnathan Sweet, b. Oct. 26, 1834, d. July 12, 1848
“My soul desired the first ripe fruit. Micah 7:1”

Margaret Green, w/o Jonathan J., d. June 23, 1834, age 54
“Lo, where this silent marble weeps
A friend, a wife, a mother sleeps
A heart within whose sacred cell
The peaceful virtues loved to dwell”

Mary Shaw, w/o Rufus, d. Aug. 22, 1857, age 46
Martha Brown, w/o Elnathan, d. Mar. 26, 1862, age 90

Martha D. Platt, w/o Jonathan J., d. June 22, 1879, age 56; d/o Henry & Martha Chapman Platt
Mehitabel Rogers, w/o Elnathan Sweet, d. Nov. 29, 1817, age 67; d/o Joseph & Margaret Webb Sweet
Mary Eliza, d. 1865-1941
Mary, d. 8/22/1857, 46y; m. Rufus Sweet; d/o Anthony & Dinah Smith Shaw
Mary E. Williams, d. 4/7/1934; m. Harry W. Sweet
Mercy M., d/o Mary & Rufus, d. Aug. 10, 1857, age 20
Nathan D., s/o David, Jr. & Sylvia, d. Aug. 6, 1888, age 39; m. Emma; “Peacefully at rest”
Nathan J., d. 2/28/1828, 51y
Patience, d/o Sylvester & Sarah B., d. Aug. 2, 1870, age 54
Phebe D., w/o Elnathan, d. Aug. 10, 1880, age 76
Phebe Harrington, w/o Rogers, d. Nov. 15, 1842, age 64
Phebe, d/o Sylvester & Sarah B., d. Sept. 11, 1871, age 48; d/o Sylvester & Sarah Sweet
Rogers, d. July 1, 1817, age 40; s/o Elnathan & Mehitabel Rogers Sweet
Rufus, d. Oct. 15, 1858, age 29; m. Frances E. Brown; “We shall meet again in heaven”
Rufus, d. April 11, 1860, 84y; s/o Elnathan & Mehitabel Rogers Sweet
Rufus, 1833-1912; m. Eunice M. Bentley; s/o Rufus & Mary Shaw Sweet
Scranton, b. Feb. 10, 1777, d. Sept. 9, 1836
Scranton E., d. 10/25/1845, 4y10m4d; s/o Charles S. & Phebe A. Sweet
Stephen S., 1859-1941
Sylvester, d. Feb. 7, 1865, age 78; m. Hannah
Sylvia E., m. David Sweet; “We shall meet again”


Abel, 6/22/1762-6/2/1830; m. Lydia; s/o William & Deliverance Briggs Tanner (Rev. War Vet)
Adah Bouton, d. 3/15/1842, 54y; d/o Abel & Lydia Sweet Tanner
George Whitfield, s/o Dr. Cuyler & Nina Tanner, d. Jan. 9, 1826, age 5m
Lydia, 1/25/1764-3/7/1842; m. Abel Tanner; d/o Amos & Betsey Sweet
Lydia, d. Mar. 7, 1849, age 78
Russell, d. Oct. 18, 1817, age 17


Etola S., d. 6/27/1913


Mary G., d. Dec. 24, 1861, age 45
Peter, d. May 4, 1876, age 74


Clarence, s/o John F. & Cora M., d. 1900, age 6m
Delia C. Craver, 1843-1919; m. Hiel J. Tooley
Hiel J., 1835-1917; m. Delia C. Craver
John, 1866-1939


Wm., d. Oct. 13, 1865, age 54y7m21d; “Gone but not forgotten”


L. Maude Hall, 1879-1969; m. Samuel J. Tremblay
Samuel 1887-1943; m. L. Maude Hall


Nathan, d. Apr. 15, 1835, age 69; m. Rachel
“Lean not on death
It will pierce to the heart
A broken reed at best
But often times a spear
On its sharp point
Peace bleeds and hopes expire
But lean on Christ
Who was my support in death”

Rachel, w/o Nathan, d. July 15, 1822, age 40

Jane, d. Feb. 23, 1811, age 75; m. Lionel Udell

Lois, d. 1/7/1800, 28y; m. Samuel Udell
“The pains of childbirth
Was her end
The cause it did
From Eve descend”
Lois, d. age 2m 17ds
Mary, d. June 16, 1805, age 22 ds
Samuel, d. Jan. 7, 1800, age 29


Caleb S., s/o George & Mary, d. Nov. 1, 1862, age 18
George W., d. Apr. 17, 1875, age 60
George H., s/o George & Mary, d. age 19
Munon P., s/o George & Nancy, d. Aug. 28, 1861, age 3
Orvinza, s/o George & Nancy, d. Dec. 11, 1860, age 6


