Hillside Cemetery is located on Fire Tower Road in Stephentown, NY. It is a very well kept cemetery, which is terraced, which gives it the name HILLSIDE. I found it well kept and easily accessible. Stones date from 1817 to the present.
The gravestones pictured here are but a few of the hundreds. They were taken in August, 2003 by me. Tramping through this particular cemetery was tough on these old legs, but after seeing so many of the names in print (and being related to many) it was a great experience.
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Below is a full transcription of the Hillside Cemetery. Many thanks to Bill Zimmerman from the Stephentown Historical Society. who provided the original survey. This survey was done in 1985 by Elizabeth W. McClave.

The transcription is in alphabetical order. I also have a plot plan and if you wish to know where a specific person is buried, email me and I will send you the location of their grave.

I will be adding pictures to the site, and ask that anyone who might have photos of graves in Hillside to please send them to me.


Agnes M. McGill, 1859-1924; m. Jestin A. Adams
Alma L., 1918-____; m. Frank Adams
Armina E. Bateman, 1/20/1841-10/16/1915; m. Jestin H. Adams
Betsey Whiting, 1811-1889; m. Ira Adams

Charity A., d. 1/21/1884, 48y1m22d;
“When the silver moon’s lure wiled us
From the faces of our own
Oft we fear their love has failed us
And we tread our path alone
We should see them, here and truly
We should trust them, day by day
Neither love, nor praise unduly
If the mists were burned away”

Charles E., d. 1872?
Edith H., 1918-1918; d/o Horace Adams
Edith M. Saxby, 1866-1939; m. Horace F. Adams
Elizs T., d. 7/15/1854, 54y
Elihue, d. 10/23/1843, 75y; m. Jehoaddan
Frank H., 1916-1979; m. Alma L.
Hazel G., 1895-1977; m. Osborn G. Adams
Herbert D., 5/1884-1956; m. Mabel M. TenEyck; s/o Horace & Edith M. Saxby Adams
Herman D., d. 5/27/1872, 5y8m1d; s/o J.H. & A.E. Adams
Horace F., 5/1863-1930; m. #1 Edith M. Saxby; #2 Mildred; s/o Jestin & Armina Adams
Ira, 1811-1895; m. Betsey Whiting
Isaiah, d. 7/6/1940; s/o Joel & Elsey Adams
Jehoaddan, d. 3/5/1844, 80y; m. Elihue Adams
Jestin A., 1855-1931; m. Agnes M. McGill
Jestin H., 11/1836-____; m. Armina E. Bateman (birth date found on 1900 Nassau census)
Joel, d. 5/3/1858, 49y7m

Joel E., d. 11/10/1876, 44y; m. Elsey
“Cease weeping friends, your tears are in vain
For this is my eternal gain
Weep not for me, dry up your tears
For here I sleep till Christ appears”

Infant, d. July 1841; child of Joel and Elsey Adams
Mabel M. Ten Eyck, 1890-1908; m. Herbert D. Adams
Maria, d. 5/13/1837, 25y
Mildred, 2nd wife of Horace Adams
Nathan, 1842-1862
Osborn G., 8/1895-1965; m. Hazel G.; s/o Horace & Edith M. Saxby Adams
Rosa, 1880-1905; d/o Jestin A. & Agnes M. Adams


Alice M. Smith, 2/29/1888-6/28/1929; m. Ernest Alderman
Anna, 1898-1957; m. Ernest Alderman
Arvella Antonette Coleman, d. 6/19/1886, 33y7m20d; m. Charles Alderman
Asa, d. 7/24/1879, 37y
Bertie, d. 5/17/1880, 15m; s/o Zopher & Clara Alderman
Caroline M., 1853-1925; m. C. A. Alderman
Casper G., 1890-1960
Charles, 1851-1929; m. Arvella Antonette Coleman
Charles Henry, d. 5/3/1885, 13y1m12d
Clara V. Williams, 3/7/1853-10,28/1930; m. Zopher Alderman
David, d. 11/3/1893, 66y
David, no other information
Edmund J., 6/2/1880-1/24/1949; NY Pfc., 44 Arty, Cac; WWI
Ephraim, d. 3/24/1906, 87y; m. Malvina
Infant, d. 8/31/1873, 5d; s/o Ephraim & Malvina Alderman
Ernest, 1879-____; m. Anna
Flora, 1900-____; m. Casper G. Alderman, his 2nd wife
Ida J. Pomeroy, 1857-1930; m. Wilson M. Alderman
Irving A., 1875-1907; s/o C.A. & A.A. Alderman
Malvina, d. 10/28/1881, 43y; m. Ephraim Alderman
Margaret E. Crosby, 1890-1919; m. Casper G. Alderman, his 1st wife
Mertin, 1897-1898; s/o E.H. & L. A. Alderman
Wilson M., 1859-1935; m. Ida J. Pomeroy
Zopher, 6/4/1849-1/30/1926; m. Clara V. Williams


John Burton, 3/5/1829, 3y; s/o John & Judath Allen
John Jr., (Rev.) d. 12/20/1829, 38y; m. Judath
Judath, d. 12/6/1837, 43y; m. Rev. John Allen


Sylvia K., 1897-1942


Delbert V., 12/18/1888-3/18/1976; m. Sarah E. Giles
Lena R., 1885-1940
Mercie A. Sheperd, 1860-1907; m. Winfield Andrews
Sarah E. Giles, 9/2/1880-12/26/1953; m. Delbert Andrews
Winfield S., 1860-1938; m. Mercie A. Sheperd


Almy, d. 12/10/1848, 74y; m. John Babcock

Charity Tifft, 5/19/1792-3/2/1838; m. Varnum M. Babcock on 4/4/1816; d/o John & Anna Tifft
“In peaceful quiet let this stone endure
A monument, a guard to keep the dead
What hand defaces—be thenceforth impure
A servant of corrupted heart and head”

John Babcock, d. 11/28/1835, 66y; m. Almy
Lawrence, 1895-1899
Vesta Marie, 1892-1985


Marguerite, 1905-____; m. William G. Bachteler
William G., 1895-1964, Marguerite


Hazel D. Rathbun, b. 12/11/1908-2008; m. Ralph T.
Barrett, 1868-1927
Ralph T., 9/5/1909-5/5/1985; m. Hazel D. Rathbun


Amanda A., 5/22/1851-1/22/1864
Esther, 1906-1985; m. Sterling R. Bateman
George W., 3/10/1839-8/30/1919; Co. E, 125th R. NY Vols; s/o Horace & Sarah Odell Bateman
Lucinda A. Sterling, 1862-1947; m. H.R. Sterling, Jr.
Sarah Ann Odell, 4/29/1815-5/4/1903
Sterling R., 1896-1957; m. Esther


Charles Herbert, 3/18/1903-5/22/1979; m. Judith Anderson
Judith Anderson, 3/11/1901-____; m. Charles Herbert Bauer


Edith Gajek, 1897-1985; m. Thedor J. Bauman
Ilse, 1925-____; d/o Theodor & Edith Gajek Bauman
Theodor J., 1886-1950; m. Edith Gajek


Frank H., 1894-1958; m. Rachael N.
Laura M., d. 8/26/1984; d/o Timothy I. & Nancy Beach of Philadelphia, PA
Rachael N., 1899-____; m. Frank H. Beach


Almeran, 1/27/1849, 17d; s/o Joseph & Eliza Belknap
Eliza A., d. 10/11/1856, 40y8m; m. Joseph Belknap
Jane, d. 8/13/1870, 75y3m; m. Naham Belknap
Joseph, d. 2/27/1904, 91y4m; m. Eliza A.
Lewis, 3/10/1842-6/29/1899; m. Sophia
Mary Wheeler, d. 10/17/1887, 63y; m. Joseph Belknap
Miranda, d. 9/16/1854, 18y2m; d/o Naham & Jane Belknap

Naham, d. 11/13/1853, 74y; m. Jane
“Dear friends who come to mourn and weep
Gaze at the tomb where I now sleep
Prepare for death for you must die
And be entombed as well as I”

Sophie, d. 7/2/1872, 24y; m. Lewis Belknap
Stephen, d. 10/3/1858, 24y4/11


Steve, 1883-1961


Lucinda E., 1933-1986 (temporary marker)


Albert, d. 7/4/1857, 9m; s/o Clark D. & Sarah Bentley
Emeline, 3/29/1852-3/25/1855; d/o Clark & Sarah M. Bentley
Emeline E., d. 11/28/1853, 10m; d/o Clark D. & Sarah Bentley
Palmyra, d. 4/12/1839, 46y; m. James Bentley; d/o William & Amy Manwaring
Sarah M., d. 8/26/1851, 3m; d/o Clark & Sarah Bentley


Flora Carrier, 10/5/1863-2/2/1887; m. Charles Bloomingdale


Phyllis Mercedes, 7/9/1942-12/17/1943; d/o Mercedes Pratt Bogart


Samuel Alfred, 10/4/1901-6/21/1956; NY Pvt. US Marine Corp; WWI


Christina Starks, 1850-1920; m. Sylvester H. Bradway
Donna Lynn, 10/25/1950-1/13/1951; d/o Sylvester & Marjorie Bradway
Elijah G., 11/22/1840-2/1/1919; m. Sarah A.
Gertrude E. Goodermote, 1898-1981; m. Sylvester H. Bradway
Humphrey, shot 12/1/1887, 7y; s/o William H. & Louisa Bradway
Louisa M., 1857-1889; m. William H. Bradway
Sarah A., 1/9/1840-6/6/1898; m. Elijah G. Bradway
Sylvester H., 1891-1930; m. Gertrude E. Goodermote
Sylvester J., 3/4/1924-5/18/1975; Pvt. US Army


Daniel, 3/13/1784 E. Haddam, Conn.-12/1/1865; d/o David & Rachel Smith Brainard; m. Lucinda Bangs
Daniel C., 2/27/1833-10/15/1858; s/o Daniel & Lucinda Coleman Brainard
Eliza Dibble, 1/27/1833-10/15/1858, 25y; s/o Daniel & Lucinda Coleman Brainard
Emma J. Cummings, 1883-1952; m. Herbert F. Brainard
Everett I., 1905-1927
Frank C., 1855-1911; m. Nettie Evans; s/o Daniel C. & Louise Carrier Brainard
Herbert F., 1881-1958; s/o Frank & Nettie Evans Brainard
Isaiah S., 1/23/1849-5/2/1915; m. Eliza Dibble & Clara E. Whitman Jolls
Lucinda Coleman, d. 8/20/1884, 83y; m. Daniel Brainard; d/o Calvin & Elizabeth Bangs Coleman
Nettie Evans, 8/15/1861-1936; m. Frank C. Brainard
Phipps Waldo Lake, 10/18/1837-2/15/1842; s/o Daniel & Lucinda Brainard


Charles, m. Matilda Goss
Frank, 1881-1930; m. Lucy M. Brown
John, 3/22/1851-5/19/1926; m. Mary E. Schumann
Lucy M., 1863-1922; m. 1st Mr. Lebarron & 2nd Frank Brown
Martha V., 1836-1918; m. William H. Brown; d/o George & Zillah
Mary E. Schumann, 3/31/1858-11/3/1931; m. John Brown
Matilda Goss, m. Charles Brown
William H., d. 1/1/1885, 58y8m; m. Martha V.; “Asleep in Jesus”


Esther Geerholt,; m. George A. Butler
George A., 12/6/1906-5/11/1986; m. Esther Geerholt; Pfc. US Army, WWI


George W., d. 6/14/1842, 34y1m3d
William W., d. 5/17/1842, 3m1d; s/o G.W. & Sally Carpenter


Caroline D., d. 11/9/1852, 21y; m. James Carr
Ezra, 1864-1989; s/o Erastus & Mary Kittle Carr; m. Mary M. Green
Hannah, d. 2/25/1857, 26y; m. James Carr
Infant, d. 5/15/1850, 1d; s/o James & Caroline D. Carr
Luella, 1891-1891; d/o Ezra & Mary Carr
Mary M. Green, m. Ezra Carr
Maud, 2/15/1887-4/5/1889; d/o Ezra & Mary Carr


Abia Churchill, 8/30/1757-4/20/1834; m. Amaziah Carrier; d/o Samuel Churchill
Alcena Tifft, d. 3/9/1892, 63y; 2nd wife of John G. Carrier
Amaziah, 7/17/1754 Colchester, Conn.-12/25/1832; m. Abia Churchill; s/o Amos & Phebe Kneeland Carrier
Amaziah, 5/10/1828(?)-1/9/1872; m. Hannah Sophia Turner; s/o John & Eunice Carrier
Ann Jane, 1/3/1827-4/5/1846; d/o Samuel & Submittance Greenman Carrier
Benjamin G., 9/14/1818-12/7/1845; m. Nancy Johnson; s/o Samuel & Submittance Carrier
Benjamin R., d. 9/7/1864, 21y8m17d; s/o Benjamin G. & Nancy Carrier
Daniel S., d. 9/12/1866, 46y8m4d; s/o John M. & Eunice Smith Carrier; m. Phebe Ann
Dewitt, 1/1/1839-1/29/1899; s/o Samuel & Submittance Greenman Carrier
Emily Elvira, d. 2/16/1819, 1y9m8d; d/o John M. & Eunice Carrier
Eunice Smith, 9/10/1800-7/5/1888; m. John M. Carrier
Florence I., 1863-1949; related to Amaziah C. Carrier
Francelia E., 1851-1913; related to Amaziah C. Carrier
George W., d. 7/3/1856, 4y9m14d; s/o John G. & Nancy S. Carrier
Hannah Sophia Turner, 7/30/1835(?)-1/9/1926; m. Amaziah C. Carrier; d/o William Turner
John G., d. 9/1/1898, 71y; m. #1 Nancy S.; #2 Alcena Tifft; s/o John M. & Eunice Carrier
John M., 5/23/1796-8/22/1875; m. Eunice Smith; s/o Amaziah & Abia Churchill Carrier
Maveret H., d. 2/4/1867, 74y; unmarried; d/o Amaziah & Abia Churchill Carrier
Nancy Johnson, 9/23/1821-11/1/1900; m. Benjamin Carrier
Nancy S., d. 4/3/1882, 51y; m. #1 John G. Carrier; mother of Sarah L. Daboll
Phebe Ann, d. 6/30/1856, 26y10m14d; m. Daniel S. Carrier
Sarah A., d. 4/6/1846, 2m28d; d/o John G. & Nancy S. Carrier
Submittance Greenman, 6/10/1797-4/6/1850; m. Samuel C. Carrier; d/o Benjamin & Lydia Brown Greenman
Winfield Scott, d. 6/24/1843, 2y6d; s/o John M. & Eunice Carrier


Annie J., d. 8/30/1881, 28y11m23d; m. Elvin A. Casey
Elvin A., 1851-1918; m. Annie J.; s/o Martin G. & Surrenia Casey
Fred A., 1875-1904; s/o Elvin A. & Annie J. Casey
Georgie, d. 3/21/1888, 4y6m; s/o Silas & Lydia Casey
Glenn, 1894-1937
Henry R., d. Feb. 1863, 44y
Leland, 11/8/1876, 2y9m4d; s/o Elvin & Annie J. Casey
Lydia A., 1844-1921; m. Silas M. Casey
Martin G., 1813-12/28/1895, 82y6m; m. Surrenia
Martin L., 1852-1910; s/o Waldo L. & Mary(b. 1842)
Mary, 2/22/1878, 8y4m; d/o Silas M. & Lydia Casey
Orissa, b. abt. 1879
Silas M., August, 1842-1929; m. Lydia A.
Surrenia D., 1825-d. 1/30/1891, 70y22d; m. Martin G. Casey
Waldo L., 1826-1914; m. Mary (b. 1842)
Westburn H., 1877-1955; s/o Elvin A. & Annie J. Casey


Joyce E. Dickerson, 1931-____; m. Thomas R. on 12/28/1949
Thomas R., 3/11/1931-4/13/1983; m. Joyce E.


Ansel, 1797-1896; m. Lucy Coleman
J.B., 2/2/1802-5/26/1881; s/o Asa & Elizabeth Brainard Chapman
Lucy Coleman, 1797-1896; d/o John Jr. & Susannah Sproat Coleman
Martha C., d. 7/25/1873, 65y2m26d; m. Jedediah Chapman on 2/20/1828
Rosell, 1824-1900


William, d. 7/30/1842, 23y
Infant, d. 10/2/1834, 3m; s/o William & Clarinda Clark


Sarah U., d. 9/11/1848, 4y28d; d/o Lester J. & Sarah E. Cleveland


Allen B., 1839-1899; Veteran
Aurelia Hollis, 1857-1940; m. Willis C. Clifford
B., (no further information
Naomi, 1839-1919
Willis C., 1851-1917; m. Aurelia Hollis


Hattie L., 183-1933; m. #1 Samuel L. Cole; #2 Mr. Bauer
Lela M., 6/3/1882-11/24/1945
Samuel D., d. 4/24/1886, 30y; m. Hattie L.


Alena, 11/9/1885-7/29/1891; d/o Irving & Louise Coleman
Anna Vallet Dunham, 3/21/1813-8/7/1898; m. Rev. I.B. Coleman; d/o Isaac & Nancy Tifft Dunham
Calvin, d. 3/15/1834, 61y6m2d; m. Elizabeth; s/o John & Martha Coleman
Claude E., d. 3/26/1891, 5m15d; s/o I. DeWitt & Phebe Coleman
Deborah, 1835-1902; d/o Rowland & Elvira S. Coleman
Deborah Holden, d. 4/11/1863, 89y9m; m. Rowland Coleman
Edith May, 5/20/1861-3/10/1941
Elbert I., 12/13/1835-10/23/1878; m. Hannah S. Hollia; s/o Rev. I. B. & Anna Dunham Coleman
Eli B., d. 3/20/1872, 58y; s/o Samuel Coleman, 2nd
Ella, 5/8/1881-8/18/1881; d/o Irving & Louise Coleman

Elvira S. Chapman, d. 12/26/1882, 73y1m14d; m. Rowland Coleman, Jr.
“I would not love always, so welcome the tomb
Since Jesus has been there I dread not its gloom
There sweet be my dust till He bid me arise
To hail Him triumphant descending the skies”

Emmaretta Dibble, d. 10/26/1919, 87y; m. Horatio B. Coleman
Hannah S. Hollis, d. 12/26/1871, 36y11d
Horatio D., d. 7/1/1889, 58y; Co. E. 125th Reg. NY Vols
Isaiah Bangs (Rev), 5/7/1809-3/14/1883; m. Anna Dunham; s/o Calvin & Elizabeth Bangs Coleman
Infant, 1885-1886; s/o Irving & Louise Coleman
Infant, 1887-1887; s/o Irving & Louise Coleman
I. DeWitt Jr., 1865-1892; m. Phoebe J. Saxby
I. DeWitt (LT), 10/8/1837-6/16/1864, 26y; s/o Rev. I.B. & Anna Dunham Coleman; 125th Regt. NY Vols and “was killed in a charge near Petersburg, Va”
Irving R., 1856-1939; m. Louise E. Carr
John, d. 8/17/1826, 63y; s/o John & Martha Coleman; m. Susannah Sproat
John, 3/22/1730/1 in Malden, Mass.-2/7/1824; m. Martha Hasey on 2/19/1761 in Malden, MA; s/o John A. & Dorothy Upham
L. D., 12/11/1832-9/8/1864
Lillian, 2/9/1883-9/30/1883; d/o Irving & Louise Coleman
Louis Hollis, 4/7/1869; 1y7m8d
Louise E. Carr, 2/4/1857-1937; m. Irving R. Coleman; d/o Erastus & Mary Kittle Carr
Phoebe J. Saxby, 1869-1898; m. I. DeWitt Coleman, Jr.
Phebe S., 11/6/1783-7/12/1863; d/o John & Martha Hasey Coleman
Polly, d. 3/20/1833, 56y
Rowland, b. Thursday Jan 25, 1769 in Athol, MA-April 7, 1845; m. Deborah Holden; s/o John & Martha Hasey Coleman

Rowland Jr., d. 11/24/1873, 69y25d; m. Elvira S. Chapman
“His days and nights of distress
An weeks of affliction are o’er
He met with a happy release
And has gone to be troubled no more”

Sally Ann, d. 12/3/1866, 32y; m. Gennett Coleman
“Torn from thy family and home
Twas hard to yield thee to the tomb
Yet still we trust thou art at rest
Thy Saviour called His time is ….”