Angeline, w/o Arnold H. Wade, d. June 9, 1863, age 37
Arnold, d. July 12, 1859, age 28; m. Angelina
Arnold H., d. May 3, 1866, age 66; m. Patience S.
Eliza A., d. Sept. 1, 1864, age 24
Frances, d/o Arnold & Patience, d. Mar. 6, 1853, age 16
George H., d. Dec. 26, 1860, age 26

James W., d. Feb. 10, 1863, age 24
“I Shine in the sight of God
His image stamps by brow
While low underneath the silent sod
I reign glory now”

Mary E., d/o Arnold & Patience, d. June 15, 1850, age 8
Patience S., w/o Arnold H. Wade, d. Aug. 2, 1846, age 37; d/o Scranton Sweet
Scranton, s/o Arnold & Patience
“Died Nov. 11, 1864 at Hampton Hospital, Fortress Monroe, of wounds received at Chapin’s Farm near Richmond, Sept. 29, 1864, age 18”


Almira C., 4/4/1814-1/2/1890; m. Whitman R. Wells
Whitman R., (Deacon); 11/2/1815-2/2/1907; m. Almira C.


Ernest, 1873-1959; m. Sarah Harrington
Harold E., 1904-1981
Sarah Harrington, 1877-1957; m. Ernest Wemple


Edwin B., 1870-1945; m. Helen M. Sweet
Helen M. Sweet, 1867-1933; m. Edwin B. Wheeler


Sally Chittenden, d. 2/8/1840, 24y; m. rev. William Wilcox “To die is to go home”


Daisey, 9/2/1892-2/15/1985


Osborne G., 1912-1940
Rachel Aldrich Nichols, 1/24/1903-11/10/1984; d/o Charles & Mary Ann Morse Aldrich; WAAC & Cross, WWII”


Samuel, d. 3/11/1841, 63y


Ella M. Diehm, 1923-____
Harry G., 1927-____


Carrie, d/o Andrew & Christina, d. Mar. 3, 1882, age 10y11m26d
Christina Dean, w/o Andrew Wise, d. Jan. 11, 1873, age 19
Christina, d/o Andrew & Christina Wise, d. Jan. 11, 1884, age 11
George, s/o Andrew & Christina, d. Feb. 4, 1882, age 4
Luisa, d. 4/3/1875; infant; d/o Andrew & Mary Wise


Arvin, d. Mar. 29, 1841, age 76; m. Patience
Arvin, d. Nov. 8, 1847, age 43; s/o Arvin & Patience; “I would not live always”
Emma A., 1878-1965
Orlando G., d. Apr. 21, 1851, age 15
Patience Carr, d. Sept. 12, 1839, age 66; consort of Arvin Wood; d/o Caleb & Abigail Vary Carr
“There remaineth therefore
A rest to the people of God”

Weighty, w/o Nathan Wood, d. Nov. 25, 1822, age 78; “Formerly from Rhode Island”


Augusta L., 1849-1927; d/o J.J. & Martha Sweet Woodward


Caroline Gardner, 1814-1896; m. Nathaniel Wylie; d/o Caleb Jr. & Lydia Sweet Gardner
Nathaniel S., b. 1809-1891; m. Caroline Gardner; s/o Simeon & Polly Spring Wylie

Below are several pictures taken in the cemetery. Needless to say, they are a few of the hundreds of gravestones. Epitaphs are available from me by email for any of the pictures listed, and others not listed.









Anna G. Brown (Conklin) 1838-1908

Daniel Brown d. 3/?/1826 76 years of age

Mrs. Daniel Brown d. 24th October 1837 81y

Erastus Brown son of Mr. and Mrs. Erastus & Angelina Brown d. Dec. 13, 1826

Erastus Brown d. April 7, 1880 aged 84y

Closeup of the stone below

Joshua Brown d. November 21, 1846

Charles H. Brown b. April 12, 1834 d. Omaha January 26, 1897

Randall A. 3.31/1804-3/24/1806; Margaret Sweet w/o Randall d. 2/2/1854 47y; Margaret E. d. 3/14/1842 age 14y4m2d; Margaret A. d. 3/7/1846 1y7m28d; Susan C. d. 4/1/1844 5y9m2d; Lewis d. October 26, 1877 ag. 39y, child of Randall A. and Margaret

In Memory of Mrs. Martha Brown wife of Major Daniel Brown who departed this life March 29, 1813 in the 53rd year of her age

Children of Spencer Brown

Susannah Brown d. February 17, 1832 6y10m d/o A.B. and J.R. Brown

Susannah Brown d. May 15, 1840 53y

Captain Adam Brown 1772-1845
This monument is erected by his children to perpetuate the memory of the honour'd Father
Susannah (unreadable)

Thankful Edie Bailey 1821-1862
Abram Bailey 1812-1882
Our loved ones in Jesus sleep/And in heaven their spirits rest/Where all is well/Farewell loved ones, Farewell

Elkanah and Edgar Sweet

Henry Brown Osgood

Hannah Briton wife of Job Gardner who departed this life December 26, 1781 in the 18th year of her age