Samuel, d. 5/30/1841, 66y; m. Polly; so John & Martha Hasey Coleman
Susanna Sproat, d. 8/11/1830, 65y; m. John Coleman, Jr.


Sarah, d. Oct (stone damaged); m. Dexter Collins


Anna Frieda, 1885-1970; d/o Augusta E. dietz; m. 1st Mr. Eisel; #2 m. Henry M. Conover
Henry M., 1860-1970; m. anna Frieda Dietz Eisel


Lillian G., 1893-1979; d/o Charles Griffen; m. Walter Conway
Walter E., 1891-1970; m. Lillian Griffin
William J., 12/12/1895-3/17/1963; NY EM1, US Navy, WWI


Albert, 1894-____; m. Marion Goodermote
Floyd E., 1922-____; m. Margaret Pratt
Margaret Pratt, 1920-1964; m. Floyd E. Coonradt
Marion Goodermote, 1896-____; m. Albert Coonradt
Paul F., 1940-1953; s/o Floyd & Margaret coonradt


Aurelia M., d. 6/14/1868, 45y10m; m. Purdy Coons
Howard, d. 2/5/1863, 42y
Jacob, d. 10/13/1860, 79y; m. Mary Rowley
John L., d. 7/24/1880, 57y4m20d; m. Phebe A.
Leander, 1867-1910; m. Margaret L. Knapp
Lucy T., d. 4/8/1870, 4y11m; d/o John & Phebe Coons
Margaret L. Knapp, 1875-____; m. Leander Coons
Martin H., d. 4/14/1879, 45y; a veteran

Mary Jane, d. 10/31/1862, 37y9m; m. Seth H. Coons
“Lo here where oft the cypress weeps
A wife a tender mother sleeps
That Saviour whom she loved so dear
Has called her from a world of fear”

Mary Rowley, d. 11/12/1872, 84y; m. Jacob Coons
Purdy, 1/20/1817-4/12/1859; m. Aurelia Hollis; s/o Jacob & Mary Rowley Coons


Dorcas, d. 2/2/1833, 72y; m. Isaac Cowan


Alcena Medora, d. 2/7/1863, 12y1m18d
“She lived in the hearts of those who loved her
How oft she said while lingering here
It’s hard to part with parents dear
But God hath called and he knows best
Alcena Medora’s gone to rest”

Clark, 1805-1896; m. Josephine
George, d. 1/27/1880, 27y7m14d
Josephine, 1820-1899; m. clark Crandall


John L., Private Co. A, 95th NY Reg. Age 43 years
Liberty R., 2/12/1835-3/24/1897

Rebecca, d. 9/22/1861, 56y; m. Robert W. Crissey
“Her languishing head is at rest
It’s thinking is o’er
Her quiet immoveable breast
Is heaved by affliction no more”

Robert W., d. 7/30/1851, 51y; m. Rebecca


Adnah J., 12/25/1860-6/20/1928; m. Drusilla Shepard
Alma E. Carr, 1904-1973; m. #1 Lewis Willbrant; m. #2 Marcus Culver; m. #3 Orrin Meddaugh
Ascsah Ann, 1833-1890; m. James Culver
Benjamin T., 2/17/1842-4/6/1920; m. Hannah M. Kittel; s/o Levi Jr. & Betsey Chapman Culver
Betsey L. Chapman, 1/3/1808-10/8/1871; m. Levi Culver, Jr.
Drusilla L. Shepard, 9/21/1869-12/29/1948; m. Adnah J. Culver
Elias C., 1844-7/28/1863; m. Martha A. Snow; s/o Levi Jr. & Betsey
Emily Raymond, 1889-____; m. Warren Culver
Grace Griffen, 1896-1960; m. Morton Culver
Grant, 1865-1938; m. Lydia A. Coon; s/o James & Ashsah Ann Adams Culver
Hannah M. Kittle, 1/29/1841-11/21/1913; m. Benjamin T. Culver; d/o Francis & Lucinda Haley Kittle
James, 1830-1900; m. Ashsah Ann Adams Culver; s/o Levi Jr. & Betsey
Levi, d. 2/5/1862, 86y; m. Lydia Train
Levi Jr., d. 8/1/1868, 63y7m29d; m. Betsey L. Chapman
Lydia Train, d. 11/3/1866, 84y; m. Levi Culver
Lydia A. Coon, 1865-1929; m. Grant Culver
Manville, 1856-1859
Marcus Lionel, 2/15/1897-1965; m. Alma E. Carr; s/o Elias C. & Martha A. Snow Culver
Martha A. Snow, 1874-1904; m. Elias C. Culver; d/o Isaiah & Eudora Snow
Morton, 1894-1961; m. Grace Griffin; s/o Grant & Lydia A. Coon
Nettie M., d. 4/10/1885, 22y; m. George Culver
Samantha, 1854-1859; d/o Benjamin T. & Hannah Culver
Sherman, 9/23/1868-8/31/1870; s/o Benjamin T. & Hannah Culver


Elizabeth Williams, 1855-1922; m. Theodore Cummings
Theodore, 1842-1919; m. Elizabeth Williams; Co.E. 125 Reg. NY Vols. Inf.


Amos J., d. 5/19/1855, 25y; Co., E. 125th NYSV Civil War; Sgt.


Clark P., d. 12/29/1870, 39y9m28d; s/o Benjamin Daball, Sr.
Ethelyn S., 2/4/1873-3/5/1904; “Waiting”
George O., 4/2/1841-4/21/1895; m. Margaret White; s/o Leander & Lydia Tifft Daboll
George W., 2/18/1793-5/19/1838; m. Angelina Odell; s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth Daboll “Erected by Leander O. Daboll”
Mary E., d. 10/26/1858; d. Clark Daboll
Lafayette, d. 10/5/1857, 22y6m15d; s/o Benjamin Daboll, Jr.
Leander O., 2/4/1819-1/31/1892; m. Lydia A. Tifft; s/o George W. & Angeline Odell Daboll
Lydia A. Tifft, 1/20/1823-10/7/1868; m. Leander O. Daboll; d/o Sprague & Lydia Culver Tifft
Margaret White, 4/8/1846-9/17/1905; m. George O. Daboll
Sarah L. Carrier, 10/5/1850-7/27/1872; m. Wilmot C. Daboll; d/o John G. & Nancy Carrier


Andrew, 1856-1943; m. Lydia
Anna B. Zink, 3/20/1836-10/1/1917; m. Joseph M. Deamer
Arthur G., 1894-1895; “Our Darling”; s/o Edward & Sarah Deamer
Clinton B., 1907-1910; s/o Edward & Sarah Deamer
Cynthia, 1940-1944; d/o Clarence Deamer
Edward, 1866-1954; m. Sarah Wheeler
Elmer, 1896-1918; s/o Edward & Sarah Deamer
Esther, 1914-1921; d/o Edward & Sarah Deamer
Floid M., 1908-1908 (spelling OK)
Henry D., 8/14/1858-12/23/1928
Joseph M., 3/13/1834-2/8/1914; m. Anna B. Zink
Lawrence E., 1896-1958; m. Marie Stock
Lydia, 1857-1926; m. Andrew Deamer
Marie Stock, 1900-____; m. Lawrence E. Deamer
Pauline, 1911-1921; d/o Edward & Sarah
Ruth Oakley, m/ Wilbur G. Deamer
Sarah Wheeler, 1866-1954; m. Edward Deamer
Wilbur G., 5/12/1911-3/23/1984; s/o Edward & Sarah; m. Ruth L. Oakley
William, 8/30/1880-5/7/1916


Edward, 1891-1963; m. Floy C. Goodermote
Floy C. Goodermote, 1894-1970; m. Edward Deckett

Irene, d. 5/4/1892, 73y; m. Joseph Dennis
Joseph, d. 11/10/1877, 72y; m. Irene
Laura Ann,


Hannah, d. 3/2/1879, 48y


Lillian, 1917-1967; m. William
William, 1912-____; m. Lillian


Demetrius, d. 4/8/1880, 69y6m; m. Sarah
Sarah, d. 8/20/1903, 78y; m. Demetrius Dibble


Anna B. Zink, 5/20/1836-10/1/1917; m. Joseph M. Diemer
Joseph M., 3/13/1834-2/3/1914; m. Anna b. Zink


Augusta E., 1858-1939; mother of Anna Conover


Alphonzo M., d. 5/23/1850; 1m28d; s/o William & M.A. Dimond
Arlie, 1859-1935; m. Carrie Hoxie; s/o Nathan & Ruany Dimond
Carrie Hoxie, 1862-1937; m. Arlie Dimond; d/o William & Rachel Brainard Hoxie
Dimmis, d. 6/26/1847, 79y
Henry, 4/14/1805-8/18/1835
James R.,
Malvinia A., b. 1839; d. 1/21/1870, 59y9m6d; m. William Dimond
Marcus, d. 5/10/1860, 50y
Mary, d. 10/10/1847, 48y
Nathan V., b. 1839; m. Ruana Potter; s/o William & Malvinia A. Dimond
Sarah, d. 8/11/1840, 37y
William, d. 9/10/1886, 78y; m. Malvinia A.
William H.,


Betsey Moore, d. 9/13/1884, 72y; m. James Dodge
Danforth, 1872-1932; s/o Andrew & Eleanor Kittle Dodge; Co., E. 11 Inf. Sp. Amer. War
John, 2/6/1910-5/14/1974, Pvt. US Army; Betsey Moore Dodge was his grandmother


Catharine, 1904-1971


Andrew Hamilton, 1831-1906; m. Sarah Mills; s/o Halsey & Deborah Coleman Doty
Clinton Dewitt, 7/11/1828-4/23/1901; m. Harriet Larkin; s/o Halsey & Deborah Coleman Coty
Deborah Coleman, d. 3/27/1883, 83y1m23d; m. Halsey Doty; d/o Rowland & Deborah Holden Coleman
Edwine Erastus, 6/7/1841-4/10/1845, 3y10m3d; s/o Halsey & Deborah Coleman Doty

Emeline O., d. 3/26/1863, 2y4m18d
“Those lips now sealed by death’s cold hands
All sung about that happy land
Dear little Emma tuned her song
To chant with those already gone”

Evalina D. G., d. 6/25/1868, 5y1m/ d/o Clinton D. & Harriet L. Doty
“But stop those tears and cease to flow
Twas a kind Father dealt the blow
Was ere such loan to mortals given
For shining angels safe in heaven”

George Washington, 1/21/1823-10/13/1870; s/o Halsey & Deborah Coleman Doty
Grace Estelle Carrier, 6/10/1865-11/9/1939; m. William Edwin Doty; d/o Amaziah & Hannah Sophia Turner Carrier
Halsey, 4/15/1793-2/28/1857; m. Deborah Coleman; s/o William & Ruth Holmes Doty
Harriet Larkin, 1832-1933; m. Clinton D. Doty
Lucinda Mills, 5/23/1838-6/5/1895; m. A.H. Doty
Malinia DeGrasse, 6/1/1799-2/19/1871; d/o William & Ruth Holmes Doty

Malinia E., d. 9/22/1856, 1y3m5d; d/o Clinton D. & Harriet L. Doty
“The Saviour’s taken from us
The treasure he had given
Oh how sweet the consolation
That an angel’s gained in Heaven”

Martha E., 1/1/1859-8/20/1881; d/o Andrew H. & Sarah M. Doty

Orville A., d. 2/11/1856, 2y9m22d; s/o Clinton & Harriet Doty
“Farewell little Orville our tears
Could not save
But twas hard to give up thy
Dear form to the grave
But thou was’t too lovely for
This world of tears
Then why should we mourn
Or wish for thee here”

Rachel Ely, 1895-1969; m. Vernon A. Doty
Sarah Mills, 1833-1868; m. Andrew H. Doty
Vernon A., 1888-1968; m. Rachel Ely
William Edwin; 1863-1938; m. Grace Estelle Carrier


Daniel, 1883-1965; m. Theresa
Theresa, 1881-1923; m. Daniel


Clarinda, 3/5/1829-9/4/1898
Cynthia White, 1824-1907
Delmar W., 461836-7/3/1863; 125 Regt. NYS Vols; “Who fell at the Battle of Gettysburg”
Harry, 11/28/1798-10/3/1850; s/o Isaac Sr. & Priscilla Dunham; m. Lucy Vary
Hiram, d. 5/17/1872, 70y9m24d; m. Louis Coleman
Isaac, Jr., d. 7/4/1870, 82y4m11d; s/o Isaac Sr. & Priscilla Dunham; m. Nancy
Lewis W., d. 1/22/1845, 9y9m; s/o William D. & Caroline Dunham
Lois Coleman, d. 9/14/1893, 91y; m. Hiram Dunham; d/o John Jr. & Susanna Sproat Coleman
Margaret Eliza Lester, 1835-1917; m. Willett V. Dunham
Nancy Tifft, 4/21/1790 at Lebanon, NY – 11/9/1844; m. Isaac Dunham; d/o John & Anna Vallett Tifft
Silas D., d. 4/24/1829, 1y4m; s/o William D. & Caroline Dunham
Willett V., 1834-1917; m. Margaret Eliza; s/o Harry & Lucy Dunham
William Van Rensselaer, 1/28/1847, 17y; s/o William D. & Caroline Dunham


Abigail, 3/4/1826, 53y; m. Silas Dutcher
“Dear friends who live to mourn and weep
Behold the tomb wherein I sleep
Prepare for death as you must die
And be entombed as well as I”


John, 1904-1975; m. Mabel
Mabel, 1908-____; m. John


Fayette, 1902-1973


Carrie A., d. 3/14/1880, 21y10/11m; m. J.H. Enos; only d/o Ianthus A. & Emily E. Bateman
Emily E. Carrier, 7/13/1824-12/15/186; m. Henry Enos
Henry Clay, 1/31/1844-2/23/1847; s/o James P. & Olive Chapman Enos
James C., 7/10/1822-3/29/1908
Infant, b. & d. 8/12/1846; s/o James C. & Emily E. Enos
James H., 3/25/1851-5/1/1917; m. Carrie A.
James P. (Rev.), 11/25/1799-8/24/1876; m. Olive Chapman
Joseph, d. 6/12/1835, 76y
Louisa A. Carrier, 3/22/1833-5/20/1920; m. James C. Enos; s/o John M. & Eunice Smith Carrier, widow of Daniel C. Brainard
Mary, d. 4/21/1820, 12y; d/o Joseph & Thankful Enos
Olive Chapman, 8/12/1799-10/9/1878; m. James C. Enos; d/o Asa & Elizabeth Brainard Chapman
William, d. 4/9/1817, 19y; s/o Joseph & Thankful Enos


Addie, d. 7/17/1891, 45y; m. Henry Ernest
Henry, d. 9/18/1899, 61y; m. Addie; Civil War Vet


Carrie, 11/18/1892-2/25/1893; d/o George W. & Martha Evans
George W., 1853-1914; m. Martha Adams


Mary A., 1843-1941


Chester E., b. 1895-12/5/1923; Pvt. 1st Class, 71 Inf. NY Div. (On same stone as Harry D. Thayer (WWI)


C. Edward, 1855-1908


Fanny, 1884-1967; m. John H. Frese
John H., 1882-1938; m. Fanny


Howard F., 1/4/1928-5/12/1983; m. Jean E. on 12/24/1946; SI, US Navy WWII
Jean E., 1927-____; m. Howard F.


Sarah, 11/10/1767-8/6/1852; m. Joseph Gannett


D.M., 9/17/1835-5/31/1892; “Erected by Nassau Council No. 22 of the A.P.A.”


Anna B., 5/3/1867-6/19/1944
Coonradt, 1831-1908; m. Margaret
Edward L., 1869-1957; m. Martha
George W., 1881-1955; m. Lillian M. Alderman
Harold James, 10/23/1923-7.28/1944; NY Pvt. 2 Inf. 5 Div., WWII
Irving E., 1885-1969; m. Lena M. Kelleyhouse
Lena M. Kellyhouse, 1892-1935; m. Irving E. Geerholt
Lillian M. Alderman, 1885-1970; m. George H. Geerholt
Margaret, 1831-1903
Martha, 1880-1947
Nicholas, 1855-1939; m. Rachel Starks
Rachel Starks, 1860-1932; m. Nicholas Geerholt
Ralph E., 1919-1920


Clark, 1805-1845
John N., 1831-1862; s/o Clark & Josephing Gibson; Co. A. 31 Mass. Inf. Civil War


Alfred, 1845-1916; m. Emily; Co. 9, 1st NY Sharpshooters, Civil War
Amanda B., 11/4/1897-7/12/1986
Emily, 1844-1926; m. Alfred Gile
Henry, 1922-1986; Pvt. US Army WWII
Malcolm, 1871-1923
Obed F., 9/3/1882-11/29/1956
Robert, d. abt. 4 years; s/o Obed Gile


Dorothy M., 1918-1936
Elizabeth S. Starks, 1863-1900; m. Julius J. Goodermote
Floyd N., 1894-1962; m. Margaret Kells
Grace Bernard, 1894-1965; m. Raymond Goodermote
Julius J., 1859-1942; m. Elizabeth S. Starks
Margaret Kells, 1901-____; m. Floyd N. Goodermote
Raymond, 1891-6/22/1974; m.Grace Bernard


Anna M., 1900-1966; mother of Daniel Goodrich
Daniel, 1940-1960; s/o Anna M. Goodrich


Edward D.,
George C.W.,
Prudence, 12/11/1831, 75y; m. Reuben Goss
Richard M., 1907-1960