Henry Douglas Osgood and Susan H. Osgood

Epitaphs for some of the people whose gravestones are above
Deacon Isaac Newton
"He is not here"
Almira Kittel Newton
"She hath gained the victory"
Martha Ann
Daughter of
Isaac & Almira Newton
Died July, 3, 1832
Aged 12y 3mo 19d
Minnie F. Carpenter
Alton Carpenter
Duane H. Newton
b. April 17, 1852 d. June 6, 1929
Fanny C. Saunders his wife d. 1888 (?)
Alice M. Carr wife of DHN (Duane H. Newton) born August 3, 1871 died March 18, 1952 In Memory of Anna Kittel, daughter William Kittel (the rest is unreadable) Susanna Kittell, wife of William
d. August 12, 1827
"Blessed are the dead
Which die in the Lord"
William Kittel 1760-1830
"Therefore be ye also ready for in such an
hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh"
Elizabeth Hall) Briggs dtr. of Benoni Hall and Elizabeth Gardner Hall (another researcher states that her name was Elizabeth Jones, d/o Josiah Jones & Sarah Place)
b. Nov. 25, 1755 d. Oct. 12, 1838 (Error in the caption on the picture)
Cary Briggs d. January 12, 1837 age 84yrs.
Benoni Briggs d. February 24, 1853 68y7m24d Married twice, both to Mercys
Son of Cary Briggs
Mercy Briggs wife of Benoni Briggs Deacon Edward Carr 1753-1845
"This stone erected by three eldest daughters of Spencer Carr"
(Deacon Edward is buried in the middle of seemingly all of his wives - I believe that there were six)
Margaret Carr, wife of Deacon Edward Carr, departed this life August 19, 1836 in the 71st year of her age. (b. 6/14/1766 Mary, wife of Deacon Edward Carr
1752-1806 in the 54th year of her age
"Well, to meeting she did go
Sung praises with the
Saints below. Rose in
prayer as we did see and
God took her home to
praise him eternally."
Mary B. Kittel, wife of Allen Kittel
d. 10/30/1800 20yrs Meraba Carr 1785-1817
"Well to meeting she did go
The Lord did take her from
The Church below
Her last words she did say
I'll follow Christ all my day
Benjamin Kittel 1797-1862
"Dearest father thou has left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel
But tis God that hath bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal"
Electa (Tyler) wife of Benjamin Kttel
died June 8, 1844
aged 44 years 1 mo. 2 days
"Sign not for me, your tears refrain
What you call loss to me is gain
I've pass'd the gulf, the danger's oer
My soul has reach'd the Heavenly shore"
"Elizabeth Kittel, wife of William Kittel d. May 21, 1840 in the 55th year of her age."
Eunice and Stephen B. Kittell
1780-1866 --- 1787-1872
George W. Kittel
son of B & E Kittel
died August, 1851 aged 11 years
Elijah Arnold
died December 22, 1875
Peleg Carr, son of Deacon Edward and Eleanor Carr
Daughter of Deacon Edward and Eleanor Carr
David Sweet d. May 23, 1877 86 yrs 11 mos 18d Esther Sweet
Died Dec. 16, 1867
William Kittel
"Therefore be ye also ready for in such an
hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh"
Lois McKay Douglass
"Go home my friends wipe off your tears
Here I must lie till Christ appears"
Lois Douglas Hull
"Was a member of the Baptist Church
She lived the life of the righteous
She fell asleep in full expectation
of a Blessed immortality"
"William Douglas, Jun., esq.
Who died professing his entire belief
(beleif on stone) in the Christian Religion of it's devine ember (?)
in Dec. 13, 1821 age 54 years."
(son of William and Lois McKay Douglas)
William B. Douglas

"Faith beholds the dying here
Transported to a glorious sphere"
William Douglas Jr.
Hannah Cole Douglas
William has a very long epitaph, which is below.
"This monument
is erected to perpetuate the memory of
Eli Douglas
who died Sept. 4, 1840
age 20 years"
Betsey Camel Douglas 1794-1823
"By faithful continuance in well doing she
sought for glory and Honor and Immortality
Lucy Rose Douglas 1783-1806
"Guardian angels gather round and watch this virtuous sleeping clay"
Margaret Douglas 1776-1833 "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord" Wife of William Nancy Douglas, daughter of William and Margaret Douglas died Dec. 1st, 1841 in the 36th years of her age Hannah Cole Douglas, daughter of William and Margaret Douglas b. Sept. 23, 1791 d. March 17, 1808 16 yrs 6 mos.
Hannah Douglas 1741-1795 "Dear friends be wise tis time to know
The fading state of things below
Let every moment as it flies
Direct your thoughts above the skies"
Henry T. Douglas
September 28, 1813
October 18, 1888
Son of Mirah Dibble and William Benjamin Douglas
Memory of Mariam Douglas wife of Wm. Douglas
who died September 1, 1796 (can't read age)