Anna L.
Anna r. Glazier, 1872-1952; m. H. Earl Green
Fisher A., 1944-1920; m. Nettie Crape; Hosp. Stewd, 91 NY Inf.;
Frank A., 1867-1872
Hattie E.,
J. Osborn, 1857-1893; m. Jennie L. doty
Jennie L. Doty, 1861-____; m. J. Osborn Breen
Mary E., 8/12/1815-5/11/1868
Maud, 1877-1879
Nettie Crape, 1844-1919; m. Fisher A. Green
Oliver, d. 7/22/1891, 54y; NY Vols; Civil War
Sadie Enos, 9/1891-7/26/1931
W.L., 1853-1923
Walter, 1875-1945


Caroline E. Dean, 1838-1915; m. Jeremiah Greenman; d/o Roswell & Sally Ann Kittle Dean; granddaughter of Mary Turner
Jeremiah, 1832-1909; m. Caroline E. Dean; s/o Russell Dorr Greenman & his 2nd wife Lydia Minor
Augusta, 1864-1916; d/o Daniel & Priscilla Griffin
Charles, m. Evaline; s/o Daniel & Priscilla Griffin
Daniel, 2/12/1829-3/4/1884; s/o Harvey & Dolly Brainard Griffin
Dolly Brainard, 8/22/1791-East Haddam, Conn – 3/18/1876; d/o David & Rachel Smith Brainard
Elford, 1851-1920; s/o Daniel & Priscilla Griffin
Evaline, 1867-1903; m. Charles Griffin
Flora, 1861-1940; m. Franklin Griffin
Franklin, 1856-1899; m. Flora
Gladys K., 1895-1975; m. Lewis V. Griffin
Harvey Lester, 11/12/1790-9/22/1859; s/o Stephen & Hannah Howard Griffin; m. Dolly Brainard
Hattie, 1854-1885; m. Elford Griffin
L. Harrison, 1882-1956; s/o Franklin & Flora Griffin
Lewis V., 1895-1983; m. Gladys K.

Mary Elizabeth, 8/11/1826-7/18/1846; d/o Harvey L. & Dolly Griffin
“Her parents mourn a daughter dear
As she lies mouldering in the clay
But we’re in hopes with her to reign
In Heaven on the judgment day”

Miranda White, 10/19,1821-6/5/1879; m. Stephen Griffin d/o Jacob & Prissa White
Palmyra, 5/16/1816-5/27/1824; d/o Harvey & Dolly Griffin
Priscilla, 1828-1900; m. Daniel Griffin
Stephen F., 12/20/1819-3/25/1882; m. Miranda White; s/o Harvey & Dolly Griffin
Susan, 1869-1943; m. Elford Griffin
Vesta, 1866-1946


Frederica Launt, 4/12/1904-4/1994
Henrietta Burr, 1884-1969; m. Jesse B. Haley
Jane H., 1926-1926
Jesse B., 1874-1937; m. Henrietta Burr


Alice M., 1884-1918
Celestia A. Griffin, d. 5/13/1900, 55y; m. L.A. Hall
Edwin, 1883-1919; m. Marietta
Esther Shepard, 1920-____; d/o Lloyd & Jennie Shepard
George W., 6/23/1941-5/27/1986; “At Peace At Last”
Gladys Deamer, 8/2/1912-_____
John W., 1852-1925
Leland, 8/15/1904-10/10/1971; NY Tec 5, 156 9 Ordinance, WWII
Marietta, 1884-1943; m. Edwin Hall


Joseph, “Was Killed August 8, 1856 in his 18th year”


Rachel Snow, 1812-1892; m. John Harrington


Henry, 1874-1954; m. Ollie
Ollie, 1878-1925; m. Henry Harris


George, 9/29/1920-3/17/1985; m. Grace Haver
Grace Haver, 9/2/1924-____; m. George Hartzell


Frank B. 1871-1916; m. Lena F.
Lena F., 1874-1955; m. Frank B. Harvey
Harriet E. Dymond; 1883-1939


Abbie C. Rathbun, 1881-1950; m. Philip Hoffman
Calvin P., 1848-1920; m. Margaret
Grace, 1/3/1875-9/28/1952; m. John Hoffman
John, 6/28/1873-12/16/1961; m. Grace
Margaret, 1949-1934; m. Calvin P. Hoffman
Philip, 1888-1959; m. Abbie C. Rathbun


Emma J. Betts, 1839-____; m. James Hogeboom
Estella, 1861-1863; d/o James & Emma Hogeboom
James, 1834-1918; m. Emma J. Betts
Jane A., d. 10/9/1893, 80y
William A., 1865-1889; s/o James & Emma Hogeboom


C. Guy, 1882-1912
Caroline Cob, d. 4/6/1888, 88y; m. Stephen Hollis
Lavantia Coons, 1826-1918; m. Stephen J. Hollis; d/o Polly Coons
Jane Coons, 1819-1901; m. Harlin Hollis
Lettie M., 1857-1940; m. Stephen M. Hollis
Stephen, d. 5/4/1863, 67y10m29d; m. Caroline Cobb
Stephen J., 1825-1893; m. Lavantia Coons
Stephen M., 1846-1953; m. Lettie M. ; s/o Stephen J. & Lavantia Coons Hollis


Amos L., d. 8/15/1848, 1y9m25d; s/o Thomas & Susan M. Holt


Louesa M. Shepard, 4/18/1845-5/28/1917; m. Pearce E. Horton
Pearce E., 3/25/1846-6/24/1920; m. Louesa M. Shepard


Margaret Johnson, 11/9/1887-7/10/1969; sister of Derwood Johnson


Nettie Irene, 12/4/1866-1908; d/o William & Rachel Hoxie; “At Rest”
Rachel E. Brainard, 5/29/1934-1908; m. William Hoxie; d/o Daniel & Lucinda Coleman Brainard
William, 9/10/1834-11/4/1895; m. Rachel E. Brainard; s/o Thomas & Abigail Worden Hoxie


Arbie J., 1886-1969; m. Marian G.
Gloria Marian, 1926-1931
Marian G., 1900-____; m. Arbie J. Hunt


Eleanor M., 1901-1956; m. Walter W. Hutwelker
Walter W., 1900-1978; m. Eleanor M.


Marie, 1881-1949; m. William Ilgenstein
William, 1886-1953; m. Marie


Emil, 1880-1933; m. Helen
Emil L., 1915-____; m. Rhoda Buhrmaster
Helen, 1888-1928; m. Emil Jacobs
Rhoda Buhrmaster, 1916-____; m. Emil L. Jacobs


Florence Coleman, 11/24/1883, 23y; d/o Elbert & Hannah Hollis Coleman


Mary Ellen, d. 9/22/1879, 15y
Rachel A., d. 12/5/1859, 5y9m2d; d/o Samuel & Eleanor Kittle Jenks


Abbie H., 1847-1910; m. George W. Johnson
Almon R., d. 4/25/1867; s/o Joseph & Rhoda Johnson
Chloe M., d. 5/28/1842, 24y2m6d; d/o Kerley & Zereviah Johnson
Derwood V., 2/28/2877-10/12/1949
Flossie May, d. 8/18/1887; d/o George W. & Abbie H. Johnson
George W., 1842-1909; m. Abbie H.
Infant, s/o George W. & Abbie H. Johnson
George W., d. 3/11/1864, 61y9m; m. Miranda R.
Joseph Henry, 1831-1905; m. Rhoda Coleman
Infant, 10/12/1862; s/o Joseph & Rhoda Johnson
Kerley, 4/5/1779-2/18/1846; m. Zereviah
Lucy Ann, d. 1846, 10y; d/o George W. & Miranda R. Johnson
Martha H., d. 1/18/1883, 13y; d/o George W. & Abbie H. Johnson
Martha Sophia, d. 2/11/1857, 20y22d; d/o Corley & Martha Johnson
Miranda R., d. 12/1/41847, 33y11m8d; m. George W. Johnson
Rhoda Coleman, 1829-1888; m. Joseph Henry Johnson

Sophia Emily, d. 7/27/1837, 20y10m18d; d/o Kerley & Sophia
“Death is the debt to Nature due
Which I have paid and so must YOU”
Sophia G., d. 2/5/1841, 35y; m. Taylor Johnson
Zereviah, 5/10/1781-3/27/1849; m. Kerley Johnson


Bernice, 1892-1942


Abijah E., d. 5/28/1872, 83y
Germin, d. 7/20/1886, 72y
Sarah S., d. 12/27/1896, 82y


Ambrose, b., 1824-1901; m. Margaret height
Bru us C., d. 6/26/1861, 34y5m (Could be Kinyon or Kenyon)
Charles C., 1822-1897; m. Sabrina Snow
Dalmer, d. 3/11/1874, 1y9m11d; s/o Charles & Sabrina Kenyon
Frank D., 1858-1920; m. Maggie A. Speck
Fred, 1886-1979
Helen B., 11/20/1905-3/29/1999; d/o Frank B. & Nellie L. Kenyon
Helen Rice, 1911-____; m. #1 Joseph Kenyon; m#2 Frank Johnson
Joseph A., 1908-1966; m. Helen Rice
Maggie A., 1867-1897; m. Frank D. Kenyon
Margaret Haight, 1838-1911; m. Ambrose B. Kenyon
Nellie L., 1872-1962; #2 wife of Frank D. Kenyon
Sabrina Snow, 1831-1913; m. Charles A. Kenyon
Sylvia Anderson, 1897-1942


Abigail, d. 9/11/1867, 70y6m2d
Alanson, d. 12/30/1845, 34y
Asa, 1851-1932
Ebenezer, 7/30/1868, 71y8m7d; m. Abigail
Rebecca, d. 1/13/1844, 77y; m. Ephraim Kittle
Ephraim, d. 12/22/1859, 93y2m25d; s/o Ephraim & Mary Kittle; m. Rebecca


Daisy, 5/15/1878-4/11/1881; d/o James E. & Lucy Enos Kittredge
Delle, 9/25/1888-8/301890; child of James E. & Lucy Enos Kittredge
Elvira S., 1858-1931
James E., 11/6/1850-12/16/1904; m. Lucy Enos
S. Hollis, 3/2/1883-3/9/1904; s/o James E. & Lucy Enos Kittredge


Elizabeth G., 1922-____; d/o Walter O. & Esther Feyis Kleiber
Esther Feyis, 1885-1936; m. Walter O. Kleiber
Walter O., 1892-1943; m. Esther Feyis


Henry Sr., 1886-1963; m. Marie Kirsche
Henry G., 1917-____; m. Mary Allison
Mary Allison, 1915-_____; m. Henry G. Koelling
Marie, 1888-1953; m. Henry Koelling, Sr.
Marie Louise, 1913-1982; d/o Henry & Marie Koelling


Fred, 1899-1974; m. Gertrude
Gertrude, 1898-1981


Abel, d. 2/11/1859, 52y; m. Elizabeth Torry
Clarissa, 1848-1868
Elisha, d. 11/27/1877, 50y3m
Elizabeth Torry, 1806-1896; m. Abel Larkin
Hannah, d. 2/12/1837, 34y5m24d; m. Elisha Larkin
Jane E., d. 5/21/1872, 41y5m2d
Julia E., 1830-1902
Nancy Weatherby, 1863-1947; m. Laduh Larkin


Anna K., 1896-1963
Beulah N., 1896-1870
Clarence E., 1887-1949; m. Mary L. Ingram, WWI
Fannie A. Carr, 7/19/1861-11/3/1910; m. John W. Launt
Fayette, 1880-1940
Frederick, 1882-1937
Harry W., 1892-1960
John W., 9/13/1856-7/19/1942; m. Fannie A. Carr
Mary J. Wixson, 1882-1965
Mary L. Ingram, 1890-1964; m. Clarence E. Launt
Minnie H. Shepard, 6/22/1864-11/3/1935; m #1 Frank Livingston; #2 John Launt
Willis, 9/15/1889-12/18/1971; Wagr Batry A 36 Fld. Arty,


Lyman, 1818-1898
Martha P., 12/14/1849, 3y5m; d/o Jerome B. & Prissa Lawrence


Charles, d. 7/28/1888

Emily C., d. 11/24/1966, 44y; m. James Lester
“To hear, where muse in silence weeps
A wife a tender mother sleeps
Called from a world of care and pain
We trust our loss is all her gain”

James, d. 1/31, 1885, 70y; m. Emily C.; “Soldier rest, they warfare is o’er”
Luella, 3/25/1870-10/13/1935
Samuel C., 6/12/1847-4/9/1911; m. Sarah E. Betts
Sarah E. Betts, 7/28/1848-5/8/1926; m. Samuel C. Lester

William K., d. 11/20/1872, 15y5m21d
“Nearer was my Willie than else on earth
Can be, now I am sad and lowly,
Earth seems dark to me
Something whispers, softly
Sweetly unto me
In a world of glory
Willie waits for me”


(No first name)d. 6/5/1832, 16y4m20d; s/o Jacob & Prissa Lewis
John, 8/19/1800-8/13/1890; m. Lydia Coleman
Lydia Coleman, 9/2/1799-12/22/1862; m. John Lewis; d/o John Jr. & Susanna Sproat Coleman


Frank H., 9/4/1862-5/12/1908; m. Minnie H. Shepard


(no first name), d. 3/24/1845, 78y
Betsey, 1/22/1862, 65y; d/o William & Amy Manwaring
Betsey; d. 3/21/1828, 1y; d/o Bradley Manwaring
Bradley, d. 1/8/1828, 32y; s/o William & Amy Manwaring
Ella, 1826-1906; m. Ellebbeus Manwaring
Ellebbeus S., d. 6/7/1906, 80y, 10m; m. Ella
Hezekiah, d. 12/18/1841, 48y; m. Maria Simmons; s/o William & Amy Manwaring
Lebeus; d. 6/26/1833, 2y; s/o William & Amy Manwaring
Maria Simmons, 12/6/1799-11/9/1881; d/o Loren & Susanna Simmons
William, d. 10/6/1836, 68y; m. Amy


Hazel, 1893-1942; On the same marker as Hazel Schiller


Mabel J., 1889-1955; m. Orin J. Meddaugh
Orin J., 1887-1969; m. Mabel J.; s/o Corwin & Alice Travis Meddaugh


Dorothy, 1905-1936; m. George Miller; d/o Will Whiting
Eva S., 1866-1896; d/o Herman & Sibyl A. Miller
George, 1900-1931; m. Dorothy Whiting
Herman, 1847-1919; m. Sibyl A.; Co. H. 7th Regt. Cavl.

Joyce H., 1957-6/24/1978 (Killed in auto accident)
“Remember always where
There is love, laughter
And friendship there
Will be Joyce always”

Sibyl A., 1845-1904; m. Herman Miller


Ethel Mosher, 4/15/1885-1/4/1886; d/o G.M. & L. Mosher
Louise E. Brainard, 5/13/1858-2/18/1887 West Troy; m. Gaylord M. Mosher; d/o Daniel C. & Louise Carrier Brainard
Harrold, 12/25/1885-1/4/1886; s/o G.M. & L. E. Mosher


Robert, 1934-____; (this is in the Haley/Launt plot)


Frances May Stock, 1897-7/19/1974


James, d. 11/29/1868, 69y7m28d; m. Thirza O.
Thirza O., d. 7/7/1867, 62y; mother of Malissa & Mary


Lillian I. Brown, 8/18/1878-6/5/1915; m. Howard T. Northrup


Alice E., 1851-1927; m. Daniel Nye
Daniel, “ERECTED 1891”, 48y; m. alice E., Pvt. T. Co. 125 NY Reg; Civil War


Fred, 1873-1945; m. Jennie A. Tifft
Jennie A. Tifft, 1876-1945; m. Fred Odell
Louisa Chapman, 1833-1910; m. William L. Odell; d/o Ansel & Lucy Coleman Chapman
Lydia Almira, d. 1/15/1849, 15y8m; d/o Noah & Maretta Odell
William L., 1822-1908; m. Louisa Chapman; s/o Robert & Eunice Tifft Odell


Asta Marie Peterson; m. Frank Olson
Frank, 4/3/1892 in Norway-2/11/1942; m. Asta M. Lillias


Oscar Franklin, 1/21/1841-12/1/1924
Sarah S., 2/13/1821-3/19/1844; m. Ebenezer Orr


Lillian M. Tifft, 11/1/1871-11/12/1908; m. Harry Ostrum; d/o Nelson & Nancy Bateman Tifft


Charles L., d. 9/7/1872, 8y1m11d; s/o Henry & Hannah Over
Willie, d. 7/31/1868, 3w; s/o Henry & Hannah Over


Abigail, d. 7/17/1851, 49y
Daniel, d. 8/31/1835, 46y; m. Ruth Smith Brown; s/o David & Elizabeth Peck
David, 6/28/1751-6/3/1839; m. Elizabeth
Elizabeth, 1/10/1763-7/15/1828; m. David
Eunice, d. 3/25/1841, 45y; d/o David & Elizabeth Peck
Ruth, d. 2/13/1852, 55y, 16d; m. Daniel Peck (Ruth was born a Smith and while legally married to a Joseph Brown, had four illegitimate daughters by Daniel Peck)


Clarence D., d. 10/5/1884, 5w; s/o John & Jennie Peer


Calvin, d. 11/10/1874, 49y10w10d; m. Lurena E. Dunham
Lurena E. Dunham, 11/23/1840-5/15/1874; m. Calvin Phillips; d/o Hamilton Webster Tifft & Lydia Ann Watson; m. #1 Dalmar Dunham on 2/23/1861; m. #2 Calvin Phillips on 3/12/1873


Charles V., 8/16/1868-1954; m. Nancy M. Carrier
Clyde H., brother of Frederick C. Pomeroy
Ellen M. Vary, 1/4/1838-1922; m. Harmon Pomeroy; d/o Clark & Mercy Carr Vary
Eva Launt, 1885-____
Frances S. Woden, 2/11/1850-10/1/1928; m. Jason A, Pomeroy; d/o Silas & Ursula Lewis Worden
Frederick C., 1804-1840
Harmon, 12/23/1827-2/7/1902; m. Ellen M. Vary; s/o Quartus & Sabra White Pomeroy
Jason A., 7/28/1846-12/2/5/1918; m. Frances S. Worden; s/o Lorenzo & Guenelda Upham Pomeroy
Julia E. Dimond, 1873-1946; m. Silas H. Pomeroy; s/o Nathan & Ruany Dimond
Nancy M. Carrier, 1874-1921; m. Charles V. Pomeroy
Silas H., 6/6/1862-1935; m. Julia Dimond


Rebecca, d. 4/26/1840, 31y; m. Whiting Pond; d/o William & Amy Manwaring
“Cease weeping friends, your tears refrain
Your Loss in my eternal gain
Weep not for me, dry up you tears
For here I sleep till Christ appears”


Benjamin Franklin, 1891-1958; m. Mahala E. Deamer; s/o Frank (b. 1855) & Elizabeth Pratt
Mahala E. Deamer, 1898-1969; m. Benjamin Franklin Pratt; d/o Edward & sarah Deamer
Margaret Teal, 1882-1975
Martha J., 1865-1891; m. Reuben Pratt


Dorcas Krofft, 1928-____; m. Harold E. Price on 4/7/1950
Harold E., 8/25/1919-7/23/1950; m. Dorcas Krofft; s/o John & Bertha Sickles Price; WWII


Albert S., d. 12/21/1845, 1m19d; s/o Uriah & Olive Quackenbush
Charles W., d. 2/12/1856, 1y11m18d; s/o Uriah & Olive Quackenbush
Olive S., d. 3/1/1856, 34y; m. Uriah Quackenbush


Charles Henry, d. 8/6/1842, 17m; s/o George & Marietta Rath
“How short the race our child has run
Cut down in all his bloom
His course but yesterday begun
Now finished in the tomb”

Mary Elizabeth, d. 12/22/1947, 5m; d/o George & Marietta Rath
May Jane, d. 10/28/1845, 13m; d/o George & Marietta Rath


Clarissa M. Hoffman, d. 7/12/1917, 69y8m; m. 1st Henry M. Rathburn; m. 2nd burton Dymond


Phebe S., d. 3/19/1878, 5w,3d; d/o H.B. & C.M. Rathbun
Rosie M., d. 4/23/1867, 7w1d; d/o Henry B. & Clarissa M. Rathbun


James W., 1871-1941; m. Jennie
Jennie, 1868-1926; m. James W. Reichard


George, 1895-____; m. Helen
Helen, 1896-1952; m. George Reid


Elsie, 1916-1974; m. William Reynolds
William, 1922-____; m. Elsie


Elizabeth W., 1917-____; m. Wilbur J. Rhenow
Wilbur J., 1914-1977; m. Elizabeth W.


James B., 1819-1869; m. Juliaett Johnson
Juliaette Johnson, 1820-1909; m. James b. Robinson
Ralph, 1886-1965


Wallace D., d. 8/28/1863, 1y1m2d; s/o William F. & Louesa Rogers


Albert A., 1848-1895; m. Cabrilla Witbeck
Cabrilla Witbeck, 1854-1922; m. Albert Rowe
Chauncey, d. 12/3/1846, 66y
J. Dewitt, 1879-1896; s/o albert A. & Cabrilla E. Rowe
John B., d. 10/21/1850, 32y9m24d; m. Lucinda
John H., d. 12/1/1879, 29y11m12d; s/o John B. & L. Rowe
Lucinda, 1816-1903; m. John B.
Margaret L., d. 1/24/1866, 22y4m
Mary J., d. 6/14/1868, 23y1m7d; d/o John B. & Lucinda Rowe

Tacy, d. 10/30/1841, 38y10m; m. Festus Rowe; d/o John & Almy Babcock

“We here record upon this stone
The memory of a Christian’s care
Who for ten children prayed the Son
That they His glory all might spare”


Martha, d. 4/4/1854, 1y7m17d; d/o Abram & Mary J. Runkle
William H., d. 4/2/1854, 2y6m; s/o Jacob & Louisa Runkle


Lydia, d/ 2/9/1847, 57y; m. William russel


Anna, 1886-1939; m. Henry Rutgerson
Henry, 1881-1943; m. Anna


Ann M. Witbeck, 1830-1902; m. James H. Saunders
James H., 1823-1916; m. Ann M. Witbeck


Phebe, d. 9/23/1865, 66y; m. Robert Saxbee


Albert T., 10/27/1842-11/12/1917; m. Caroline A. Hollis
Albert I. Jr., 1872-1897
Benjamin, d. 9/9/1855, 9m; s/o Robert & Mary Saxby
Caroline A. Hollis, 7/20/1840-4/16/1911; m. Albert T. Saxby
Malissa Green, 1838-1864; m. Robert Saxby; s/o William & Mary E.; sister of Fisher Green
Robert, d. 8/26/1868, 72y; m. Phebe; Civil War
Robert S., 1829-1897; m. Rose A. Cain; Co. D. 12 Regt., NYV Cav.
Rose A. Cain, 1844-_____; m. Robert Saxby


Charles T., “born at Canterbury, Kent, England 2/13/1835-3/2/1870; m. Harriet Campbell
Harriet Campbell, “born at Boughton Under Blean, Kent England, 8/3/1833” – 3/26/1915; m. Charles T. Shaxby
Lillian Campbell, 7/13/1863-12/17/1877; d/o H.C. & C. T. Shaxby
Mima, d. 2m; d/o Charles T. Shaxby


John, 1843-1921; m. Nancy H. Carr
Nancy H. (M) Carr, 1844-1910; m. John Schaus; d/o Joseph & Catharine Carr
Naomi Tifft, 1883-1946; m. John Schaus, Jr.;


Edmund H., 1911-1981; Cpt. US Army, WWII
Gertrude L., 1896-1956; m. Wiliam H. Schiller
Hazel McNine, 1/15/1891-8/4/1972
Hazel, 9/8/1916-5/4/1963; d/o Hazel McNine Schiller
William H., 1895-1977; m. Gertrude L.


Charles W., 1873-1958; m. Violettie C.
Violettie C., 1877-1942; m. Charles W. Schnurr


Elizabeth Ernest, 12/4/1828-11/11/1895; m. John Schumann
John, 7/8/1824-3/23/1904; m. Elizabeth Ernest


George J., 1854-1934
Lotta E., 1893-1964
Minnie E., 1864-1942


Anne R. Bauer, 1914-1986; m. Henry T. Secor
Henry T., 1915-____; m. Anne R. Bauer, Veteran WWII


Eva, 1895-1955
Hattie L., 1861-1943; m. Martin Sedgwick
Ranson G., 1894-1966
Robert J., 1891-____


Elizabeth Diemer, 3/1/1868-8/25/1965; m. George W. Shepard
Charles E., d. 4/11/1854, 1y2m1d; s/o Norman & Helen M. Shepard
Charlotte Record, 1827-1897; m. Joel Sheperd
Etta Kent, 1917-____; m. Kenneth S. Sheperd
George W., 5/15/1862-11/30/1912; m. #1 Mary J. Kittredge; m #2 A. Elizabeth Diemer
J. Albert, 1847-1920, s/o Joel & Charlotte Shepard
Jennie Williams, 1894-1975; m. Lloyd A. Shepard
John E., 7/26/1831-5/25/1916; m. Marietta A. Trask
Joel, 1819-1894; m. Charlotte Record
Kenneth S., 1916-____; s/o Lloyd & Jennie Shepard; m. Etta Kent
Lloyd A., 1890-1971; m. Jennie Williams
Marietta A. Trask, 1/25/1836-8/20/1909; m. John E. Shepard
Mary J. Kittredge, 9/25/1861-2/1/1898; m. George W. Shepard
Mercy A., d. 12/29/1863, 68y24d; m. Samuel Shepard
Mildred A. Salls, 1/14/1904-_____; m. Stanley A. Shepard; d/o George & Eva Salls
Samuel, 1846-1898; 1856-1898; Co., A. 13 Reg. Mich.; Civil War
Samuel, 11/7/1793-11/8/1887; m. Mercy A.
Stanley A., 3/11/1887-2/10/1953; m. Mildred A. Salls


Francis H., “Frank”, 1921-1987
John J., 1960-_____; s/o Francis & Kathryn
Kathryn N. Couser, 1920-____; m. Francis H. Shurtleff


Loren, d. 12/20____; m. Susannah


R., 1907-1963


Susannah, d. 2/14/1842, 68y; m. Loren Simmons


Johanna, d. 1/16/1863, 73y5m14d; m. Reuben Smith
Reuben, d. 5/21/1861, 96y4m7d; m. Johanna


Addie W., 1877-1963; m. Jessie F. Snow
Emma Hall, 1888-1960
Eudora, 5/25/1846-6/26/1909; m. Isaiah Snow
Experience (PeeDee or Pede), d. 12/4/1890, 84y5m1d; m. Jacob Snow
George W. 1832-1896, Co., E. 125 Reb. NYV; Civil War
Isaiah, 1/28/1839-5/11/1905; m. Eudora
Infant, 7/22/1870-7/30/1870; twin(?) daughters of Isaiah & Eudora Snow
Jacob, d. 7/30/1875, 71y2m18d; m. Experience (Pede)
Jessie F., 1876-1962; m. Addie F.
Leland B., 1907-1986
Roy, 1904-1905


Christina M. E., d. 5/23/1900, 74y3m


Hattie E. Green, 1870-1948; d/o Fisher Green


Lillian, 1892-1917


Edward A., 7/12/1917-3/2/1965; m. Elizabeth M.; NY Tec 4, US Army, WWII
Elizabeth M., 1923-1985; m. Edward A. Stevens


Henry, 1874-1899


Flora, 1896-1896
Mary A., 1875-1937


John F., m. Lydia E.
Lydia E., m. John F. Sykes


Frances Pratt, 1903-____; m. Norman c. Tatro
Norman C., 8/12/1929-7/17/1966; NY Cpt. Art. USAR; Korean War


Jane Ann, 9/10/1822-6/13/1846; 23y9m; d/o Harvey L. & Dolly Griffin; m. Andrew S. Tayer


Catherine Hoffman, 1884-1962; m. Charles Teal
Charles, 1878-1959; m. Catherine Hoffman
Ervin, 1907-1952; m. Helen Geerholt
Helen Geerholt, 1905-1952; m. Ervin Teal
Rachel K., 1919-1976; m. Ray W. Teal
Ray W., 1912-____; m. Rachel K.


Florence M. Hall, 1902-1981; m. Harry D. Thayer
Harry D., 1885-1953; m. Florence M. Hall; related to Chester Finley


Charlotte, 1/10/1793-2/26/1849; m. David Tifft
Charlotte, 7/13/1826-11/15/1826; d/o David & Charlotte Tifft
Edward S., 1859-1933
John 3rd, 5/18/1815-1/26/1852; s/o Timon & Anne Webster Tifft; m. Sally White
Josephine, 1863-1933
Lydia A. Carrier, 1/23/1817-4/14/1869; m. Ira Tifft; d/o Samuel & Submittance Greenman Carrier
Nancy C. Bateman, 10/23/1847-11/3/1918; m. Nelson V. Tifft; d/o Horace & Lydia Odell Bateman
Nelson V., 2/20/1846-7/13/1914; m. Nancy C. Bateman; s/o Jeremiah & Palmira Turner Tifft


C. Delmer, 1855-1931
Garrison F. 9/1/1808-8/16/1896; m. Palmyra Odell
John, b. Rhode Island, d. 12/7/1844 Glenville, NY; m. Lois
Lois, d. 11/20/1842, 62y; m. John Town
Lois P., 1857-1937
Palmyra Odell, 1814-1857; m. Garrison F. Town; d/o John & Martha Odell
William H., d. 11/11/1844, 19y; s/o John & Lois Town
Wilson C. d. 2/12/1853, 25y2m


Mary, d. 2/18/1866, 74y; 2nd wife of John Turner; First married to a Dean


Martha, 1905-1950; m. Paul H. Urban
Paul H., 1887-1935; m. Martha


Angie, 6/5/1886-1/15/1905
Dece, 1874-1945; m. Plina Lane; s/o Henry & Elizabeth Kittle Vanderbogart
Elizabeth Kittle, 1849-1930; m. Henry Vanderbogart; d/o Francis & Lucinda Haley Kittle
Harold G., 1941-1963
Henry, 1842-1931; m. Elizabeth Kittle; Co. H., 132 NY Inf; s/o William & Mary
Howard M., 1916-____; m. Janette M.; WWII
Janette M., 1921-1976; m. Howard M. Vanderbogart
Osborn, 11/6/1882-9/28/1905
Plina Lane, 1889-1965; m. Dece Vanderbogart


Abigail, d. 11/17/1827, 38y; m. Clark Vary
Adaliza, 4/3/1841, 2y; d/o Clark & Mercy Vary
Amaziah C., d. 12/27/1834, 14y
Clark S., d. 2/17/1848, 25y2m10d; m. Abigail Carrier
Edward C., d. 9/18/1835, 5m; s/o Clark & Mercy Vary
Eugenia M., d. 12/1/1836, 3m; d/o Clark & Mercy Cary
Lyman, d. 12/28/1852, 26y
Nathan, 12/12/1834, 10y
William E., d. 2/18/1830, 8w; s/o Clark & Mercy Vary


Irene, 1888-1890; d/o Orville & Nellie Viele
Nellis L. Hogeboom, 1869-1892; m. Orville Viele
Orville, 1861-1917; m. Nellie L. Hogeboom
Wilbur, 1890-1892; s/o Orville & Nellie Viele


Emma K. Ripple, 1914-___; m. Harry H. Wagner
Fred, 1863-1938; m. Sarah
Harry H., 1904-9/21/1981; m. Emma K. Rupple
Harry L., 1935-1976; Sp3, US Army; s/o Harry H. & Emma Wagner; Viet Nam War
Sarah, 1870-____; m. fred


Calvin C., d. 5/15/1883, 48y
John, d. 5/13/1849, 91y8m23d
Laura Ann, d. 6/7/1872, 2y6m24d; d/o L.A. & E. Wait
Martha Ann; d. 3/18/1849, 8y8m; d/o Reuben & Delia B. Wait

Delia, d. 11/18/1849, 27y8m18d;
Delia’s hopes were fair and bright
Her prospects tinged with golden light
But midst her life of love and joy
Came DEATH to wither and destroy”


Jennie, d. 11/10/1889, 36y
Lucinda M., d. 6/10/1887, 61y
Nathan, d. 4/25/1901, 53y


Charles H., d. 11/14/1857, 3y3m3d; s/o John & Louisa Watson
Louisa, 1837-1912


Anna, 1905-1972


Arlie, 1896-1898, “At Rest”
Betsey, d. 3/29/1867, 77y; m. Uriah
Christina Hoffman, 1855-1937; m. Nelson
Christina M. Starks, d. 5/23/1900, 74y4m; m. Lewis Weatherby
Emma E. Enos, 7/4/1848-5/16/1937; m. George H. Weatherby
Eurania, 1885-1973; m. John Weatherby
G. W., d. 12/3/1885; “I have kept the faith”
George H., 12/9/1845-3/19/1914; m. Emma E. Enos
Harris, 1889-1933
Helen H., d. 4/7/1890, 44y8m
Ina, 1894-1894, 4w1d
Jane E., d. 1871; m. Willard Weatherby
Jennie M., 1845-1874
John, 1779-8/21/1820; m. Sarah Coleman
John 1882-1955; m. Eurania
Levi, 1822-1864
Lewis, 1829-1901; m. Christina Starks
Mary L., 1826-1899
Nancy, d. 11/20/1840, 5y6m24d; d/o G.W. & Z.U. Weatherby
Nelson, 1857-1919
Nelson L., 1845-1898(?)
Sarah A. Coleman, 1/24/1767; m. John Weatherby
Uriah, d. 3/9/1851, 66y; m. Betsey
Willard, d. 2/28/1895, 74y
Zillah U., d. 5/11/1901; “Gone Home”


Henry, d. 2/6/1849, 30y
Mahala, d. 12/1/1880, 34y; m. William H.
Martha, d. 11/6/1873; d/o William & Mary Wheeler
William, d. 2/18/1849, 73y
William D., 1862-1926
William H., d. 3/29/1882, 41y; m. Mahala


David B., d. 9/22/1871, 26y6m
Eddie, d. 1866; s/o John & Sarah Witbeck
Ethel, d. 12/21/1894
Lucinda Vanderbogart, 1/4/1872-2/18/1924; m. Peter
Lucy L. Clifford, 1868-1926; m. Melvin d. Witback
Malvin D., 1860-1912; m. Lucy L. Clifford
Peter, 12/5/1833-8/27/1901; m. Lucinda Vanderbogart; Civil War
Rachael A. coon, 1836-1890


Carrie M., d. 4/3/1875, 3m4d
Jacob, 5/1/1788-2/17/1870; “If a man die, shall he live again.” Job XIV:14; m. Prissa
Marillia (?), d. 7/30/1836, 9m27d; d/o Jacob & Prissa White
Mary Jane, d. 1841
Orvill D., d. 11/23/1850, 1y8m; s/o Jacob Jr. & Abigail White
Phillip White, 1823-1852
Prissa, 9/16/1794-5/13/1888; m. Jacob; “I know my Redeemer liveth”


Charles, m. LIda DeFreest
Elmer G.,
Frances Stanes, 1918-____; m. Raymond Whiting
Lida De Freest, m. Charles Whiting
Nathan M.,
Raymond, 1911-1968; m. Frances Stanes
Sarah C.,


Clara E., 1854-1938; m. #1 William P. Jolls; m #2 Isaiah Brainard


Melanie Kay Smith, 1955-1981; m. Wesley A.
Wesley A., 1953-____; m. Melanie


Charles E., 1855-1969 (This is what the original transcription says. ); m. Hazel L. LeBarron
Harvey, 1896-1980; m. Hattie M.
Harvey, 1810-1893; m. Vletta
Harvey E., 1926-1986; m. Ligita “Lee”
Hattie M., 1906-1973; m. Harvey
Hazel L. LeBarron; 1887-1969; m. Charles E. Williams
James H., 1836-1919; m. Mathilda Nye; Co. C. 99th Regt., NYV Inf.
Ligita “Lee”, 1936-____; m. Harvey E. Williams
Louisa S., 1864-1926
Mathilda Nye, 1845-1911; m. James H. Williams
Vletta, 1910-1886; m. Harvey


Dasie Bradway, 9/13/1881-1/29/1933


Sibyl, 11/11/1787-7/9/1867; m. Asa Worden
Silas, 5/18/1828-9/6/1901; m. Ursula; “Resting”
Ursula Lewis, 2/8/1829-3/30/1912; m. Silas; “Gone Home”

Anna V. Dunham, wife of Rev. Isaiah B. Coleman  

Gravestones of Anna V. Dunham (b. 3/21/1813;d. 8/7/1898 at age 95y;dtr. of Isaac Dunham and Nancy Tifft)and Rev. Isaiah Bangs Coleman (b. 5/7/1809;d. 3/14/1883 at age 74y; son of Calvin Coleman and Elizabeth Bangs)
"Lt. I. DeWitt Coleman (1838-1864)
Of the 125 Reg. Co. H NYSV
Killed in a charge
near Petersburg, VA
He shall rise again"
Joined the Army August 1862 at Troy, a Sgt.
Surrendered and parolled in Sept. 1862 at Harper's Ferry; 2nd Lt. in Sept. 1863; 1st Lt. in May 1864; Killed in action June 16, 1864
Son of Rev. I.B. Coleman and Anna V. Dunham

I.DeWitt Coleman (1865-1892)
m. Phebe Saxby

Benjamin and Hannah Kittel Culver. These were two of the pivotal charactors in the murder of Samuel Jenks, Benjamin being the brother of the murderer and Hannah being the sister of Eleanor Kittle, the woman at the center of the murder (and my gg grandmother!!!)
Read All About It!!!

Asa Kittle was born blind in 1851. He was the son of Frances Kittle and Lucinda Haley Kittle. He was the half-brother of Eleanor Kittle, who married William Culver and Samuel Jenks. Ultimately, William Culver murdered Jenks in 1863.
Several years later, Asa was involved in his own murder case, having killed both his mother and father while trying to protect his niece from his (Asa's) drunken father. You can read about this case here.

James Culver (1830-1900) and his wife Ascsah Ann (1833-1890). This is the James in the story about the Jenks murder.